These 2 days have been medicine, sleep, more medicine and more sleep. Really fallen sick lor. Went to see a doctor yesterday and was diagnosed to be down with stomach flu. A lot of food cannot eat lor. Must drink more water and take the medicine on time. All the medicine given to me mostly will cause drowsiness. Got a very bad headache in addition to the aching body. Haiz... Anyway, my 2 days of MC are over and got to go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully I will recover fully by tomorrow. Ok lah... It's time to take medicine liao. Wait for the drowsiness to kick in and off to dreamland le. Tomorrow's Devils Bitches gathering have been postponed to Friday le. Will be looking forward to meeting the girls then. Nitez...

By the way, anybody with a good remedy in curing dark eye rings please email me hor. My dark eye rings are getting worse. My sister even said it might be due to my liver or kidneys being unhealthy that caused my dark eye rings to be darker. Maybe I should go for a full body check-up real soon...

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At 9:49 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

fRiEnDsHiP = AtTeNdAnCe?

"Now I think is only DB4 plus 1/2 plus 1/2 already...." (Extracted from Apple's blog)
One of the 1/2 is me, myself and I. Having absent myself for several gatherings with the Devils Bitches, I am now known as 1/2 of the member. Another 1/2 is Esther darling. Esther darling, you have accompany le. Both of us adds up to 1 =).

Of course I enjoyed hanging out with them. We share joys, laughters, sorrows and tears. That's how we build up our friendship. All of us hold different jobs, have different personalities, think differently and possess different styles. But when we come together, we talked of everything we could think of. Strange isn't it? I do treasure this friendship I have with these darlings but it doesn't mean I love them lesser just because I couldnt make it for any of the gatherings. It applies the same to some of them when they couldn't make it for the gatherings at times. Having gone through so much together, I believe our strong bonds could withstand anything. Every Thursday is still our Devils Bitches gathering. It's still the day we meet up for dinner, gossips, jokes, serious talks etc. It doesn't matter how many of us turn up. What matters most is those who turn up had fun.

I am recuperating well and will be looking forward to meeting you girls this Thursday. Muacks!

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At 11:12 AM on Monday, August 29, 2005

a ShOrT uPdAtE

The giddy spells which I experienced for the past few days are getting milder and I am thankful for that. Health is very important therefore must take great care when young. Well, I will just roughly update what I have done during the weekends. There won't be photos of me at the moment because of my very bad hair days. If you read Apple's blog, I tagged along when they went to colour their hair last Monday at a beauty training school. I still remember Apple saying I looked like E.T. with all the aluminium foils on my head(doing highlights mah~)in her blog. Well, the trainee who did my highlights for me was an auntie. The rest you all go and figure out yourself ba. Apparantly, I went to get a DIY kit and re-dyed my hair 2 days later. The colour I bought was dark brown. After applying the hair dye, I went to do my steambath. Shit happens lor. I allowed the hair dye to stay too long on my hair and the result was a near-to-black hair. Thankyouverymuch. With a disastrous hair colour plus my dry peeling skin, do you think I still got the mood to take photos? *shake head* Back to my weekend update, I went to watch The Maid with my dear dear on Friday. No comments on this movie. Saturday brought my dear dear to have his hair cut at my hairstylist's place. After his haircut, we went window-shopping and bought something to eat. With nothing in mind to buy, it's like shopping aimlessly. Sunday was a day of lazing in bed. Nothing much. I shall end my update here. Time to work now. May all of you have a great start of the week.

My dear dear's new haircut. I love it!

