sHoRt hAiR AgAiN

"Snip, snip, snip..." My hairstylist was at work snipping away with her little scissors while I looked at myself in the mirror. Suddenly, I felt a tint of sadness. It's not because I regretted my decision to cut my hair. It's not because my hairstylist gave me a bad haircut. It's all because

I look so awful with BLACK SHORT HAIR!
It's like some ah gong kia lor. I should have dyed my hair first before I go for the haircut. Now look so ugly wanna blame who, you tell me. Myself liao lor. Smsed the DB darlings I won't be meeting them tonight because I am ugly after the haircut. Apple replied :"Just meet us la, I promise I won't post your ugly photos in my blog de." Well, I don't believe her lor. I will stop her from taking my photos tonight. Die die also don't let her take photos of me and my ugly hair later. Already bought the DIY kit to dye my hair liao. Will do it tonight because I don't wanna see my ugly hair again tomorrow. Hmhp!

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At 5:29 PM on Thursday, September 29, 2005

mY sWeEt PiNk aYuMi bLoGsKiN

Welcome the new look of my blog - a sweet pink Ayumi Hamasaki blogskin created by me. I am sure this is a more refreshing design than the previous black black background. Was surfing webbies for nice Ayumi photos for my blogskin and found a few very nice and kawaii ones. *wink* I will make it a point to change the photo for my pink pink de blogskin. I am just so happy whenever I look at my blog. Well, pink always make me happy mah. It's gonna be a short post today because it's gonna be a busy day for me at work. Got to attend a training after lunch. Po bi I don't fall asleep during the training. I am feeling lazy today. How I wish I could take half a day off from work and take a walk at the beach. How nice~~~

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At 11:05 AM on Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BaNgKoK, hErE i cOmE AgAiN!

This year seems like a holidaying year for me. February went to Bangkok for my first time and it was a new experience for me. The coming month of October will be going to Taiwan with my dear dear. My company's year-end trip will most probably be going to Australia. When all that isn't enough, I was told by my GM that the week before I leave for my Taiwan trip next month, there is an incentive trip to Bangkok for all of us. The tentative date is on 21 October 2005, which is also Apple's birthday. Well, she isn't happy that I am going to Bangkok. How can she be happy when her bestest friend cum buddy cum darling cum DB6 member couldn't attend her birthday celebration at Devilsbar on that day? She even suggest bringing my luggage along to Devilsbar so that I can leave for the airport straight after clubbing. Haha... I still do not have the exact details on the trip yet. Though this will be my second time to Bangkok this year, I don't really mind going again because afterall it's a paid trip by the company. I won't be shopping much as I intend to save the shopping fund for my Taiwan trip. I don't really miss the shopping in Bangkok. What I truly missed are the bird nests to nourish my skin and the massages to ease my aching muscles. Shiok man! Shall keep you guys updated on the exact details of my Bangkok trip.

My new bag - My manager bought one in pearl white when she went Hong Kong last month. It's in fashion almost everywhere. Her sister went Hong Kong again last week and got us (me, my executive and my GM's wife) the bag. Saw a similar one at Far East Plaza and it's selling at $79.90 each. My manager's sister got the bags at $75 but it's in HK dollar, which only comes about $16 each. Cheap hor~

It also comes with a small pouch. So nice~

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At 8:41 AM on Tuesday, September 27, 2005

tHuMpEr & cLuB MoMo

Went Thumper last night with my dear dear to attend his colleague's birthday celebration. After that, both of us headed down to Club Momo and joined his another group of fellow colleagues. It's my second time at Thumper and first time at Club Momo. Eh, I prefer the music played at Club Momo than Thumper. I can say Club Momo is a nice and fun place. Now I know why so many people like to go Club Momo liao. Everything about Club Momo is fine except the queue. Even re-entry also must queue wor. When I go Devilsbar no need leh. Luckily my dear dear is smart. We went to get chop at Club Momo first before we went down to Thumper. I shall end my post here. Gonna watch DVDs with my dear dear liao. Enjoy the photos ba. Ciao!

Me zi-lian in the car when me and my Dear dear were on our way to Thumper

My new hairstyle. Apple said it's ugly but I find it's sweet looking. A new hairstyle for a change rather than always in the same hairstyle mah.

