2-dAy wOrKsHoP

Have been busy since last month preparing for my department's 2-day workshop which will be held at M-Hotel tomorrow and Friday. It's really not easy doing the coordinating and preparation. Everyday for the past one month, there were so many emails to reply, confirmations to be sent out, consolidate presentation materials, hotel accomodations for the participants etc. Though very busy, but somehow or rather I felt happy. Because I get to learn alot of things.

With the workshop starting tomorrow, it's still not rest and relax yet. Today after work will have to go down to M-Hotel with my colleagues to do the setting up and bringing of the necessary materials over. Don't know got to stay until what time to get everything fixed and done. Then tomorrow morning will have to reach the hotel by 8am. Being the GM's assistant, I will have to make sure the workshop goes on smoothly.

Once the workshop is over, I shall give myself a break. Keke... I badly need to go for a holiday. I miss Taiwan's fermented beancurd. I missed Bangkok's shopping. *dream*

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At 1:54 PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mY fRiDaY WiTh eX-CoLLeAgUeS & fRiEnDs

I spent my Friday night drinking and having fun again. I met up with my ex-colleagues and we went for dinner cum drinking sessions. It's nice meeting up with them and catching up on old times. They even updated me on some new juicy topics that happened recently. Keke.. After my drinking sessions with my ex-colleagues, I went down to Devilsbar for 2nd round of drinking. When I reached there, I found out I will be alone. For at least an hour. So after sending a few smses to alert my kakis I have reached, I went to find a place and ordered myself a drink while waiting for them. At the same time, observing the people and crowd at Devilsbar. Boring~ Weird people everywhere. I saw some women dressed in those seventies dress with big thick belts and high heels dancing. I saw a man with boobs dressed up like a woman and was pole-dancing. Lastly, I saw another woman wearing her pyjamas lookalike pants and was dancing furiously as if she just woke up from a nightmare. For a moment, I was thinking to myself whether I was at the wrong place. Anyway, Clyde was the first to reach and kept me accompany for awhile. Shortly, Tommy reached too. Really nice of him to come down even though his back pain started acting up again. As usual, we all drank and had fun throughout the night.

Clyde is the first to reach.

Ali being cheeky whenever it comes to taking photos -_-

Long time no see Marilyn darling le

Me and Ju darling

3 of us started to zilian

Lollipops for us from a very nice bartender

We love lollipops!

The bartender on the left offered to take photo for us but took a pic of themselves first lor. The bartender on the right was the one who gave us lollipops de.

Ju & Marilyn up at the bartop dancing to our new favourite song, All About Us by T.A.T.U

Apple joined us later after her work

3 pretty ladies with lovely permed hair and the photographer(which is me) with short straight hair taking this photo for them *poor me...sobs*

Eh actually was taking pic for Apple and Marilyn's photo but 2 extra people joined in at the background -_-'''

In the end, let the four of them act cute in front of the camera for once.

Lastly,my tragus piercing. I so love it!

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At 3:47 AM on Sunday, June 25, 2006

MoRe sHoEs pLeAse

Went shopping with my colleague on Tuesday after work at Orchard. The Great Singapore Sale is still going on and people are buying like nobody business. Anyway, after getting our skincare from Body Shop, we went to Far East Plaza to continue our shopping and both of us spotted a very nice pair of shoes. It's the only pair for display because if anyone is interested they will have to reserve. So both my colleague and I decided to go ahead and asked the sales assistant to reserve a pair for us. Below is a pic of the pair of lovely peep-toe pumps. My next aim is a pair of black Aldo strippy heels. =)

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At 9:35 AM on Thursday, June 22, 2006

mY wEeKeNdS DuRiNg wOrLd cUp

Ever since the World Cup started, I felt that my weekends are different. You know why? Because alot of people are heading down to the pubs and clubs to see the World Cup matches while sipping ice cold beer. So shiok isn't it? As for me, I am not a soccer person. As in I seldom watch soccer matches de. But when it comes to World Cup, it's a totally different thing.