Bought beard papa's cream puffs for my dear dear

He bought takopachi and sushi for me

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At 8:54 AM on


I hasn't been feeling well lately. I gets tired very easily. Gets occasional giddy spells. Lost my appetite too. Had a check-up some time ago and was told by the doctor that my blood pressure is low. That's not good news though. Must be the low blood pressure that causes me to feel giddy. I am worried. I worry I will faint outside when I am alone. Such things do happen before when I was younger. The feeling was terrible and scary. This morning when I was on my way to work, the giddy spells start again. The signs are not good. Got to see a doctor later. I need rest. Lots of rest. I am not going anywhere except to my bed. So please pardon me for there won't be any updates in my blog next few days until I am much better. Before I end, I would like to apologise to Apple as I can't be there to support her tonight at Thumpers for the Race Queen Contest. Darling~ all the best in the contest tonight. Secondly, I would like to apologise to DB6 darlings that I will not be joining tomorrow's weekly gathering. I really don't feel well and just wanna be home with my family. Hope you all will understand. Lastly, I wanna apologise to my dear dear that baby won't be able to be his audience to see him play game for the next few days.

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At 9:04 AM on Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BeAuTy cOsTs MoNeY

Women always got a lot of things to trouble about especially when it comes to beauty. The common concerns are usually weight gain, breakouts and bad hair days. There's no woman who are really satisfied with their figure. Women always feel they are fat. Because slim means pretty. But must be how slim then pretty wor. I think the answer is up to individuals. Not only must be slim, a good complexion is also important. We simply can't stand seeing a pimple popping up or clogged pores on our faces. So we will spend money going for facial treatments and buying facial products to achieve nice nice skin. Having good figure and good complexion also not enough de hor. Must have nice nice hair also. We will get a good haircut and nice hair colour. All these requires money. That's why I always tell Apple darling we must set up a beauty fund. Kekeke... No money then cannot be mei mei wor~ Being pretty will boost every woman's confidence. Am I right? But if you are blessed with good figure, good complexion and nice hair texture(dunno got such people or not hor), then good for you. Because I don't have such blessings. I got to watch my diet because I put on weight easily. I got to go for facial treatments to remove the many clogged pores on my face. I got to go for regular haircuts to maintain my short hair because short hair suits me better. All these needs money lor~ But wanna be mei mei wor.. wat to do. Women~~~~~~

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At 9:03 AM on Monday, August 22, 2005

DiM sUm DoLLiEs

Well, the surprise I gave my dear dear yesterday was bringing him to watch the Dim Sum Dollies held at the Esplanade aka Liu Lian. I missed the musical last year so decided to catch them this time around. It was really a great experience as this is the first time I have been to a musical show. Dim Sum Dollies was really a very nice show. For those who have watched it will understand how hilarious the musical was le. My dear dear enjoyed himself very much too. I am so glad that he did because the arrangement was made just for him de.

Me at my dear dear's house after the date. Very tired but happy

Woke up early this morning to watch the repeat telecast of the Superstars show. After watching the show, had some maggi mee for lunch, see my dear dear play his favourite PS2 game, we decided to go out. My dear dear asked me where I wanna go, he will bring me go. I have no idea where to go also. So I replied :"Just bring me to somewhere we have not gone before de." In my mind, I was thinking of IMM or Jurong Point but sibeh far leh. We will usually go town or Tampines mah. We seldom will go so far until Jurong de. Without any places in mind, we still set off. Seeing unfamiliar roads, I asked my dear dear where he is bringing me. He said IMM. Sial la, we got telepathy lor. I didn't tell him the places I have in mind and he just brought me there himself. I dunno how many donkey years didn't go IMM liao. Went to Daiso to see see look look. Saw a lot of renovation companies (eh, we still don't require their services yet) and a lot of bridal shops (eh, we also don't need their services yet too). There isn't much to shop there lor. After walking around for about 2 hours plus, we decided to find a place for our dinner.

Me and my dinner - Grilled Salmon

Dear dear and his dinner - Teriyaki Chicken Set

After dinner, We went Jurong Point to window-shop. After shopping and seeing the time still early, I decided to pop by my uncle's newly opened bakery shop at Jurong East. Also to look for my mum who is helping out there. For those who stay around the Jurong area or by any chance were there for shopping, do drop by and try the bread at my uncle's shop. Price is reasonable and lots of varieties. The location of the shop is opposite Jurong East Mrt Station. It's somewhere behind the NTUC supermarket.