Me and my beloved dear dear at Thumper for his colleague's birthday celebration

My dear dear's colleague, Lionel and his girlfriend at Thumper

Dear dear and his colleague (forgot his name liao)

Lionel, the birthday man Christopher and my dear dear

Dear dear went down to Club Momo to join his fellow colleagues

Saw Kozen at Club Momo ... His face beri red wor~

Kozen and my dear dear

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At 11:34 PM on Saturday, September 24, 2005

pLs bUiLd mE aN IgLoO

Besides being an administrative assistant in the office, I realised I am slowly turning into a part-time eskimo. You guys must be thinking I am crazy by saying myself being an eskimo in such a sunny and warm country like Singapore. While typing this post,I can feel the freezing air blowing at me. Even the thick jacket I am wearing right now couldn't keep me warm. My poor skin is getting drier and drier till it starts peeling. Yes, its that serious can~ I have been putting loads of moisturiser before I sleep every night but it's not improving leh. Dry skin is very prone to wrinkles and I don't wanna have wrinkles at such a young age lor. Imagine looking like a wrinkled granny at the tender age of 23... Sad right?

Well, the extreme coolness is from my office powerful aircon system lah. Even though I love the silky white fur of polar bears, but I don't envy the nice cool weather they live in lor. I can never withstand cold weathers because firstly, it makes my skin very dry and secondly, I simply cannot tahan cold lor. I will start sneezing and get sick easily if it gets too cold. My dear dear knows that and being a doting boyfriend, he went to buy a new queen size quilt. He just don't want his baby to catch a cold at night. So sweet hor.

Anyway, I have already told my manager about the extreme coldness and a technician will be coming to my office to do some adjustment. Lucky sial... If not I really got to build an igloo for myself liao. I am not kidding hor. I have even search the internet on how to build an igloo.

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At 2:27 PM on Thursday, September 22, 2005

YoGa iS GoOd

The yoga session last night was great. Though it's pretty strenuous for a first-timer like me, but I tried my best to do every pose instructed by the instructor. You need not jump or skip around like aerobics for yoga but the yoga postures will still make you sweat. Amazing right? Taking up yoga on a regular basis will make you feel, sleep and look better. It also relieve common ailments such as insomnia, ingestion, water-rentention and body aches. It's useful for women who have severe menstrual cramps during their menses. It helps to build concentration, tone up your body, increase flexibility and nourish your mind. Overall, it's very good for your overall well-being.

There are different types of yoga courses available right now. So before you take up any yoga courses, you got to check what it's all about and how it benefits you. For Rhythmic Yoga, its a new trend of yoga practice designed from the oldest form of yoga called Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is an ancient system of healing, toning & rejuvenation of the body. The sequence of postures (asanas), and the continuous flow of breathing (pranayama) is designed to stroke the fire of purification. It is the ultimate combination of strength, stamina, flexibility and relaxation. The ultimate instrument to calibrate and revitalise the human body, mind and soul. In simpler terms, Rhythmic Yoga is Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa (Flow series). The postures for Rhythmic Yoga are very flowy and feminine. You will proceed from one posture to another gradually. You can practically do a series of different postures without stopping to rest because it goes in a flow.

Although I woke up with aching muscles this morning, I still feel great because it goes to show that I was working my muscles last night. This also means my body is getting hard for not exercising for too long. Blame myself for being a lazy bum lor. I am now thinking whether to take up yoga on a regular basis. Healthy lifestyle!

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At 4:27 PM on Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ViRuS eVeRyWhErE

My whole body is aching. I feel a bit feverish. These are some sympthoms if bitten by the famous Aedes mosquito. *choi choi choi* I am just down with a "mini" flu lah. Mini because it's just a bad cough, slight body aches and tummy cramps due to "the time of the month". Kekeke... Nothing serious though. Well, the weather hasn't been good lately. Plus the different viruses spreading around, it's important to build up your body resistence now. Remember to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits. Eh, I am beginning to sound like some naggy auntie hor. Will be trying a trial lesson on Rhythmic Yoga tonight after work with my sister and my manager. It was highly recommended by my manager as she have been taking Rhythmic Yoga for several years le. I think should be not bad ba. Wish me luck as I haven't been exercising for quite some time le.

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At 2:18 PM on Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DiNnEr WiTh mY SiStEr

As promised, here are the photos taken on Thursday when I meet my sister for dinner after work. Yesterday went to watch One More Chance (San Ge Hao Ren) with my dear dear at Plaza Singapura. It's a very entertaining and meaningful show. Really very funny lor. The storyline is pretty good except the ending part. Ok lah... I don't lor soh liao. Gonna take a bath now. Just came back from Bedok with my dear dear after having a hearty dinner. Ciao!

