tHe InDuLgE @ tHe CaThAy

Went to this little cosy restaurant at The Cathay for dinner after watching the Transformers movie last week. Well, it was recommended by my dear dear's colleague Thomas who knew the chef of the restaurant which served fusion food. Overall, I can say the food are unique and nice. Prices are reasonable too. So do give it a try someday if you like to try something new.

The Indulge serves very tasty herbal soup to their customers

Thomas ordered a mango cum strawberry smoothie for himself and I ordered this special drink called Cinderella which are mixed with lime, pineapple, orange and soda.

They have very unique utensils

I had sambal salmon, my dear dear had ribeye steak and Thomas had lamb steak. We have a mayo prawns as starter.

Indulgence is a luxury in life, isn't it?


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At 9:01 PM on Thursday, July 05, 2007