The name of the shop is Bread King

That's all for my update. Got to bring the newly bought bedsheet and quilt cover for washing le. Just bought them for my dear dear and myself last week.

New bedsheet & quilt cover

Nice nice wor~

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At 11:55 AM on Saturday, August 20, 2005

A dAtE WiTh mY DeAr dEaR

Before I start, I would like to apologise to the DB6 darlings for not turning up Noelle's wedding gown fitting yesterday. Was asked to go for a dinner with my parents and some relatives who came visiting from Malaysia. So I have no choice but to attend the dinner with them. I am sure the DB6 darlings enjoyed themselves last night from the photos posted in Apple darling's blog.

It's been some time since I go on a date with my dear dear le. It's not as though we have not gone out for the past few weeks. But as time goes by in a relationship, you will find that going out for movies or dinners are no longer considered dates. I am not saying I am bored going out with my dear dear. He makes a good companion wherever we go, whatever we do. I definitely enjoyed myself when I am out with him. In order to further spice up our relationship and relish the dating feeling, I have planned a surprise for my dear dear. I told him last week to keep Friday which is today available for me because we will be going for a date. Up till now, he still do not know what I am up to and what I have planned. Maybe to some of you, might feel that there's no big deal on the plans I have made. Maybe to some of you, it's something very normal. Maybe to some of you, might feel it's silly to do that. Maybe to some of you, might feel it should be a guy's duty to arrange and plan. But to me, I am happy doing the planning. I am doing my part to further improve the couplehood. I love to give surprises. I love to see my dear dear happy. When he is happy, I feel happy too. I am so looking forward to the date tonight. So is he.

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At 3:12 PM on Friday, August 19, 2005

pRaYeRs fOr tHe LaDiEs

Received this email from a friend and find it very interesting. So here I am sharing with all of you the prayers for the ladies. And yes, you didn't see wrongly. These prayers are meant solely and specially for the ladies. The men just don't get it =)

Dear Lord, I pray for :
Wisdom, to understand a man
Love, to forgive him
Patience, for his moods
Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength
I'll just beat him to death

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At 10:02 AM on Thursday, August 18, 2005

aUsPiCiOuS CiGaReTTeS?

Cigarettes for your guests who attend your wedding? Well, not too sure whether its a great idea though. But it's quite special wor~ The packaging is in gold colour and auspicious wordings are printed on it. By the way, these are real cigarettes. They were shown to me by my sales supervisor. I think it's for sale in the market right now. Just find it's kinda cute to see such packaging for cigarettes. =)



*Not intended for advertisement*

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At 9:11 AM on Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i LoVe PiZzAs

Still remember the cartoon "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"? It consists of 4 turtles and 1 rat. The 4 turtles namely are Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael. The rat is their sensei named Splinter. Please don't be mistaken that my update today is on Ninja Turtles. I can never remember what powers or skills the turtles have but the one thing that I vividly remember is the food they eat in the cartoon. I always find it strange watching the turtles eat pizzas when I was young. I wondered how come turtles love pizzas so much. Tot they eat veggies only? Eh well, that time still young so think that way mah~ I myself love to eat pizzas, especially those my mummy made de. That's why whenever I had pizzas, I will think of the Ninja Turtles. Had cravings for pizzas for quite some time but my mummy was busy. No home-made pizzas to satisfy my cravings. So without any other choice, I persuaded and dragged my dear dear to Pizza Hut with me last night. We had the new Cheesy stuffed crust pizza for dinner last night. Not too bad but its a bit too cheesy. Anyway, what's more important is my cravings are satisfied. *Happy* Pizzas can make me happy for 3 days wor. When I eat food that I like, it makes me happy. I don't even mind having plain porridge for the next few days. Keke... Okok.. I better stop talking about food le. Let's talk about movies. Went to watch Land of the Dead with my dear dear at Bugis on Saturday. Quite similar to Dawn of the Dead and Resident Evil but sibeh gross lor. For those who haven't watch it, can watch it during weekdays. More wuhua mah~ =)

