LeT's WeLcOmE 2006!

In a few hours' time, we will have to bid year 2005 goodbye and welcome year 2006 le. It's like in a blink of the eyes, another year is over liao. How time really flies... For those who have made their new year resolutions for 2005, have you fulfilled them or are you gonna bring them forward to year 2006 to fulfill? As for me, I have managed to fulfill most of my new year resolutions I have set for year 2005. Well, fulfilling your new year resolutions is like accomplishing something for the year. At least you know you have done something useful for yourself or others. As for my new year resolutions for 2006, it's gonna be different from previous years. There are a few things I am going to accomplish which I have never given second thoughts of attempting them. Firstly, to take up a diploma. I regard myself a slow learner, therefore I dislike studying. But in order to survive in the working world, got to upgrade myself lor. Secondly, to obtain a driving license. I have never thought of learning driving because I feel that I will have difficulty handling something bigger than me. I know that's silly but I think it's due to no confident ba. But with constant encouragement and assurances from my dear dear that I can do it, I decided to give it a try. Lastly, to save more money. Which also means less shopping lor. But what to do wor. The diploma I am going to take up will be wholly paid by me, myself and I. So cannot anyhow spend lor. I dun lor soh liao. Me gonna prepare to go for dinner and countdown with my dear dear and the usual kakis like Dennis and Alicia. May all of you have a great celebration tonight and let's welcome the woof woof year 2006 with open arms! May everything goes on soon soon li li for all of you and best of health in the coming new year!

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At 6:53 PM on Saturday, December 31, 2005

ChRiStMaS WiTh mY DB dArLiNgS

I really enjoyed myself lots with the darlings on Friday when we met up for early celebration of Christmas. I don't say much liao. Take a look at the many photos we took and you will be able to see how much fun we had that Friday night. Lastly, Merry Christmas to all of you and have a joyous holiday!

These are some of the xmas presents to be given out on Friday

Met up with Apple and Noelle in the afternoon at Marina Square after I knocked off from work at 1pm. Met them earlier because office declare half day mah. Shiok! The three of us zitao went shopping for candies & chocolates at Millenia Walk. Took a rest and wait for the rest of the darlings at Long John Silvers. As usual, we took some photos to keep ourselves occupied. *wink*

When the rest of the darlings have reached, we all headed to Marina South for our steamboat dinner. But before we proceed, we had a little gift exchange among ourselves. It was really fun!

Gift exchange time~

All sibeh excited and happy wor

Photo-taking after the gift exchange

Apple darling happily putting car coupons

Noelle darling was caught in action too

After all the photo-taking, we went to fill our hungry stomachs. Having sitted with a table of 5 women, it was really hilarious when someone screamed at the live prawn jumping out of the container. In the end, we all stick to eating frozen dead prawns. -_-'''

Me, Apple, Noelle and Ju kept cooking beef that night. We so love to eat beef!

These are 2 of the chefs who cooked very nice beef - Chef Noelle & Chef Apple

They had a great time cooking and eating too. Our dear Marilyn still asked whether got ice-cream for dessert or not wor.

After eating, we all freshened up and head for some drinking at a pub. As usual, we had loads of fun there. We sang, we drank, we joked, we laughed and we cried. The people at the pub also buay tahan us I think. The 6 of us were practically indulging with the fun in our world.

Our Chairwoman of the Night - Ms Juliana!

Eh, these two hor... role-playing the whole night -_-'''

Hide under the table somemore lor~

All long hair except me =(

Group pictures of us to end the wonderful and memorable night =)
Theme colour of the night : White, Black & Pink (Unplanned)

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At 3:04 PM on Sunday, December 25, 2005

mY BeLoVeD SiStEr'S 22tH BiRtHdAy

Yesterday was my beloved sister's 22th birthday. To celebrate for her, my mum cooked lots of nice food last night. There were curry chicken, fried chicken wings and fried bee hoon. I helped to make pizzas. We even had Cornetto ice-cream for desserts after the hearty dinner. Before I share with you guys the photos taken last night, I would like to wish my dearest sister happy birthday once again and may everything goes on smoothly for her. May she be happy always.

