gHiM MoH-iAnS

Last saturday, I went back to my secondary school for the first time after my gradution 8 years ago. The reason why I went back was to have the last look of the school where I studied for 4 years. Ghim Moh Secondary School will be moving out of it's premises to merge with Jin Tai Secondary School and yesterday was a farewell party for ex-students of GMSS.

When I went back, there were several teachers who used to teach me are still teaching in GMSS. Most of them will be moving over to the new school to continue teaching too. Photos of every year's orientations and school activities can be seen as I walked along the corridors. Fond memories of my 4 years in the school slowly appeared in my mind. I went to the classrooms where I used to have my lessons, wanting to take a seat where I used to sit. But too bad, all the chairs and tables had already been removed.

After walking down the memory lane around the school, it's time to assemble at the assembly area to sing for the last time - the school song. It's weird how everybody started to sing when the music started playing because when we were still students, we just refused to open our mouths to sing the school song. Haha... After the school song, everybody took a group photo to end the farewell party.

I am really glad that I went back for the farewell party. I am also proud to be a student of Ghim Moh Secondary School. And I will always remember our school's motto, Strive and Persevere.

My secondary school and my beloved teachers

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At 6:30 PM on Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CaSiNo RoYaLe

Went The Cathay on Friday with my dear dear to watch Casino Royale. This movie starring the new James Bond really buay pai wor. I so love the blue blue eyes of the new James Bond. Ji charming yi sia =) It's a 2 hr plus show so by the time it ended, my knees nearly couldn't straighthen lor.

By the way, if you would like to have a pink X'mas instead of a white X'mas this year, go to The Cathay ba. Keke... They have a big christmas tree in pink at their entrance. Beautiful~

Me having Teriyaki Chicken Bowl for dinner before going for the movie

My dear dear had a bowl of Oyster Mee Sua while waiting for his Unagi Bowl.

My new toy which I got recently - Canon Selphy Photo Printer. I am gonna print out all the lovely photos I have taken and compile them into albums =)

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At 11:25 PM on Saturday, November 25, 2006

hArDwOrKiNg & HaPpY MiKoKo

Yo people! Here comes the photos which I couldn't upload for the past few days. Or weeks? Anyway, enjoy the photos I have uploaded ba. Not alot but at least can refresh your memory of how I look now just in case you have forgotten *wink*

There's no lesson tomorrow but gonna meet my project mates for project discussion tomorrow after work. After discussion, it will be shopping time! Hurray =) Although I am saving up to get a notebook, but I still can indulge abit and do some shopping to pamper myself. Nice~~~

I had better go and prepare the project materials now. Being busy is really good and I am beginning to love it. Woohoo!!!

My sister is taking the same course as me. Cool isn't it? *wink*

My lecturer asking the class for volunteers to be class reps. Keke... No one moved an inch lor =p

My textbook and writing pad to do my calculations =) Well-prepared leh.

Studious me in specs

My new hair colour to complement my new tanned complexion

Took this photo when we went to Vivocity's Toys'r'us last week. Cute isn't it? I love the child-like side of him *blushed*

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At 10:19 PM on Monday, November 20, 2006

wOrK aNd sTuDiEs

Dear all, I know it's pretty disappointing for some of you to come in my blog and still seeing the latest update of my Phuket trip. Sorry wor because I just started my diploma course and trying to juggle my time between work and studies.

Will be having lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work, by the time I reach home the only thing I wanna do is have a good bath and a good sleep. Though tiring but I am enjoying every single minute. It's really nice to be back in school. So far no stress lah but I am very sure I will be able to cope de. Always looking forward to my lessons, make sure I do my homework properly and start preparing for my project.

Been trying to upload some photos using Hello but cannot leh. Dunno what happen sial. Do bear with me for the next few weeks for the late updates with no photos. Will be getting myself a notebook very soon =) In the meantime, do check out Noelle or Apple's blog for the photos we have taken tonight when we met up for dinner ba. I just had a new hair colour to complement the nice tan I had. *Time check* Ok people, I got to go and have my beauty sleep liao. Need to attend class tomorrow. Take care and remember to miss me orh =D *wink* Oyasuminasai~

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At 11:25 PM on Wednesday, November 15, 2006

dAy 3 & 4 iN pHuKeT

On our way in the van to the harbour. Drank till 1am the night before, slept at 3am and woke up at 6am to prepare ourselves for the phi phi island tour. See the shagged faces?

Time to set off to phi phi island

Me & Linda on the ferry

A new Australian friend we made on the ferry

Both of us enjoying the sea breeze and the sunshine

Beautiful sceneries captured during the 2 hours long ferry ride

Still enjoying the sea breeze with beautiful sceneries passing behind us

Reaching phi phi island liao....

All these are for snorkelling and diving users de

Time to snorkel!!! It's pretty difficult in the beginning because we kept using the nose instead of the mouth to breathe. Dunno drank how many mouthfuls of the salty seawater lor. But it's worth it because we saw alot of nice lovely fishes and corals. So beautiful...

After snorkelling, we went for our lunch.

After our lunch, we explored the place and came to know that they are rebuilding the village as they were also affected by the tsunami.

Linda relaxing before going for a dip in the water

Lovely beach at phi phi island

I was already very far away from the shore but the water is still so shallow lor. Can lie down somemore. Shiok!

Saw this golden retriever having a good time in the water while his owners were at the other end enjoying too.

The water is so clear

A lovely picture I took. Linda looking out to the sea.

The rocks got sea shelves de wor

We went back to Patong beach for jet-ski on our last day in Phuket. It was a very fun water sport.

We so love water sports and totally enjoyed ourselves in Phuket

After jet-ski and abit of suntanning, we decided to head to MacDonalds for a quick lunch before we went back to our hotel and get prepared to go for a much-needed massage.

On the way for massage liao!

The room where I did my oil massage. It's heavenly man~ Before I did my oil massage, I had an hour's of Thai massage. Woohoo~ Sibeh shiok lor...

Took a picture with the receptionist after my massage.

Lastly, a last photo with my tour guide outside the hotel before we left for the airport.

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At 12:43 PM on Saturday, November 04, 2006