MeEt mY fLoWeRpOd fOrUm fRiEnD

Just now went online to check my exam results for the two modules I took 2 months ago and I can say I am so pleased with my grades. I got Grade B for my Business English and Grade A for my Quantitative Maths. The late nights and burning of midnight oil are all worth it! Now I am so gonna study even harder for the next 2 modules, Financial Accounting and Economics. Exams are coming again in about 1 month's time.

As my dear dear will be having his exams around the same time as me, he said we should go for a short holiday to relax ourselves first. So last Friday he went to book a Genting trip for us and some of his colleagues. He said its a little treat from him to thank me for bringing him to watch wrestling next month. Heez... So very sweet of him =) After our exams, he will be bringing me along to his company's trip which is gonna be a cruise. I have never been to a cruise before and I am so looking forward to it.

Last Friday, I went to meet this friend of mine whom I got to know from this beauty forum, Flowerpod, which I used to visit often. 3 years ago, she left for Australia to further her studies but we still keep in touch via MSN. Last week, she emailed me saying she will be coming to S'pore for holiday. So after a few email exchanges, we decided to meet up for dinner and some catching up. Although it was a small group and also a pity as the rest like Elaine and Noelle couldn't make it to join us, but we still enjoyed ourselves that night. So very sweet of her to buy some chocolates for us.


Sign Off With Lotsa Hugs & Kisses
At 9:04 PM on Monday, June 25, 2007