Garlic bread with cheese

Chicken chunks with tomato sauce

My sister enjoying her chicken mushroom pie

We ordered ice lemon tea because ... (see below)

They do not serve iced water lor.

Desserts time!!!

Tiramisu mud pie for my sister

The french manicure I did for my sister. Nice boh?

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At 11:18 PM on Saturday, September 17, 2005

pLeAsE jOiN tHe QuEuE...

Didn't join the DB darlings last night. Instead I met up with my beloved sister for dinner after work at Coffee Club. It was a nice dinner and we had a great time. Photos will be posted up later tonight. After the hearty dinner, we went window shopping. Brought my sister to Missha at Far East Plaza to get some skincare and cosmetics. Well, she have been hearing me raving about Missha products so since we were in town yesterday, I decided to bring her there lor. After the shopping and buying, both of us went back home feeling tired. But we didn't sleep early. We took the new nail polish we bought at Missha and started decorating our nails. Being more pro in DIY french manicure, I helped my sister to do the painting. And I can say I am very proud of the french manicure I did for her. Pictures of the manicure will be posted tonight too. Well, it's Friday again and may all of you have a great weekend ahead! Below is a hilarious passage to kick-start your weekend. Enjoy!

A man was leaving a cafe with his morning coffee when he noticed a most unusual funeral procession.

A funeral coffin was followed by a second one about 50 feet behind the first.

Behind the second coffin was a solitary man walking with a black dog.

Behind him was a queue of 200 men walking in single line.

The man couldn't stand his curiosity.

He approached the man walking with the dog, "I am so sorry for your

loss, and I know now is a bad time to disturb you, but I've never seen a

funeral like this with so many of you walking in single line.

"Whose funeral is it?"

The man replied, "Well, that first coffin is for my wife."

"The inquisitive man asked, "What happened to her?"

The man replied, "My dog attacked and killed her."

He inquired further, "Well, who is in the second coffin?"

The man answered, "My mother-in-law."

She was trying to help my wife when the dog attacked and killed her also."

A thoughtful moment of silence passes between the two men.

Then the first one asks in excitement "Can I borrow the dog?"

The man replied "Please join the queue..."

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At 10:28 AM on Friday, September 16, 2005

mY BeLoVeD FaMiLy

I am deeply saddened over what happened which I can't reveal what it is here but it concerns my family. I am totally disgusted by that bastard who did this mess to my family. I do not know whether he read my blog but I don't fxxking care. But if he do read my blog, I have a message to tell him. What goes around comes around. I am not gonna let him off so easily.

I love my family very much and no one can harm or hurt them in any way. Being the eldest in the family, I feel that it's my duty to protect my parents and siblings. Whatever problems crop up, we will try our best to solve them together. Though at times we might be busy with our things, we still make it a point to update one another on our happenings in life.

My daddy, though very fierce but he care alot about us. Though he don't usually voice out his concerns, but he's secretly looking out for us at all times. My mummy is a great cook and always cook nice dishes for us to eat. She always have good advices whenever I needed them and she's always there to guide me on the way of life. My sister is a very intelligent person. She's a fast learner and good in studies. Not like me, a slow learner. Though she might be 1 year younger than me, but there are times she gave me very good advices too. I simply love the chatting session with her before we sleep at night. But she hates it because whenever she's about to fall asleep, I started talking again. My brother is a smart young boy too. Though he can be playful at times, but he's responsible for his own actions. My sister and I hated it when he starts telling us about the latest handphone features. He's so good at it that he could be the youngest salesman for handphones.

I really thank God for a great family and I am glad I have them for support whenever I am down. I so love them.

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At 1:03 PM on Thursday, September 15, 2005

a GrEaT LuNcH

With the GM and directors away for business trip, the office only left myself, my manager and my executive. Somehow when the big bosses were not around, it's more relaxing and stress-free working today. Having done with all the big meetings for the past few months, we finally can relac relac a while liao. So since the office only left the 3 of us, we decided to go for lunch together. With good mood plus the good weather, we decided to indulge a bit today. We went to Phoenix Hotel for buffet lunch. We worked so hard for the past few months and this is just a little treat to reward our hard work mah. So off we go in a chirpy mood. It was a nice and enjoyable lunch. Below are some of the photos I took with my handphone during the lunch. Enjoy~

Started with a bowl of mee siam.