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At 10:52 AM on Monday, August 15, 2005

bLaCk & ReD NiGhT

Well, I am sure the photos below will show you people how much I enjoyed myself last night. It's just so nice to meet up with friends you have not met for a long time. It's just so nice that whatever happens, you have a group of friends who will be by your side. It's not easy nor difficult to maintain friendships. Just got to make sure every now and then, keep in touch with ur friends, ask them out for coffee or at least send a sms to send them your regards. A little msg goes a long way. It's important to cherish the friendship. It's by chance you know each other but its by choice whether you wanna keep this friendship going or not. As for me, I cherish my friends alot and I never would wanna lose them. By the way, the topic for my update today is due to the unplanned theme colour last night at Devilsbar. Apparantly, most of us were either in black or red top. Just take a closer look at the photos below and you will know why le. Enjoy!

Met up with my sec schmates at PS Cafe Cartel. Was given the seats at Table 82 lor. Well, 3 of us were borned in the year 1982. So qiao wor~

This is Adeline, the birthday girl. See she so happy.

The one on the left is Winnie. Both of them were my best of friends in secondary school. How time flies man~

The 3 of us ordered different main courses and share. This is what I ordered – Fish & Chips

Me and Winnie at Devilsbar. Kerna dragged there by me. Keke...

Me and Adeline. Birthday girl wor. So must make her drink a bit mah~

Three of us were in black tops whereas Ju and Esther were in red tops. Not planned de lor...

Me and Apple darling with our big beautiful eyes =)

Me and Simon. So happy to see him cos really very long didn't see him at Devilsbar le.

Me and Clyde. Came down and told me he's going to Club Momo after Devilsbar. Sial la... Cannot be pan tu de..

Me and Tommy. Also long time didn't see him le. Didn't see him at Devilsbar when we reached there. Apple sms him asking him how come haven't reached yet. Guess what he replied? "Oh ya, I forgot." Thankyouverymuch -_-'''

Me and Jason. He saw my blog that I will be at Devilsbar so he came down too.

These 4 darlings enjoying themselves at the bartop.

Cheers for our friendship!

We are the pretty and beautiful DB6 members =)

5 of us up at the bartop waiting for our favourite song to end the night - The Book Is On The Table...

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At 4:24 PM on Saturday, August 13, 2005

wEeKeNd MoOd

Ji happy yi sia wor~~~ It's Friday again. Though my dear dear won't be by my side tonight as he is mugging for his exams, I am glad that I still have the accompany of my friends. I will be meeting 3 of my secondary school friends for dinner tonight. Well, it's been like years ever since I last seen them. In concidence, tomorrow is one of my sec sch friend's birthday. So we take this chance to celebrate for her tonight. Idea right? After the dinner, I will be heading down to Devilsbar to meet the DB6 members for a while. It's gonna be a night of fun and laughter again. May all of you have a great weekend ahead.

A little gift my manager bought for me from Hong Kong. So sweet right?

This is a souvenir for all participants who went for the Team Building session in Hong Kong. Well, I was given one too. It's exquisitive hor. It's not just a normal wooden box. Guess what's inside?

It's a mini mahjong set. So cute can~

Got "Mi Ji" aka manual one leh. Dun puay puay. This is useful for those who doesn't know how to play mahjong de.

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At 11:12 AM on Friday, August 12, 2005

a WeLL-sPeNt dAy

Went for some retail therapy yesterday after work alone. Well, its always better to go shopping alone especially if you intend to get something. I can take my own sweet time to browse through the clothes. I can take my own sweet time to try out the clothes. I can take my own sweet time to choose what I want to buy. Without any disturbances. Isn't it great? After browsing, selecting and trying out a few outfits, I finally settled with 3 tops and 1 capri pants. Had a thorough wardrobe check a few days ago and realised I have too many gai gai and casual clothes liao. Time to replenish some office wear. That explains why I went shopping yesterday. After the retail therapy, I went straight home exhausted but satisfied. Put my stuff aside, took a bath, had a glass of home-brewed barley to cool myself down, watched Channel U's TV programme on a 19 yr old girl who weighs 34kg and addicted to slimming, wash my dirty laundry, iron my clothes, brush my pearly whites and head to slumberland. A well-spent day indeed~

Click to kill time in the office...Enjoy~

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At 11:06 AM on Thursday, August 11, 2005

aM I iN LoVe AgAin?

