i LoVe TrAnSfOrMeRs!

Went to watch Transformers yesterday with my dear dear at The Cathay. It was a truly great movie that all of you should not miss. Imagined I was so touched that I teared during that scene when the Optimus Prime first appeared and transformed in the movie. It just kinda relive those childhood memories when I used to watch Transformers cartoons with my sister during my primary school days. I truly hope there will be sequels to this movie. Will be getting the original DVD when it's released for sale. For now, let me show you some of my dear dear's collections.

These are the recent additions to my dear dear's Transformers collections which he started about a year back. I bought him the PS3 Transformers game which he have been lemming for and he loves it so much! =)(He's playing the game while I'm blogging this post :p)

These are part of his collections in his cupboard that are still new and sealed in box.

These are his beloved collections placed in the display cupboard I bought for him for his viewing pleasure every now and then.

My dear dear, the proud owner and collector of Transformers ;)

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