My 1st helping... Got prata with mutton curry, sausages, fish, chicken and beef. Yummy!

My 2nd helping... Got prata with chicken curry, sausages and fish again. Buffet leh.. Of course must eat more of those nice food lah~

Some pastries I took... Eh, too full to have some more lor~

My manager happily enjoying the food

My executive thinking what's next to eat while she was enjoying her little bowl of porridge

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At 10:05 PM on Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i LoVe tAiWaN

There won't be anymore blues for me from today onwards. Or should I say since yesterday? Well, my dearest beloved dear dear secretly went to book a trip to Taiwan. When I was out clubbing with the DB darlings at Devilsbar on Friday, my dear dear went to the NATAS travel exhibition alone to source for good Taiwan travel packages. He knew I had wanted to go Taiwan all along. Being a sweet guy, he had placed a deposit and booked a Taiwan package for both of us. He actually planned to trick me that we are going Genting and Kuala Lumpur for holiday. Then when we reached the airport, he will reveal the surprise by telling me we are going to Taiwan instead. Oh man... I can't imagine if he were really to tell me only that day before departure lor. I might just get so touched that my tears might flood Changi Airport. Eh abit kuazhang but I am totally touched by what he did and planned for our coming 1 year anniversary. I am the most xing fu woman in the world right now man~ Because I have a sweet and doting dear dear =)Both of us will be leaving for Taiwan on 27 Oct, which is next month. I am so looking forward to it. I got to start saving up now so that I could shop to my heart's content next month in Taiwan. I am so excited about it after he broke the news to me yesterday. Well, reason for telling me so soon because I did told him my company's year-end trip might be to Taiwan. And of course it won't be fun going again the second time mah. Though it will be a paid-trip by my company but it's still kinda waste. After checking with my manager, I heaved a relief because the company trip will be either going to Japan or Australia. Isn't that cool? I just couldnt contain my excitement lor. Whatever country my company trip will be, it doesn't really matter much now. What matters most right now is my Taiwan trip together with my dear dear next month. 44 days to go~ Hurray! Thanks dear dear! Muacks!

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At 4:58 PM on Tuesday, September 13, 2005

eNgLiSh NaMeS tO AvOiD

Today is a super duper blue Monday. Did took some photos with the darlings when we met up on Friday for clubbing session at Devilsbar. But sorry guys, I am lazy to upload the photos. Some of the photos can be seen in Apple's blog so do pop by if you all just wanna see photos. I didn't really enjoy myself on Friday at Devilsbar due to some idiotic and disgusting people. Please don't ever assume that when girls are friendly means they are easy targets. I do not know about other women who might be there to be picked up by guys, but the Devils Bitches are there to enjoy the music and booze. If anyone out there who thinks we are easy targets and try to be funny with us, please think carefully before you approach us. Lastly, no matter how regularly you frequent Devilsbar, that doesn't make you a shareholder or owner of Devilsbar. Please use your brains (not sure if you have one) before you talk and make a fool of yourself. Devilsbar is not yours and the little space you stood on is not your territory. (Well, apparantly one of the disgusting guy told us Devilsbar is his territory lor. Wat an idiot!) Whatever it is, that idiot just pissed us off that night. Enuff said. Having severe mood swings now, gonna end my post here. Below is something I wanna share with those who are having Monday blues today.

> > Anne Chang (Mandarin) - Dirty
> > Anne Chin (Mandarin) - Keep quiet
> > Faye Chen (Mandarin) - Dusty
> > Carl Cheng (Mandarin) - Buttock
> > Monica Cheng (Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks
> > Lucy Leow (Hokkien) - You are dead
> > Jane Tan (Mandarin) - Frying eggs
> > Suzie Leow (Hokkien) - Lost till death
> > Henry Mah (Mandarin) - Hate your mum
> > Corrine Tai (Hokkien) - Poor fellow
> > Paul Chan (Mandarin) - Bankrupt
> > Nelson Tan (Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs
> > Leslie Tong (Mandarin) - Rubbish bin
> > Carmen Tng (Hokkien) - Leg hair long
> > Connie Mah (Cantonese) - Call your mother
> > Danny See (Hokkien) - Squeeze you to death
> > Rosie Teng (Hokkien) - Screws and nails
> > Pete Tsai (Hokkien) - Nose droppings
> > Macy Koh (Cantonese) - Never die before

