mY gEnTiNg tRiP

Just came back from my Genting trip last night. A short but fulfilling holiday. The holiday was practically eat, shop, gamble, eat, fun at theme park, shop, eat, gamble, eat and sleep. As you can see, most of the times are eating compared to sleeping. Hahaha... Like what Elaine said, I too is a bad fat girl =P. Here comes the many photos taken during my short and enjoyable holiday in Genting.

All of us feeling comfortable on the Grassland Express coach

My notti one was anxiously trying to test the games on the coach.

My dear dear bought me waffle ice-cream when we stopped halfway for break =)

The guys having their smoke break when we finally reached First World Hotel

After the long journey, both my dear dear and I were feeling tired but happy

After checking in, all of us went in search for some food to fill our stomachs and we found this chinese restaurant selling tim sum.

Some of the tim sum we ordered

After some tim sum, we adjourned to the noodle house next to the restaurant and had second round of breakfast =p Eh well, the cooling weather makes people gets hungry easily mah.

Lovely views of Genting in the morning

My dear dear and his colleague, Thomas, took a pic at the hotel lobby

Me and my beloved dear dear

After checking out the casino and a few games, some stayed on to gamble while me, my dear dear and Thomas went to the Outdoor Theme Park.

After taking the go-kart rides, we saw this which I have tried before 4 years ago. Having a slight fear in heights, the two adventurous guys went ahead to try this free-fall ride without me.

Eh I saw the two of them dunno discussed simi while waiting in the queue for their turn. Keke.. So I started snapping the comical sight of them =D

An up-close snapshots of them =P

The heavy fog slowly covered the top of the tower. I am sure those people up there on the ride sure can't see anything except the fog

Finally it's their turn to take the ride =)

Up they went and back! They seemed to love it and showed me a thumbs up sign

Next was the roller-coaster ride named Cockscrew

After the rides at the theme park, we went for our lunch at this Japanese restaurant.

Some of the sushi we ordered and not forgetting the must-have chawanmushi.

Everybody enjoyed the food very much and it was really cheap. 6 of us and the bill only came up to RM300 leh.

After the hearty lunch, it was free and easy for all of us. Some went for shopping, some went to the casino and some went back to their room to rest. Walked pass the Watsons at our hotel and saw them selling Kate products which used to be available in S'pore. Not wanting to miss the chance, I bought a loose powder and a mascara at a discount =) I is lucky de lor.

A few hours later, it's time for dinner le and we decided to have it at Kenny Roger. The guys were tired but still got energy to pose for photos.

Our sumptuous dinner at Kenny Roger. After that, we adjourned to Starbucks for coffee and cakes somemore lor. We really eat and eat and eat but that's what holidays are supposed to be, right? =) Actually, we went to Starbucks to pass time while waiting to watch the movie, Diehard 4.0.

While waiting to go into the theatre, these two guys saw the Transformers poster and started to go into posing mode lor -_-''''

Since I can't stop them, I join them =D

Diehard 4.0 is a great action-packed movie which I recommend to all of you. The movie ended at about 4am plus and by then, all of us were looking like zombies liao. Hahaha... So we went back to our respective rooms and rest for the night.

Next morning, we woke up early to have brunch and do some last minute shopping before we check out and wait for our coach.

Goodbye Genting....

Dear dear, thanks for bringing baby to this Genting trip and was a much-needed one for both of us to relax. Baby totally enjoyed herself and hope you enjoyed too. Thanks for pampering me. Love you loads! Muacks!

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