dRuG aLLeRgY

It's finally Friday but I am not in the least happy leh. I am at home nursing my swollen eyes which was caused by drug allergy. So sianz. Anyway, below are some damn hilarious video clips to share with all of you. Have a good laugh and enjoy your weekends!

~*-Part 1-

~*-Part 2-

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At 10:38 AM on Friday, September 29, 2006

2Nd aTtEmPt fAiLeD

Dear reader Ken, firstly thanks for dropping by my blog and contributing comments to my tagboard. It must have spent you some time to read my posts and also thinking of what to leave in my tagboard. *smile*

I am not ashamed to admit the fact that I have failed my TP test again. Since I dare to blog about going for my 2nd attempt, I would definitely announce the result too. Thanks for being so concern whether I get my driving license or not. *smile*

Anyway, I have failed my second attempt of my driving test. Although I failed, but I am not sad because the points are much lower than the first time. Because of me being too ganjiong and turned left after seeing the amber light, 8 points were deducted. Urgh! 8 points alot wor. The tester was very nice. Although he's famous for failing people(my instructor told me de), but that day he was especially nice. He told me to practise more and not be afraid to drive abit faster. Keke... I will definitely keep that in mind de.

When I smsed my boss, he replied: "No worries. Cars are expensive anyway. And 3 is a good number..." So nice of my boss =)

Well, It's been a busy week for me. Not only I have my driving test on Thursday, I have been busy packing my bedroom for house moving. There were so many things to pack into cartons. My books, my magazines, my clothes, my photo albums and lots more. Damn tedious lor. This morning went over to my new house to do the unpacking. That explains why now then I have the time to update my blog lor. Moving house is really not easy sial.

Went dinner with Dennis and Alicia just now. They recommended a place where they sell porridge steamboat buffet at Ang Mo Kio. After I am done with the unpacking, me and my dear dear went to meet them. We had both types of steamboat buffet for dinner just now. See photos below ba.

My tired dear dear woke up early today to help me with the house moving

Steamboat buffet - Tom Yum and Chicken soup base

Porridge Steamboat - Same as normal steamboat but instead of soup base, they are using porridge. Nice!

They even have free potong ice-cream for their customers wor. Nice! Nice!

Chanced upon this watch ad in the Cleo magazine. Nice hor? Me gonna check out the price for this. Heehee... *Rubbing my hands gleefully*

Ok lah. I shall stop for now. Whole body aching after doing a day of unpacking and moving. Oyasuminasai~ Muacks!

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At 11:20 PM on Saturday, September 23, 2006

GoRgEoUs iS tHe bEsT!

Miko is a happy girl now because her bad haircut have been saved by her previous hairstylist at Gorgeous Salon.

She just need to give me a trim and in 20 mins, I got myself a brand new look! I was so happy after the haircut and so relieved she could actually do something to my ugly haircut. Well, that goes to show how pro and experienced she is. I think I am not gonna try other hairstylists in future le. Not because I don't trust other hairstylists but I have more faith with my current hairstylist who knows what suits me best.

Thursday is my TP test again. It's my 2nd attempt le. Have been practising more than usual to prepare myself for the test. May everything goes on smoothly for me on Thursday. Hope it's gonna be good news this time round. Wish me all the best!

Taadah!!! My new haircut and hair colour =)

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At 9:29 PM on Tuesday, September 19, 2006

bAd & UgLy hAiRcUt

Went for a haircut with an excited mood.

Looking forward to a new haircut.

Looking forward to a brand new look.

Looking forward to a new hairstylist.

But too much anticipation leads to great disappointment.

Took 2 months for my hair to grow beyond my shoulder.

But after 20 mins, I didn't see a brand new look.

Is it my hair or the hairstylist?

I do not know.

But I am in a freaking bad mood now.

Because my hair looks so awful that I don't wanna look myself into the mirror.

The look of myself in the mirror makes me cry.

Have decided to go back to my usual hairstylist tomorrow.

I hope she can save my bad & ugly hair.

Bless me...

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At 11:48 PM on Friday, September 15, 2006

ScArLeT HoTeL sO NiCe!

Last Friday, my 2 colleagues and I went to Scarlet Hotel for a little tour. Being the company's recreation committee members, my colleagues and I have to plan for the annual D&D. We have shortlisted Scarlet Hotel to be one of the venues for the annual company's dinner. The Sales Manager showed us all the different themed suites and we were really impressed. She even suggested to us to have our Hens' Night in one of the suites. Very idea sial! Being a boutique hotel, not only the rooms are beautifully decorated and well-furnished, their service is very good too. Below are some photos we took when we were there.

Me and my colleague, Linda

They have very beautiful suites

Outdoor jacuzzi for hotel guests

Outdoor jacuzzi for Passion Suite

Bathroom for Passion Suite

Another suite but I forgot what theme liao

Lunch at Scarlet Hotel. Their menus comes in 2 different covers, female and male de. And the names are quite special. For example, Appetizers are called Foreplay and Chef's recommendations are called G-spot. Wooo....~

After work on Friday, I met up with my secondary school friends for dinner. It's actually to celebrate Adeline's belated birthday. Craving for pasta, I suggested having dinner at Sketchers in Bugis. After a hearty and satisfied dinner, we adjourned to Boat Quay for drinks and chit-chats. Though it's only 3 of us but we had fun. Below are some photos we taken that night.

Adeline, belated birthday girl and her self designed pasta

Me and Winnie

Me and Adeline

My two cute cute de sec sch friends =)

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At 9:56 PM on Monday, September 11, 2006

nO bLoGGiNg LoR

Very long didn't blog liao wor. Last time when I have free time in the office, I will update my blog. But now cannot liao sial. Because my company's stupid service provider advised them to block those internet sites. Internet service was so damn slow last week. Machiam using dial-up like tat lor. When my company feedback to the service provider, they zitao said it's because too many users are using web-chats or blogging. They didn't even bother to check what's the actual cause lor. Anyway, now means no blogging in the office. Sianz...

Didn't blog as much lately because as usual I have been busy with work. Today had a meeting with my boss and he want me to be the organiser and coordinator for the coming IT Conference in Delhi. It's not gonna be easy but I will try my best to make it a successful one. I am sure it's gonna be a considered point for my year-end appraisal. I must work hard!

Tomorrow's my japanese language class again. Haven't do my homework and learn the dictation yet lor. So tired sial. I had better go and do my homework now. Ciao!

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At 9:53 PM on Wednesday, September 06, 2006