Anyway, me being too lazy to elaborate further, just quickly update what I have been doing during the weekends ba. Met up with my ex-boss from my previous company for dinner and chit-chats. It was really nice meeting up with her. After a nice dinner and seeing the time still early, Noelle came to meet me and both of us headed down to Club Momo for a drink first. After drinking to about 50% high, both of us went down to Devilsbar to meet our beloved kaki, Tommy. He very kelian leh. Drinking alone while waiting for us. Apple, Juliana, Simon, Mickey Mouse aka Clarence also joined us shortly. It was really fun that night which also resulted to excessive drinking and mixing of alcohol. One word to describe : Gone. Zitao hangover for the whole of Saturday. Wonderful isn't it? Slept the whole of Saturday with a never-say-die headache. Urgh!

Luckily, the hangover subsided on Sunday. Being Fathers'Day yesterday, dear dear brought his parents out for lunch. His sister suggested going to Coffee Club. So off we went to Marina Square.

My dear dear, a big fan of Japan

Me enjoying the food at Coffee Club

Lastly, the famous mud pie for dessert. Yummy!

After the lunch, we went to watch X-Men. Movie not too bad. For those we have watched it, I hope you guys didn't miss out the last part. Keke. After the movie, dear dear met up with his colleagues for dinner and adjourned to a KTV pub to watch Japan VS Croatia match before heading back home. My dear dear being a big fan of Japan, went back home in disappointment. The second time.

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At 10:20 PM on Monday, June 19, 2006


Went The Cathay with my dear dear on Saturday to catch the Silent Hill movie. Well, for gamers out there will know the movie is depicted from a PS game. Having seen my dear dear played the game before, it makes me pretty familiar with it too. It's quite scary even by watching him play the game lor.

The movie itself really not bad but spoilt by two malay girls sitting beside me. Bloody irritating. Started talking even before the movie started. And when it came to those horror scenes, they quickly used their jackets to cover their eyes. If they wanna watch the movie, then shut their mouth up and keep quiet lah. Even not interested also don't disturb the others mah. If scared to watch such movies then don't watch lah. Wanna watch then still scared. Freaking pissed me off when I met with such inconsiderate people. Ok lah. I better stop my complaining here. It's Monday again and its gonna be a very blue day for me.

Me and my dear dear at The Cathay. We were waiting to watch Silent Hill

Brought my dear dear to a French restaurant called Savoir for dinner after the movie. I ordered Salmon for myself.

My dear dear ordered Beef for himself.

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At 8:50 AM on Monday, June 12, 2006

M1 & MoToRoLa eVeNt aT cLuB mOmO

Me, Noelle and Ju were at Club Momo on Friday for the Motorola Event organised by M1. Thanks for Tommy dear who reserved the invitations for us. It was really fun. There were people dressing up like mutants because the theme of the event was X-Men. The emcee was Daniel Ong who kept us entertained the whole night. We took lots of photos that night and totally enjoyed ourselves. Was supposed to head down to devils after the event which ended at 10pm but having drank too much and not wanting to stop the fun we were having, we decided to stay on at Club Momo. Noelle darling had already updated her blog with the many photos we took. So do pop over to her blog for more crazy and silly photos we took that night. Cheers!

Three of us enjoying ourselves at Momo


Act cute

Act scared lor. *High mode started*

How not to get high sial? These were just 50% of the drinks lor.

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At 11:13 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2006

hArD gAy tOy

My dear dear got a friend to buy the limited edition Hard Gay toy for him. If you saw the clip on the Hard Gay Tomy Part 1 and Part 2, you will know which toy I am talking about. It's really cute lor. Below are the photos I took of my dear dear's new toy.

The Hard Gay Toy

I played the game 3 times with my dear dear and he lost to me 3 times. Hoo!

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At 10:12 PM on Sunday, June 04, 2006

hArD GaY!!! HoOoO!!!

Sorry people. Really no time to blog. In the meantime, let me share the following hilarious clips with you all. The famous Hard Gay in Japan!!! He's damn funny, damn entertaining and so damn gay. Just see the things he do to make himself more famous will make you even more amazed. He even have a frequent used phrase that he will always say --> Hooo! Say! Say! Say! Alright.. You won't understand what I am saying until you watch the clips yourself. Enjoy! Hard Gay rawks!!! Woooo!!!

-Hard Gay Ramen-

-Hard Gay visit Yahoo!-

-Fathers' Day-

-Tomy Part 1-

-Tomy Part 2-

-Sakura viewing-

-Television 1-

-Television 2-

-The next submission-

-Cupid Part 1-

-Cupid Part 2-

-Cupid Part 3-

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At 9:08 AM on Thursday, June 01, 2006