A pHoNe CaLL aWaY

It's been like 2 weeks since I last heard from my dear friend, Apple. No sms and calls from her. Strange lor. Because she used to call me everyday and share with me her happenings. Haha... How come suddenly no sound no picture(Boh Sia Boh Seet in English)from her? Anyway, I called her just now. The conversation started like this:

Apple:"Good afternoon, who's that on the line."
Me: * -_-''' Sweat in the background* Hi good afternoon. This is Miko speaking."
Apple: *In an super duper excited tone* Hey Yo Miko! How are you?"

I zitao sweat until no sweat to sweat lor. So I asked her where she disappear to. How come no sound no picture from her? She said :"Yah lor. Very busy leh. Thought I die liao ah?" Wah liew. It's not funny at all lor. *Touchwood*

Well, although work and other commitments have kept you busy. But keeping in touch with your beloved friends are just a phone call away. If just now I didn't call Apple, I also dunno she fell down and injured herself at home lor. So kelian lor. But she have her Mr Ng to take care of her. So I no need to worry so much. Keke.

If you have lost touch with some of your friends because you are too busy and have no time, its about time you start calling them now. No matter how busy you are, I am sure you will be able to spare some time to call de.

Cheers to Friendship!!!

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At 5:40 PM on Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i LoVe tO PaMpEr MySeLf

As usual, I always look forward to Fridays because the next 2 days are weekends. Alright~ I know I am saying the obvious. But whatever the case, it's always a day where most people would let down their hair and enjoy the coming weekends.

So yesterday, my dear dear brought me to Sketches at Bugis for dinner. Both of us are pasta-lovers mah. At Sketches, we can design our own pasta. I used to go one of their outlet near UE Square whereby they have a Design-It-Yourself pizza. Not bad too. For the pasta, they have 2 different serving sizes. A hungry serving size or a starving serving size. Quite idea hor. The following photos might make you drool a far bit if you have not taken your meals. View at your own risk hor.

Nice garlic bread

Yummylicious tomato soup

My dear dear's Design-It-Yourself pasta. He named is Desmorado

My Design-It-Yourself pasta. I named it Miko =p

My beloved dear dear waiting eagerly for his self-designed pasta

Me feeling happy and pretty on a nice Friday =)

This morning, I met my sister at Compass Point for our pampering session. We made an appointment to pamper our nails. Having been so busy with work, going for manicures and pedicures are one of the ways of relaxing. Both of us did an express manicure and a spa pedicure. Heavenly~ Especially when we were sitting on massage chairs while the manicurists were doing our nails.

This is my manicurist. Very nice and patient.

She's applying the nail colour she chose for me

My sister relaxing herself on the massage chair while reading a magazine.

My beautifully manicured nails. I did acrylic nails and nail-arts for my 2 big toes. I so love it!

After doing our nails, my sister and I went to meet our ex-colleague. She brought her son along too. So cute!

He's hungry wor.

Oops! He knew I was taking his photo but too late to pose.

He started to entertain himself by acting he's talking to his uncle on the phone using his hand

He didn't bother about us and continued self-entertaining himself -_-''' 2 yrs old only lor~

Another way of relaxing is shopping! Below are the damages I have done for the week. But I felt so happy, relaxed and of course pampered =)

Shoes spree at Charles & Keith ;)

A Turquoise bag for office use

Off-shoulder top from Mphosis

Small trendy jacket from Little Match Girl

Culottes from Little Match Girl

Pretty pink lingerie set from Pierre Cardin

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At 10:53 PM on Saturday, May 20, 2006

BuSy LoR~

Should I say I am as busy as a bee? Hmmm... I think besides being busy with work, there isn't much interesting thing happening in my life for the past week. Besides going for a manicure session with my sister and going to Devilsbar last Thursday with my dear dear and his colleagues, the long weekend was having our very own movies session at my dear dear's house. In total, we finished like 5-6 DVDs in addition to those showing on TV. Anyway, after this post I also don't know when I can update the blog again.

Alot of things coming up these few months. I have to prepare and coordinate an upcoming workshop cum conference for my department. There's another conference which most likely be held in Delhi will also be handled by me. My boss is going away for his business trips and booking of his flights is giving me headaches because his schedule is packed like sardines and he's still squeezing in more overseas meetings. Two of my colleagues will be going to Bangkok for 2 weeks' training and I have to prepare their training materials by this Wednesday. My TP test is nearing and I have got to go for more driving lessons. So many things to do but so little time. Although I am very busy with work, but I enjoy it because I get to learn alot of things. It's just that when it comes to things that I have not done before but need to complete in a short time, I will feel stressed up lor.

Ok ba. I don't bore you all with my work liao. Me gonna do my mask and sleep early tonight. Oyasumi~

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At 10:12 PM on Monday, May 15, 2006

tHiNgS cAn bE eAsiEr

After reading a few blogs, I realised that certain things can be prevented, but there are some that can't. It's never easy to please everybody. The worst thing is the problem might lies with just one person trying to mess things up. Why can't things be simpler abit? Why wanna get all the attention from everybody? It's really maddening at times when for no whatsoever reason, things get complicated. I am someone who don't like to bother so much. I don't give a damn what people wanna think or say about me. But for heaven's sake, don't hurt those beloved people around me. I cherished those who cherished me. As for those who try very hard to squeeze their way in, I am sorry to say this but it's useless. Get out of my life and don't ever come back. I am really not interested to entertain any nonsense any further. It has exceeded my patience and tolerance. Enough is enough!

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At 5:25 PM on Sunday, May 07, 2006

mY nEwFoUnD FaV

Met up with Dennis, Alicia and Max for dinner last night. Another sinful but nice dinner again. Haha... Well, we ordered chilli crabs, black pepper crabs, fried kang kong, "haypoh", stingray and my newfound favourite frogs legs porridge. It's really so nice lor~ Until now I am still craving for the smooth white porridge and the sauce. Heavenly~ Anyway, today is my birthday and I have received several birthday wishes via sms last night. One year older liao lor. Tonight will be celebrating with my beloved parents and siblings =) Happy birthday to ME!

The whole table was filled with yummylicious food, especially the frog legs porridge

My birthday gift from Alicia & Dennis. I like it lots! Thanks =)

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At 8:37 AM on Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DiNnEr aT bRaZiL

My beloved dear dear brought me to this brazillian restaurant last night for a meaty dinner. Keke... Why I say it's a meaty dinner because they served different types of meat there lor. My dear dear know I am a meat-lover, that's why he brought me there for dinner. It's a nice place but unfortunately it was ruined by a group of uncivilized people who laughed so loud as though they own the restaurant lor. After the hearty dinner, both my dear dear and I went down to Orchard to do some window-shopping and at the same time to digest the meat in our stomachs. Hehe... Met up with my two darlings too. Although all of them were very tired after a day's tour at Jurong Bird Park, but they still came down to Orchard for drinks and chit-chats. Below are the photos we took last night. Enjoy and nitez!

We are at Brazil!

Some cheesy type of bread balls. Very nice~

Some sauces for the meat

A very nice cooler I ordered for myself - a mixture of lime and mango juice

I was busy attacking the different types of meat on my plate

My dear dear's plate also got lots of meat wor

Yummy dessert was left for the last

Met up with my 2 beloved darlings after the dinner. They were in sports attire because they went to Jurong Bird Park in the morning

The 3 lovely guys of our lives *wink*

Me and my beloved dear dear

Me and Noelle darling

Me and Apple darling

A nice photo to end the lovely night

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At 11:39 PM on Monday, May 01, 2006