MoRe MoOLaHs fOr GSS

Happy Vesak Day to everybody! Hope all of you had a great day because I had a wonderful day myself. Woke up late in the afternoon, had lunch with my dear dear, watched TV, been an audience to my dear dear while he played his PS3, did some laundry, dyed hair for my dear dear, took a short nap and went for a jog. Just a few hours ago, my dear dear brought me to Ang Mo Kio Central for our favourite western food for dinner. A beautiful day well-spent indeed =D

Our sinful but yummylicious dinner

Me and my dear dear

Well, I have been shopping alot and spent quite a fair bit lately. Great Singapore Sale wor. How not to get tempted right? But I am still very happy because I am so satisfied with my buyings. I worked so hard for my money leh. So spend a bit bit more on shopping to reward myself for the hard work is quite ok de hor.

Total damage so far : $275.81 (and still counting... =P)

A Part-time Shopping Queen =)

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At 12:24 AM on Friday, June 01, 2007