gOnG hEi fAtT ChOi

The lunar new year is nearing and everywhere you go, you see people busy doing their last minute shopping. As for me, I didn't feel any excitement for this coming lunar new year. Firstly, didn't manage to get some nice new year clothes for myself. Been shopping around but the fashion now is like erm... kinda kiddish. Those jappy or kawaii type of clothes is so not suitable for me lor. With the toopid flu virus going around, I am also attacked and down with a bad sore throat. That's not jialat enough. What's more jialat is that I have a very strong feeling my Da Yi Ma (menses) will be joining me in ushering the new year. Damn sian sial. Anyway, I just wish that all the bad things will go away and better things will start happening soon. May all of you have a great time collecting and distributing ang baos. Everybody Huat ah!

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At 11:49 PM on Friday, January 27, 2006

nOeLLe'S BiG dAy

Here comes some of the photos taken on Noelle darling's big day. Most of the day photos are with Ju & Marilyn. It's really not easy to be jiemeis because all of us don't have any experience in being one before. But for our beloved friend, we try our best to help as much as we can. Marriage is once in a lifetime and it's every woman's dream to have a sweet and memorable wedding. I wanna wish Noelle and Jeff a blissful marriage and treasure the life together ahead of them. Marriage is not just about a perfect wedding, but it's more about the life after the wedding. All the best and start working hard in making babies =) The DB6 darlings will be looking forward to being your baby's Godmothers.

The beautiful bride, our beloved Noelle darling, waiting anxiously for the groom to come and fetch her

Open door for the newly wed couple

Jie-meis in pink

Me and my fake lashes.. Nice?

Ju & Thomas

Me & my dear dear

Esther & Ken Ken

Kelly, Me & Apple

Dear dear & Apple darling

Me & Esther darling

Me & Apple darling

Me and Ju darling

Peace from the pretty ladies =)

The bride singing a song for her hubby... So sweet!

Pretty ladies of the night

DB7 (Eh, pls don't associate 7 with the 7 little dwarfs hor)

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At 11:05 PM on Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1sT bRiDe iN dB6

Well, as most of you are aware that our beloved Noelle darling just got married. It was a busy weekend for most of us because we were anxious for her. We took quite a number of photos during the hens night on last Friday and her wedding day on Sunday. Will try to upload the photos very soon. Stay tune =)

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Saturday went Queensway Shopping Centre to shop for my dear dear's CNY clothes. As expected, there's a lot of people there shopping for the same reason - new clothes and shoes for Chinese New Year. My dear dear got himself a pair of Levis jeans, a top and a pair of shoes. As for me, I bought my brother a very nice T-shirt. After shopping, we went to Ikea to see some furnitures. Didn't manage to see what we want though. Seeing the time still early, we decided to go Chinatown see see look look. Since it didn't rain for the whole of Saturday, we were very sure to expect huge crowd at Chinatown. So off we went. Jostled with the people but didn't get anything. But having been there, it gave me the feel of the festive seasons. Took some photos when we were in Chinatown, trying to capture the nice decor put up for the Chinese New Year.

Me and my dear dear taking a rest after all the shopping

As for yesterday, Dennis & Alicia jio us to go JB to shop for Chinese New Year goodies. We really shopped like siao lor. The four of us spent like RM 600 at Carrefour. Sut boh? Photos of our trolleys can be seen below.

Dennis & Alicia's trolley

They estimated it will cost them RM300 but their total damage was RM323.

Me and my dear dear's trolley. Our total damage was RM301.

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At 8:50 PM on Monday, January 16, 2006

FuN aT SpOtLiGhT

As usual, met up with my beloved darlings yesterday. We were all very excited because our dearest Noelle darling's wedding is drawing very near le. We have already plan what to wear and where to bring her for her hen's night party on 20 Jan(Friday). We gonna drink, dance and party as much as we can BUT we are not going to Devilsbar lor. So don't even pin hopes of seeing us there. Reason why we are not going there is because we want to spend the whole night among ourselves, which are the DB darlings. And also we want a different place to party. Had wanted to go MOS (Ministry of Sound) de but sure super long queue. To prevent time wasted on queuing, we decided to go ***. Hahaha... you think I will tell you guys where we will party on that night meh? Fat hope! In the meantime, enjoy the photos we took last night ba. I go koon liao. Very the sleepy. Nitez everybody....

Noelle darling was busy sending the last batch of wedding invitations. Dun she look like a superstar signing autographs?

Actually Noelle don't intend to give us invitation card de, cos we are her jie-mei during her wedding. But we all said we want the invitation as keepsake. She even suggests writing one invitation as DB6 for us to take turn to see the invitation. Ji clever hor~ So after writing the invitations, she present it to us like awards =)

4 of my lovely darlings

Went Spotlight to source for some materials for Noelle's wedding. We had a great time shopping, but also not forgetting to create more fun out of it. Keke, see the following photos and you will know how much fun we had at Spotlight. Imagine all of us were dressed in office attire but behaving like kids... Ya, I know abit -_-''' but it's fun and we like it!!!