Somehow, it felt strange inside me. Something seems to have happen to me that caused me to feel this way. I do not know how to describe how I feel. It's a tingling sensation and it causes my heart to beat so fast that I couldn't breathe. My stomach is full of butterflies and my mind is all about him. It's a feeling that I haven't had for a long time. This time round, the feeling is so intense and I know it's gonna stay for good. I know I have found him. I know he is the one. The one who I wanna spend the rest of my life with. Whether poor or rich, healthy or sick, I just wanna be with him. I wanna wake up every morning and the first person I see is him. I wanna share all my joys and sorrows with him. I wanna hug him to sleep every night. He is all I want. No one can ever replace him in my heart ever. The place in my heart is meant for him. Only him and no one else. I am so truly, madly, deeply in love with him. I have not stopped thinking of him since we parted ways this morning. My heart still skips a beat when I thought of the goodbye kiss he gave me. I think I am falling in love with him. All over again.

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At 3:50 PM on Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WeDnEsDaY LiAo

I am back in office today feeling refreshed. Well, kinda feeling a bit lazy after a long weekend. Keke... Didn't go anywhere for clubbing for the weekend. Accompanied my dear dear to meet his friends at Newsroom Bar on Friday night. Apparantly, there's an event held that night. Not too bad but I don't have any special liking for retro songs lor~ My weekends were basically spent playing the Super Mario game my dear dear bought for me so that I can play using his PSP. Eh, not I old-fashion hor~ I simply love those old Nintendo games like Contra, Super Mario Bros and BomberMan. It's fun wor. While I was playing the PSP, my dear dear was enjoying his own dose of game on his PS2. I would just stopped my game at times and see him play. It's interesting to see him playing his games. Anyway, tomorrow is Thursday aka Meet-the-DB6 sessions but we will be cancelling it. Instead, we gonna meet on Friday at Devilsbar. Well, long time didn't go clubbing with the girls le so somehow or rather, it was decided among the girls. 2 more days to go and it's weekends again. Hurray!!!

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At 11:28 AM on

No ChOiCe LeH

I am back~~ Pai sey ah.. Not I don't wanna update my blog. I don't have any photos with me. Just got some photos from Darling Ju which we took when we met up last Thursday for our weekly gathering. As usual, we had great fun together. Kekeke... I am now typing this post at the comfort of my dear dear's house. My dear dear is in office right now while I am waiting patiently for him to come back and bring me out for dinner. Envy boh? I took a day's off to relac today. Shiok wor... Tomorrow is Singapore's National Day. It is Singapore's 40th birthday. Well, not much plans though. I think most probably will be staying at home and watch the parade. Hmmm... ok lah. I shall stop my update here. Gonna continue watching tv liao. Enjoy the photos ba. Ciao!

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At 12:50 PM on Monday, August 08, 2005

He iS tHe KeEpEr oF mY DrEaMs

He worries when I do not have enough to spend. He worries when I don't feel well. He worries when I don't eat well. He worries when I don't sleep well. He is none other than my dear dear. He cares a lot for me. That's why he gets worried when I'm not by his side. He wants the best for me. He wants me to be happy. He guides me the way of life and teaches me how to be street-smart. He always says I am like a naive little girl because I trust people too easily. In his heart, I am like a little girl who needs protection and he is the one who will shelter me from all harm. To me, he is the man of my life who will shower me with love and care. I am just so glad I have found him. I am just so in love with him...

