aTtAcK LoR

Dear lovely people, thanks for dropping by now and then to my blog. For some, I might not know you but you came to know alot about me and my life. For some whom I knew, you will drop by and see how I am getting on with my life because we seldom meet. For some who hates me or are jealous of my life, will also read my blog and find ways to make me unhappy by giving sarcastic remarks.

Thanks to those people who are constanly trying their best to put me down, spoil my life, make me upset etc. By doing all that will only make me a stronger person and I am really thankful for the efforts they have put in. Continue to attack me with nasty remarks for all they want because it doesn't really affects me. I believe in karma so what comes around goes around.

To those people out there who can't wait to see me fall, thanks for the attention you have given me all these while keeping track of my life hoping something bad will happen to me. I am not afraid because I live with a clear conscience. Afterall, it's all purely childish acts to me =)


Sign Off With Lotsa Hugs & Kisses
At 12:34 AM on Wednesday, July 11, 2007