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At 11:20 AM on Monday, September 12, 2005

i aM a GoOd cOoK tOo

*Drum roll* Now I shall announce the food I cooked for my dear dear last night and it's...... PIZZA!!! Yum yum... Well, it was my first time doing it and I can confidently say it's great for a beginner. (I am talking about pizza baking here, not sex hor~) Anyway, it's really nice to learn something new at times. Having a mum who cooks very well, I should take the opportunity to learn from her. It's like passing the cooking skills from generation to generation. My grandmother cooks very well too. I really missed her hand-made ang-ku-kueh. It's so nice~ Talking about food always makes me hungry. Before I go and get my breakfast, I wanna wish everybody an enjoyable weekends ahead. It's party time tonight with the DB darlings at Devilsbar. For those who will be there, see ya!

Layers and layers of ingredients on the pizza crust

Scatter some cheese on it and it's ready for baking!

My dear dear having his third slice of the pizza I made specially for him

After baking 2 pizzas, I finally could sit down and enjoy a slice of the pizza I made

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At 8:35 AM on Friday, September 09, 2005

nOt LaZy hOr

Sorry ah.. Not I lazy to update blog but nothing happening or exciting lately. Have been busy with work as there will be a big meeting in office next week. Didn't even have time to take my lunch for the past few days. I am not complaining for having too much work to do. Busy is good. At least time passes faster. Today the DB6 will be meeting for steamboat session. But I will be meeting the darlings tomorrow at Devilsbar. Well, I couldn't join them tonight because my dear dear is paying a visit to my house with mooncakes for my parents. So sweet of him~ I will be cooking dinner for my dear dear tonight. Eh, it's not spaghetti again lah. Diam diam eat spaghetti also will sian de mah. Moreover, spaghetti is not the only dish I know how to cook okie~~~ I won't be telling what I'm gonna cook tonight first. Just stay tune to my next update with photos ba =)

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At 10:02 AM on Thursday, September 08, 2005

mY fUn bUt TiRiNg WeEkEnD

Ji tired yi sia wor~~~ Well, me and my dear dear had a fun but tired time at Sentosa during the weekend. Eh, but weather not so good lor. Not much sun for me to do my suntanning. Boring~ But nevertheless, it's a little break for both of us.

Didn't meet the Devils bitches on Friday as planned because something cropped up at the last minute. So with no other plans, I went to meet my dear dear and his colleagues for dinner at Suntec City. Went to Comex 2005 to see any good deals after the dinner. A lot of people lor. Below are the photos taken for the last few days. Today is Monday and being a lazy woman, just enjoy the photos for today ba.

Me on the way to Suntec City for dinner on Fri

My tired dear dear

Seafood platter for dear dear

Fish & chips for myself. Big serving wor

Max and his swordfish

Dennis & Alicia

Me and my dear dear

Woke up early on Saturday morning to prepare the things for our Sentosa getaway. Our room was not ready yet when we checked in at about 3.30pm. Boring~

Me having a welcome drink at the hotel's lounge while waiting for our room

Nice weather

Kerna caught playing games

Our room

Both my dear dear and I took a rest after exploring the room. Nothing much. Just the usual hotel room lor. Not wanting to have our dinner at the boring little island and my dear dear craving for steamboat, he called Dennis and we decided to go for steamboat at Marina South. Before we headed for dinner, me and my dear dear took a stroll at Siloso Beach.

Yeah! Going to the beach

My dear dear playing with the water lor~

No sun to suntan but still enjoy myself

Finally reached Marina South and found a seat for all four of us. The standard at the Zheng Fa steamboat dropped wor. They served minced beef now instead of sliced one lor. Super boring~

Dear dear so hungry wor

Nice Dennis cooked prawns for us

Butter prawns... Oiishi nehz!

Dennis and Alicia

Satisfied me and my dear dear after the hearty dinner

The guys decided to have a few games of pool while me and Alicia stood aside and be their photographers.

Woke up the next morning and went for breakfast at the hotel's cafe. Variety of the food still alright. Didn't really eat much though.

My breakfast

My dear dear's breakfast

He's bored with me diam diam take picture of him =p

i love yogurt! (Pardon my no make-up face. Damn ugly lor)

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At 9:30 AM on Monday, September 05, 2005