Keeper Of My Dreams

When you're not here to share my days and nights
My life is so incomplete
For you are my heart, my soul
The ‘oneness’ I had known to seek

Without you I merely exist from day to day
With you I know that I will find
All that I have been searching for
My completeness, my eternal peace of mind

You are the keeper of my dreams
The man who holds my heart in his hands
The one I want to spend my life with
The one with whom I will always stand

Stand beside through thick and thin
Through all that life will throw our way
Knowing that this special love we share
Will guide us, each and every day

This journey was started long ago
Before this time and place
The journey of completeness
As two hearts and souls embrace

Forever is what I want with you
For the search is at an end
Our hearts have found each other
As lovers, as soul-mates, as friends.

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At 10:24 AM on Thursday, August 04, 2005

LiTtLe GiFtS fOr tHe GaLs

I had always wanted to get something for the girls but didn't find anything sweet and nice. After searching and searching, I finally found what I can buy for them le. It's nothing expensive but I do hope they will like it. There isn't any special reason in giving them gifts. Noelle made all of us a pendant. Apple bought us a sweet furry handphone keychain. And I bought them a nice beaded bracelet each. Had wanted to get the same colour for all of us (which most likely I will choose Pink), but it only comes in 1 colour each. *Disappointed* But a smart me thought of a good idea - Choose the girls' favourite colours for the bracelets. We will be meeting tomorrow as usual for our weekly dinner-cum-chit-chat sessions and that's when I will pass them the little gifts. So I hope tomorrow will be full attendance for all 6 of us. Not 5 and a half attendance hor. Before I end my post, I would like to apologise to Darling Ju for not turning up to support her for the Devils Idols. I was down with a very bad migraine and was resting in bed the whole of yesterday. Hope everything goes on smoothly for the competition. Gambatte!

Beaded bracelets for my darlings

Mine is in black

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At 1:17 PM on Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ThE mOnTh oF AuGuSt

4 more months to go and it will be the end of Year 2005 liao. Time really flies without me noticing it. Days, months and years go by just like that. Have you all ever wonder and think back the things you have done and haven't done for the past years? Is there anything you have not accomplish? Have you plan for your future? As for me, I just wanna lead a simple life. As long I have a stable job with a stable income, a healthy body and someone who cares for me, that's sufficient le. For now, I am pleased with what I have. Though we got to strive for the best in life, but being happy is also important. You might feel satisfied with the material things like cars and lots of money in life, but it doesn't necessary makes you a happy person. On the contrary, you can't be happy without money too. Contradicting right? Well, that's life isn't it? Anyway, it's always better to be satisfied with whatever you have. I do not know about all of you but I am someone who is easily contented with simple things. At least I feel much happier this way. I think I better stop preaching here before I bored all of you. Hmmmm.. let me update what I have done for my weekends. Friday nights are no longer nights of clubbing in Devilsbar because got to start saving money. That's why the DB6 (Devils Bitches 6) seldom go Devilsbar for our cheong sessions le. With 2 of them jobless, everything we do or anywhere we go, we will think of cost-savings. Kekek... Cut costs.. cut costs... But we will always try our best to meet at least once a week which is on Thursdays for dinners and chit-chat sessions. We always have so much to talk and share whenever we meet up. Come on, 6 women with 6 mouths, where got enough time for all to talk sial. That explains why it's girls' gathering on Thursdays. Sorry to digress so far, now back to my weekends. Friday night, me and my dear dear had dinner with Dennis and Alicia. Didn't go anywhere after that because both me and my dear dear were tired. Saturday went to get new games for my dear dear's PS2. Then we went to Parkway Parade to do some shopping. Had dinner at Jack's Place and continued shopping after that. Sunday went to Tampines Mall to window-shop and have dinner. That's basically how I spent my weekends. Nothing much though but it's relaxing. Ok lah... I am done with my update for today. Got to finish up my work now. Will be a busy day for me today and tomorrow because all my colleagues and bosses will be leaving for Hong Kong this Wednesday. I am really looking forward to it because I will be alone in the office. *wink* It's party time! Oops... =)

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At 1:16 PM on Monday, August 01, 2005