mY fLoWeRpOd bAbEs

Organised a super belated gathering with the pretty babes I knew from a pink beauty forum called FlowerPod 3-4 years ago. It's really not easy to choose a date to meet up because everybody is busy with their jobs. So after much discussions, the date was set on yesterday. Although only a few turned up, but we still had lots of fun last night. We were practically sharing whatever latest news we have of other podders (A special term for Flowerpod forum members) to topics of who's getting married, who's married, nasty brainless customers and much more. It was really really nice to see them again last night. We were saying maybe the next time we meet up, we will have our kids running around liao. I am really so glad they are all doing well now. Am so looking forward to meeting them again =)

Caroline aka Envy, Elaine aka Sugarsweet, Me aka Miko & Karen aka Crescent

Lyana aka Queen, Caroline aka Envy, Karen aka Crescent and lastly Elaine aka Sugarsweet

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At 11:26 PM on Tuesday, January 30, 2007

fRiDaY @ PoWeRhOuSe

Last night at PowerHouse was really great! It was a night full of drinking, dancing, laughing and even free shows on catfights to see leh. Apparantly, the place we were standing around was kinda like a table cum platform.

Four girls were dancing up there when suddenly 1 of the girl fell towards our side and spilled our drinks. She stood up, turned to confront the girl who stood behind her, accusing her of making her to fall. After like 5 mins of talking, the girl who fell got down but her friend named A went up to dance.

15 - 20 mins later, that Friend A fell too and towards our side again. This time the impact was bigger. Glasses dropped to the floor and drinks were spilled. Heng our bottle of liquor didn't dropped if not that bloody bitch sure also kerna from me.

Back to the story, Friend A stood up and confronted that same bitch who pushed her friend down just now. While the commotion was going on, the music was playing "What are you waiting for" by Gwen Stefani. The 2 girls were pushing and shouting at each other, but didn't fight lor. Me and Ah Ju started to sing:"Hey whatcha ya waiting, whatcha ya waiting, whatcha ya waiting for..." while we stood below and see the free show. Eh we beri bad but who cares dio boh?

Friends of those 2 girls came to get them down. The funny thing is the bouncers there don't seem to react as fast as Devilsbar bouncers. To cut the story short, after the 2 girls got down, one of the girls' friend went up and danced alone. I was like,"Oh my goodness! She still have the mood to dance instead of leaving the place with her friends..." All these people really spoil mood one lor. Enough of story-telling liao, below are the photos taken last night with my Casio Red. Enjoy!

Noelle darling came to fetch me to her house to prepare and doll up ourselves before we headed to Powerhouse. Our initial theme was Bling Bling cum Hip-Hop. The look was totally cool and I so love it =)

Both of us have the same digicam. Our beloved Casio Red =)

While we were waiting for Ju darling, we saw Clyde and we ended up partying together

After dancing for a while, me and Noelle darling started to zilian. We simply love taking photos!

Me trying to be cheeky here =P

Miko-chan kawaii desu ka?

Ju darling and Weil - Normal pose

Weil trying to be hip-hop like us too

Like us, Ju darling also love to take photos =)

Three pretty babes @ Powerhouse!

Saw Apple darling's Mr Ng there too. Knowing he love to take photos too, we decided to get him into our photo-whoring session

Miko, the Girl who love Hip-Hop

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At 11:58 PM on Saturday, January 27, 2007

sChOoL iS gOoD LeH

School started on the first week of Jan at the new campus. One of the projects was done and submitted liao. Another one still doing and submission is in 3 weeks'time. But so far I am still coping well. Took some photos in class just now with my sister while we were waiting for lesson to start. Heez... Quite boh liao but need to keep ourselves entertained sometimes mah. Anyway, tomorrow I will be going to St James Power House with Darling Noelle and Darling Ju. I simply love Fridays!

Some lovely items I bought lately =) Wanted to get a red patent bag but didn't see any nice one. If anyone of you saw any nice one, let me know ok? =)

A lovely necklace with 3 hearts which consists of silver, gold and rose gold

A lovely charms bracelet

A pair of wedges of my favourite colour red =)

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At 12:10 AM on Friday, January 26, 2007

mY nEw BaBy nAmEd CaSiO rEd

Yeah! I have finally gotten myself a digicam le! With my Casio Red, I can now take lots and lots of photos. Another item striked off from my wishlist =)

Have fallen in love with the colour red for several months liao. Which also means I am no longer a pink lover. Red is also my lucky colour wor. I am practically getting new shoes, new clothes and new bags in bright striking red. I so love it! And of course I won't dress myself up like a big angbao although Chinese New Year is coming lor =D

Gonna head to bed now. There's classes tomorrow and it's also the deadline to submit the project. May everybody have a great day at work or school tomorrow. Oyasuminasai.