My dear dear posing with his new toy, Gameboy Micro

Notice the difference between the 2 gameboy? The gameboy micro very small hor...

My happy sister and her birthday cake

Make a wish, make a wish...

Time to eat the cake lo~ yum yum...

My cheeky sister & brother

I so love my family

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At 8:23 PM on Wednesday, December 21, 2005

KiNg KoNg rOcKs!

Just came back after watching the movie King Kong with my dear dear. Though it's a 3-hr long show but the good storyline and effects kept me wide-eyed throughout. Out of 5 stars, I rate this movie 4 stars. It's pretty touching. I actually tear several times lor. Sial lar, not because I am a crybaby hor. I am just touched to tears. Anyway, below are the photos taken on Thursday and yesterday. Enjoy the photos! Me gonna take a nice warm bath, do my mask and calculate my damages caused by excessive shopping for the past 2 days. Really couldn't resist myself from shopping wor. Due to the festive season round the corner, you see SALE everywhere. How to resist the temptations you tell me? Hope I still have some more money to spare for Christmas presents after deducting the damages I have done.

Met up with Ju and Esther for lunch on Thursday

Ju and her dessert,Macdonalds ice-cream

Me and Esther

Me and Ju

3 of us before going back to our offices

Met up with the DB darlings on Thursday for our usual gathering

Pretty ladies with nice long hair

Tired de Noelle, Happy de Apple and Cute Little Kelly

Met my dear dear after work on Friday for dinner and shopping

My favourite katsu don with curry

My dear dear's cold ramen

Our side dishes

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At 9:51 PM on Saturday, December 17, 2005

X'mAs LuNcH aT FuLLeRtOn HoTeL

Sial la, been so busy with work lately that I have absolutely no time to update my blog. If got time hor, also got nothing much to update because everyday it's just work, go home, koon, work, go home, koon... Luckily today quite relac. Morning go office clear the outstanding work. Afternoon at about 12.30pm, all the staff in the office head to the Town Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel for our X'mas lunch. Well, don't think Fullerton Hotel means good service and wide variety of food hor. The service is very slow lor. It's a norm to expect crowd during lunchtime, right? So they must make sure the food are replenished before it's empty. Imagine me and my colleague walked 1 round seeing what food they have. Out of 8 dishes, only 3 are available. The rest have not been replenished yet. Their selections already not much and they still took such a long time to replenish the food. You can practically see people walking around several times with their plate still empty. Unbelievable right? Food not enough never mind leh. One of my colleague took some soup and there's no spoon. So he asked the waiter to get him a spoon. That waiter took a freaking 10 mins to get the spoon lor. By the time my colleague managed to drink his soup, it had already turned cold. Sweat until no sweat to sweat I tell you. Their service like that still dare to claim themselves a 6-star hotel ah. Buay tahan man~ That time when we went to Shangri-la hotel for their lunch buffet, lagi more power than this. They have huge varieties of food for you to choose from and their service is superb. Whatever it is, I won't go that restaurant at Fullerton Hotel again. Anyway, I used my handphone to take some pictures of the food I took. You see the portion you will understand why liao. *shake head* After the lunch, we all went back to the office for our X'mas gifts. Every staff will get a $200 gift vouchers either from Tangs, Takashimaya, Isetan or Tangs and a pair of Lanvin watch. Since the vouchers are different and can't choose, my Admin Manager decided to make it like a lucky draw dip. When it's my turn, I got the Takashimaya gift vouchers. Buay pai hor. Ok lah, that's my update for today. Gonna koon liao. Damn tired. Oyasuminasai~

Some sushi & a slice of dory fish fillet

Nasi brani, baked potatos, a thin slice of honey ham and beef

Chocolate logcake and cheesecake

Before I end my post, I have a special message for my dearest prince.

Dear dear, Happy 1 year anniversary =)
Baby love you lots and will treasure every single moment we shared with each other.

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At 10:36 PM on Wednesday, December 14, 2005