Just came back home from my japanese language class. It's getting more and more cheem sial. So far, sensei have covered the Hiragana words liao. Next lesson we are going to learn writing in sentences. I was telling my colleague very soon we will be writing composition in japanese too. And the title might be "Myself" like when we were learning English in Primary 1. Really cannot afford to miss any lesson lor. Arboh very difficult to catch up on the next lesson. Other than working, other than stressing over my next TP in 3 weeks' time, I am spending money to destress.

My new lovely bag and I so love it =)

Bought this yellow heels from Charles & Keith sale for 10 bucks only! I love sale!

And bought a yellow top from Ness to match my lovely yellow heels

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At 11:21 PM on Thursday, August 31, 2006

i DuN bOtHeR

"I dun bother" is what my dear dear always says when certain things are none of our business. As time goes by, I realised I am becoming more and more like him. Because there are alot of unimportant things or people that I began not to bother so much.

I used to get worried over small matters easily and I get worked up when people commented negatively about me. But now I dun bother.

There are people who just care for themselves, so full of themselves and all they talked about are themselves. This kind of people irks me quite abit lately too. But now I dun bother.

When certain jokes or behaviours are still new and fresh, it can be funny. But as times goes by, such jokes and behaviours become stale. It will only make people feel irritated. Too much of something is really not good. But now I dun bother.

There are people who claimed or craved for fame and attention as if they are some kind of superstar and seem to be proud of it but in actual fact they are nothing close to being famous. But now I dun bother.

There are people who thought they are the sexiest and chioest people who could make any man fall for them and die at their feet but in actual fact they are nothing close to being pretty. But now I dun bother.

There are people who thought they are know-it-all but in actual they are just acting smart. Haven't they heard a hokkien saying,:"Kiang jiu ho, mai geh kiang."? But now I dun bother.

Whether you like me or hate me, say I am fat, say I am ugly, say my bf ugly, say I put on weight, say I am selfish, say I am boring, say my hairstyle sucks, say I damn attitude, say I buay steady, say my dress sense sucks or whatever you wanna say or think about me...

I bOtHeR nO mOrE!!!

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At 9:39 AM on Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SiNgApOrE iDoL - HaDy MiRzA

I have been catching the Singapore Idol since the 12 finalists emerged. Out of the 12 finalists, there are 2 familiar faces I recognised immediately because I have seen them in Devilsbar. They are Emily Kang and Hady Mirza. Both of them were Devilsbar's live band singers. If you have heard them sing live, you will know how talented they are. They sing really well.

Unfortunately this time round, most Singapore Idol's supporters seem to be supporting the contestants based on looks instead of their singing talents. Even the judges also damn sian when it comes to the Thursday Results Show because those with singing talents are out one by one due to insufficient votes to keep them in the competition. I was thinking if that's the case, then Singapore Idol will have to rename to Mr/Miss Singapore liao.

Now left with 6 finalists, who you all think will get the next Singapore Idol leh? For me, I hope Hady Mirza will get it because not only he have the looks but he have singing talents. But I am not saying the rest of the finalists not good la. Everybody have their choice of supporting their own idol mah. But for me, I will support Hady. Hopefully, the results tonight will not be a disappointing one.

Gonna rush back home to catch the Results Show after my Japanese Language class tonight. Hady gambatte!

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At 4:32 PM on Thursday, August 24, 2006

nExT HoLiDaY aT PhUkEt

Alright. I know I just came back from Batam. Had a good spa treatment. And I will be going there again in Mid October. Haha... Not because I siao hor. I am one of the recreation committee member in my company and we have organised a company outing to Batam. It will be on one of the weekends too. So I can go there do spa again. Yeah!

Another thing to be happy about and look forward to is the Phuket trip after this company's Batam outing. With a long holiday in October due to Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa, planning a short trip is the best. My dear dear will be going for his company trip to Hong Kong while I will be going Phuket with my colleague.

Me and my colleague will be island-hopping and there's a city tour for this Phuket trip. There's gonna be spa, massages, lazing on the beach and sun-tanning! It's gonna be fun man! I am so looking forward to it! I love holidays! =)

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At 12:25 PM on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WeEkEnD aT BaTaM

Me back from Batam le. Had a good weekend there. The spa and massage were great. I don't talk much liao. Below are the photos taken when me and my dear dear were in Batam. Though it's a short getaway but it's really nice and relaxing.

Me and my dear dear in the ferry

Scenery from the ferry

Me zilian-ing

while my dear dear is playing with his PSP

Our room in Harris Resort. King size bed leh~

Scenery from our room

My dear dear was so tired while I was extraordinary active that day

See the way they arrange the can drinks. They arranged it this way in the fridge too.