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At 10:18 PM on Monday, January 22, 2007

PaRtY wOrLd & dRaGoNfLy

Last Friday, I met up with Noelle darling for lunch and were discussing where to go at night since clubbing at Dragonfly with the rest of the darlings were cancelled. So after much discussions, both Noelle darling and I decided to go KTV on our own. Haha... Well, 2 people also can go sing KTV dio boh? So after work, she came to fetch me and off we went to the Party World at International Building for our KTV session. Ju darling came to join us too. Didn't took any photos because we were busy karaoke-ing. Ju darling was in party mode and kept persuading me and Noelle darling to go chiong with her. Seeing the time still early(9pm), we decided to go Dragonfly for a while since Noelle darling wanna check it out too. When we reached there, the queue was still ok. By the time Noelle darling and I left which was about 11 plus, the queue was terribly long for both members, non-members and re-entry. While Ju darling was waiting for her dear friends, Noelle darling and I headed back home. Although it's only for a short while, but we did enjoyed ourselves. Even when we were on our way home, Noelle and myself had a good laugh when something really funny happened. Anyway, below are some of the photos taken when we were at Dragonfly. Enjoy!

Ju darling putting on her fake eyelashes

Me zilian while waiting for her

Noelle darling and Ju darling

Noelle darling and me

Pretty pretty =)

My lovely darlings who simply love to take photos

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At 11:25 PM on Sunday, January 21, 2007

FiRsT TiMe tO dRaGoNfLy

Last Friday was pretty fun at Dragonfly with my dear dear and his colleagues. Birthday girl Cindy was 90% knocked out by the many many cups of birthday wishes and sabos close to 2am. As for me, I enjoyed the cantopop sessions when the singers started singing with dancers dancing around them. Retro music started to play after the first cantopop session. I simply can't dance with retro music de lor. So off I went to PowerHouse with some of my dear dear's colleagues to dance while my dear dear continued his drinking with his other colleagues. Well, I think I will go Dragonfly again. Heez... Didn't bring digicam that night so I only took a few photos using my dear dear's handphone. Tomorrow is Friday again and was supposed to go party with my darlings but it seemed like most of them are busy. Anyway, I will try to arrange again when they are more free ba. May everybody have a great weekend =) Oh ya, I have also posted the photo when I did the eyelashes extension.

Happy me =)

Me and my dear prince

That's how the eyelashes extension look like on me

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At 10:22 PM on Thursday, January 18, 2007


GSGYMXBG = Gam Sia Guan Yin Mah Xi Bai Gor =Thanks Guan Yin Mah It's Friday =) I know it sounds pretty weird when I directly translate it from English to Hokkien, but I just feel like it because it's weekends again! I have absolutely no stress now because no more driving lessons for me liao. Thanks to those who tagged and smsed to congratulate me =)

Anyway, tonight is party time for me. Wanted to arrange to meet my darlings but Noelle darling will be heading to Malaysia for her D&D. So most probably will meet them next week ba. Today is my dear dear's colleague, Cindy's birthday and she have invited me to her birthday celebrations at DragonFly. I have not been there before so will check it out tonight. Nobody will be driving tonight, so it's gonna be drinking and more drinking. At the same time, I can have a little celebration for myself. I deserve to be rewarded de lor.

If anyone of you are heading down to DragonFly tonight, enjoy yourselves too! May everybody have a great weekend ahead =) Take care and have fun.

PS : A special note to my dearest babe Elaine. I am really very very happy for you that you have found the one whom you love and love you so much. All the best to you and your new-found love. Stay happy and pretty always =)

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At 12:24 AM on Friday, January 12, 2007

i pAsSeD LiAo!!!

I passed my driving test liao!!!

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At 7:40 PM on Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WeLcOmE tO a bRaNd nEw YeAr 2007

I know it's a tad too late to wish you all Happy New Year now but it's better to be late than never right? *wink* Well, I didn't really do much since the long holidays started on Friday. Been shopping, eating good food, having lots of beauty sleep, tidy up my bedroom, tidy up my dear dear's bedroom, throw away all the old clothes and shoes, change the bedsheets, having drinking sessions at my dear dear's house with his friends, going for my driving lessons, doing my projects, went to the new IKEA at Tampines and having movie marathons at the comfort of my dear dear's room. It's shiok de lor. With lots of rest during the long holidays, it will allow me to work even harder and longer for 2007. In order not to bore you all with a lengthy update on my first post of 2007, I will hereby wish everybody good health, good fortune, good career and happiness in 2007 =)

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At 7:59 PM on Tuesday, January 02, 2007