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At 11:09 PM on Friday, January 13, 2006

i LoVe HoLiDaYs!

I know I will love all the public holidays this year. Reason being it either falls on Monday or Friday, which also means long weekends. With that, we can actually minimise our annual leave usage and put it to better use like going overseas for holidays. Good hor? I have absolutely no Monday blues today because it's public holiday again tomorrow. Since Christmas, it's been holidays and more holidays. After Hari Raya Haji, it's Lunar New Year liao. Holidays again. So shiok man~ Zitao holiday mood liao. No mood to work. Been thinking when to buy my new clothes, new shoes, new bags etc. Haven't really been shopping much for the past few months because still saving hard for my studies and driving. Though I don't have bonus like the others, but I think I can still afford to indulge in a little shopping spree just for the Lunar New Year. Must start the new year with brand new things mah. But in order for new things to come in, old ones must go first. Hmmm... so that means before I do my shopping, I got to spring-clean my bedroom and wardrobe first. Better put aside a few days for spring-cleaning, arboh I will start to procrastinate again. I shall stop here now. Got to be my dear dear's audience le. That is to watch him play his latest favorite PS2 game - Resident Evil 4. Though it caused me to have nightmares for the past few nights, but this is indeed a very exciting game. Well, just blame me for being curious but timid. Below are the photos taken today when me and my dear dear went to Carl's Jr at Marina Square for dinner and window-shopping after work. Ciao!

S.H.E autograph session was held at Marina Square wor. There were so many S.H.E fans. We were too far away and didn't manage to take clearer pictures of them =(

Eh, what is my dear dear doing wor?

The sky is falling???

Zilian lor~

Ji cool yi sia~

Hao Da De Han Bao Ah~ -_-''' See the burger so big until dunno how to smile...

Peeping at people's food while waiting for our order to come (Kerna caught in action by my dear dear)

"When will our order come? I am so hungry wor..." (Kerna caught in action by my dear dear again)

Know why I am smiling so happily? Because my long awaited food is here le! Yeah!

Our food!

Zilian first before I take my 1st bite of the big big de burger =)

Saw this Doraemon outside a toy shop... It's so cute that I insist in taking photos of my dear dear and the cute figurine

Wo ai xiao ding dang~

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At 11:51 PM on Monday, January 09, 2006

FrEnS 4eVeR - NoW oR nEvEr

Everlasting friendship is hard to come by. Whether by chance or by fate you found one or a group of friends who you could get along with and share similar interests, you should cherish them. They might be the ones who remain by your side till your hair turns grey. Isn't that wonderful?

But no matter how close you are with your best group of friends, there will definitely be some differences. You can't possibly have everyone with the same personalities, right? Even the bestest or closest friends will have arguments now and then. Same theory applies for couples. Quarrels and arguments help to bring relationships and friendships to be stronger. No quarrels doesn't mean perfect relationship. No arguments doesn't mean everlasting friendships too.

To solve the dispute between friends is not about saying who's at fault. But also not forgetting the one who's at fault should apologise for the wrong that had been done. By admitting your mistakes, then you will learn. To solve the dispute, involved parties got to think through what have gone wrong that caused the argument to start. Is it miscommunication? Personalities problem? Ignorance? Or just purely PMS or mood swings?

Today is already the 3rd day of the new year 2006. Think through whatever wrongs you have done in 2005 and ask yourself whether you repeated the mistake or learnt something out of it. Treat those people whom you neglect in the past better. Return those money that you promise to return when you borrow because those money are not meant to be yours to keep. Be sincere to people you meet even if they are nasty to you. Apologise to those people you have wronged. Forgive those people who did you wrong. Learn to share things with others. Appreciate every little thing people done for you. Cherish the people around you. Life is fragile and you never know what's gonna happen the next second, the next minute, the next hour. But at least live life to the fullest and make every single day worth living for.

To my family, even though I was not home at times, but I still do think and care for all of you in my heart. I still love my family very much.

To my dear dear, even though I throw tantrums at times, but you always try your best to keep your cool. I just wanna apologise for the unhappy moments we had for the past year and may more happy moments come our way soon.

To the DB6 darlings, I apologised for being unable to turn up for our weekly gatherings at times. I know it's difficult to meet up for some of us at times because of busy schedules. I also wanna apologise if there's any unpleasant things happened among us without my knowledge. I truly hope this DB6 friendship will last till all of our hair turn grey together. Ai ni men orh~ Muacks!

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At 9:26 PM on Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NeW yEaR's dAy

Dennis and Alicia jio to go for steamboat dinner on new year's day at Suntec City. So with no other programs planned for that day, we decided to go and try the Mala steamboat. Compared to the one we tried at Marina South that time, this one is much better but the price is pretty steep. As usual, below are the photos I took that night.

Chong Qing Hot Pot

The soup base taste so nice!

Max and Cindy

Me and my dear dear

Dennis and Alicia

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At 8:16 PM on Tuesday, January 03, 2006