Our seafood lunch at Golden Prawn 933

My dear dear and the big prawn

Yeah it's time for lunch!

Seafood lunch have chilli crab, soup, sweet & sour fish

Also have fried kangkong with sambal, fried sotong with chilli and some escargot-alike seafood.

My dear dear enjoying his dessert, a big coconut

Me feeling happy and satisfied after the lunch =)

Waiting for the cultural dance to start

Cultural dance started.

This man using his teeth to peel the coconut husk lor. Strong teeth~

He put pieces of burned things into his mouth and eat it

This man demonstrated glass-eating. Sut!

Our next location was to go bai bai at one Tua Pek Gong temple

Last stop was to the biggest shopping mall. Saw this guy doing modification of a game console in the open lor. Sut sial~

After the city tour, we came back to our hotel. We took a good bath and getting ready to go for our spa

Day 2 after our breakfast, me and my dear dear went for some swimming. It's fun! Harris Resort really have nice swimming pool.

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At 1:48 PM on Monday, August 14, 2006

WCG - World Cyber Games 2006

Was on leave yesterday. Not because I enjoyed too much during National Day hor. It's because I went to support my dear dear at Suntec City where the WCG 2006 was held. My dear dear participated in one of the gaming challenge-Dead or Alive 4. When we reached the venue, we saw alot of young gamers who brought along their keyboards and controllers for the competition. Damn pro can~ Standing among them makes me feel so old sial.

The registration process was abit chaotic because there were different time slots for different games. I took some photos with my hp and my dear dear's K800i. But I haven't upload yet. It's indeed an eye-opening experience for me. Though I don't have much knowledge in gaming, but it's really nice seeing those gamers competing. Especially those gamers competing for the game Counter Strike. You can hear them shouting at their members. Quite interesting. Haha...

It's Friday again but I don't think I will be partying anywhere tonight though I have received an invitation from Club Momo on the celebration of the club's 1 year anniversary. My ferry departure to Batam tomorrow is at 10am and I got to collect my ferry tickets at Harbourfront by 9am. Though it's just a short trip and there isn't much to pack, but I want to rest early and be fresh & energetic for tomorrow. Will try to take many many photos to show you guys when I am at Batam. Have a great weekend everybody!

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At 1:54 PM on Friday, August 11, 2006

yOu kNoW wHaT DK MeAnS?

Went to catch The Fast And The Furious : Tokyo Drift at The Cathay with my dear dear on Saturday. The movie was awesome! Fast cars. Pretty and kawaii babes. Erm, but don't have yandao kia leh. For those we have not catch this movie, don't miss it. It's really nice! I personally find that it's much nicer than Initial D.

I know it's Monday today but there's no blues for me at all. Firstly, there's a public holiday this Wednesday, National Day. And not forgetting I am going to Batam with my dear dear this weekend. Lastly, there's no Japanese Language class this Thursday. Which also means no spelling test! Keke... I hope everybody's looking forward to the extra day off this week. Cheers!

BTW, DK means Drift King =) Not Donkey Kong =P

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At 8:56 AM on Monday, August 07, 2006

BiG dOeSnT aLwAyS MeAnS BeAuTiFuL LoR

Been down with a really bad cough and running nose. Was declared sick by the doctor last Friday and certified to stay at home and rest. Took the medicine given and in no time, I was knocked out caused by the drowsy effects. Whole body was aching and cough until zitao no voice. Was really feeling terrible and all I wanna do is to stay in bed. With the stupid flu which was causing already causing me to feel quite down, another news made me felt even more sick. I put on weight. Haiz. Sibeh sian. So long didn't go suntan and swimming. No exercise eat less also useless one lor. Going on a strict diet won't help much in weight loss if there's no exercise. And now with the toopid cough, I can't start my exercise regime. Damn sickening. Alright, I think I better stop talking of these now. Let me share some happy things.

Firstly, I just changed my handphone to Sony Ericsson K610i. Really not bad leh. Got 3G de. Have been using the video call feature to talk to my dear dear, whom got himself a 3G phone too. It's really fun to be able to see the person and yourself when you call. There's quite a number of features which I have not meddle with them yet. Can do photo blogging also wor.

Another happy thing is my dear dear and I will be going for a short trip to Batam next week. We are going there to do spa and massages. And I am going to get myself a good tan when I m there. Shiok! I am so looking forward to the trip. Batam, here I come!

PS : Big doesn't always means beautiful. Unless it's a diamond =)

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At 10:48 AM on Tuesday, August 01, 2006