mY BiRtHdAy aT cLuB MoMo

Well, all I can say is that I enjoyed myself loads that night at Club Momo. It's really fun although we were not at the usual place, Devilsbar. It's always good to have a change mah, dio boh? Always at Devilsbar also sianz. Anyway, I would like to thank all those who came down for my birthday celebration on Friday. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves too. Enjoy the following photos while I go and get prepared to go dinner with my beloved dear dear. Have an enjoyable Labour Day tomorrow!

My two secondary school friends, Winnie & Adeline who met me for dinner first before going down to Club Momo

Noelle darling and me

Apple darling and her beloved Lac Lac

These 2 mischievous darlings went to get tiaras for my birthday wor. Noelle darling helping me to put the tiara in place.

3 pretty princesses of the night (Machiam Miss Universe pageant sial)

Applied for Club Momo's membership and got their package for the drinks. All drink until sey lor~

Clyde and me

Very steady de Simon also found his way down to Club Momo for my birthday celebration. Thanks Uncle Simon!

Birthday boys or girls were called up to the stage and I was one of them lor

Waiting for the other birthday babies to come up

Me and my beloved dear dear

Took a group photo first before we cut the birthday cake as Ju, Marilyn and Kelly had to leave early

My heart-shaped birthday cake

Noelle darling feeding me the cake.. Yummy~

These are my dear dear' colleagues who came down to join in the celebration of my birthday. Thanks lots for coming down! Really apptreciate it =)

One of my blog reader who used to club at Devilsbar but was working at Club Momo that night.

This Coach wallet was a birthday present from my beloved dear dear. I love it to bits! Thanks lots my dear! Muacks!

This lovely pendant was a birthday present from Apple darling and Noelle darling. The idea came to them from the Citigems advertisement whereby Fiona Xie and Bai Weixiu gave each other diamonds as gifts from friends. It's so sweet. This is my first diamond and it's my two beloved dearest friends who gave it to me. The size of the carat doesn't matter much to me. It's the heart that counts. Love ya darlings, Muacks!

This Ayumi Hamasaki concert DVD was from Ju, Kelly, Marilyn and Esther. Thanks for the present and also for taking time to come down to Club Momo for my birthday celebration.

My dear dear’s colleague, Cindy, gave this to me. Thanks lots Cindy! I like the earrings alot. Thanks for coming down that night for my birthday celebration.

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At 3:57 PM on Sunday, April 30, 2006

DiNnEr aT HoT StOnEs

I met up with my ex-admin manager and ex-colleague for dinner last Thursday. They knew my birthday was nearing and decided to arrange for a dinner with me. They called me 2 weeks in advance wor. They asked me to choose what cuisine I would like to have and they will decide on the venue. Anyway, to cut the story short, they brought me to this resttaurant called Hot Stones. The speciality is Grill-It-Yourself. You will order the food you want, and then they will serve it with somewhat like mini teppanyaki with 3 different types of sauces for you to dip after grilling your food. Before I reached the appointed meeting place, they went to the restaurant to leave the surprise there first. See the following photos taken that night to find out the surprise ba.

I ordered Mixed Grill for myself. I simply love meat!

My colleague's seafood deluxe. Yummy too!

I cut the meat into pieces and grilled them slowly

The nice surprise - A birthday cake. They actually arranged the waiter to come out with the cake after we were done with the dinner. When they went to the restaurant to put the cake, the waiter asked my colleague which is the birthday girl. My ex-admin manager told him :"The one with the shortest hair." Haha.. I zitao -_-''' when my ex-admin manager told me that lor. But it's really very sweet and nice of them to plan everything that night.

After the dinner, we went for drinks and continued our chatting

Besides the dinner, they bought me lovely presents too. A Madame Butterfly bag from my ex admin manager, a Mango top from my ex-colleague, a birthday card full of birthday wishes and a lucky ang-bao from my ex-colleague who couldn't make it for the dinner. It's really touching to know that they took efforts to arrange everything despite I have left the company.

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At 4:30 PM on Saturday, April 29, 2006

HaPpY BiRtHdAy DaDdY!

Celebrated my daddy's 60th birthday last night. Brought the whole family out to a Thai restaurant for nice dinner to celebrate his birthday. It's been a very long time since the whole family went out together le. It felt so nice to go out with the whole family. It's like when I was young. Anyway, everyone enjoyed themselves last night. The food was great too! I hereby would like to wish my beloved daddy happy birthday. May great health and happiness be with him for the coming many years ahead. I so love my family. I really do. Enjoy the following photos ba.

New bedsheet I bought and changed for my dear dear yesterday. Nice hor?

See the number of dishes my brother and I ordered. There's a total of 11 dishes hor. All eat until cannot move lor... Keke

All enjoying themselves at the dinner

Birthday cake my mummy bought for my daddy... Saw the wishes on the cake? So sweet~

Me and sister took a pic first while waiting to sing birthday song for my daddy

My daddy blowing out the candles

My family I so dearly love and treasure

My dear dear, me and my parents

This is an advance birthday present for my mummy, whose birthday is in the same month as me =) She so love it!

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At 9:32 PM on Sunday, April 23, 2006

I hAd eNoUgH

Time and time again, it happened. And I am really sick and tired of it. Don't you ever feel tired of it? What will you benefit out of all these? See people unhappy or behaving like a fool you feel very song is it? I really have enough of all these bullshit and nonsense. I have better things to do than to be bothered with all these. Say or do whatever you want and leave me out of it. Thank you very very much.

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At 11:28 PM on Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DeAr dEaR's cHaLeT

Here are some of the photos taken during my dear dear and his colleagues'chalet since Friday. Although it's really tiring, but it was great fun! I so enjoyed myself man~ Enjoy the photos below ba =)

BBQ time!!!

Here are some of the food we prepared

Smile people!

Me busy bbq-ing the chicken wings

Max is the satay man that night

What fun will there be without all these darlings, right? *wink*

My special guests of the night - Noelle and Jeff

My special guests of the night - Lac Lac & Apple

Game addicts of the night

In the beginning, Apple darling was playing the game with the little boy

After a while, it became like this -_-'''

While Apple was so engrossed in her game playing, me and Noelle took photos & enjoy our Vodka Ribena

Bartender of the night

Happy Birthday Guys!

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At 8:35 AM on Monday, April 17, 2006