ToNiGhT gO DeViLsBaR!

I am super duper happy today. Not because it's Friday but because it's a special Friday. Why it's special because I find that the dark clouds which have been with me for the past few months have left me. After all the nasty and unlucky things that have happened to me, good things start coming in le. I think it must be the blessings I got from the Four-Faced Buddha. I must work hard and go back to "huan shen" soon. Since I am so happy today, it's time to party! Although my dear dear is going away to Taiwan today and couldn't celebrate with me, but he told me he felt very happy for me. Really very sweet of him. So tonight I will be heading down with the darlings to party. Hurray! Table, Table, Table!

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At 11:41 AM on Friday, March 31, 2006

I aM bAcK LiAo

Yo people! I am back in Singapore liao. Ya, back since Monday now then update blog. Ji clever yi sia hor~ Touched down at Singapore's new Budget Terminal around 11pm on Monday then zitao faster take cab go home and rest liao. Very tired sial. Haven't even have the time to sort the photos taken in Bangkok. Ever since I came back, I have friends asking me how's the situation over there as some of them will be going there for holidays too. For that few days when I was there, didn't see any riots or demonstrations going on. Everything is like so normal. I still see alot of people and tourists enjoying their time shopping and shopping. I also went to ask for God's blessings and "huan shen" (return God's blessings with offerings) at the famous four-faced buddha temple. It's still open to the public for prayings. Didn't really shop much because the fashion there now is pretty outdated. Only managed to get a few t-shirts, a belt and some pressies for my family & darlings. Most of the money were spent on food and massages. Very shiok lor. Especially the oil massage. Woo~~~ I so missed it man! Anyway, I will try to upload my photos soon. Now gonna keep my dear prince accompany because he will be going to Taiwan on Friday le. I will so miss him. Nitez!

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At 10:27 PM on Wednesday, March 29, 2006

BaNgKoK hErE i CoMe AgAiN

Woohoo~ I am so excited and happy because I will be going Bangkok tomorrow le. Though it's my 2nd time to Bangkok but I still feel excited because it's shopping time. Will be there for 3 days 2 nights, shorter than the first time but it's enough for me to indulge myself with the food, shopping and massages. Well, I know it's pretty unsafe to go there now but I am sure it should be fine de. I will also be going to that temple to bai bai the four-faced buddha. Although the statue have been destroyed but it's still open to the public for praying lor. Really need to ask for blessings and po bi everything goes on soon soon li li for me. Things hasn't been going on well for me this year. Gonna take lots of pictures when I am there de. Will update you all when I am back. May all of you have a great weekend ahead. Muacks!

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At 1:38 PM on Friday, March 24, 2006

mY pRiNcE iS SiCk

I am sitting in front of the pc, typing this post quietly in the dark, trying not to make any noise in order not to disrupt my dearest prince who is sleeping soundly behind me. He was down with fever since Wednesday and apparantly the medicine given by the doctor didn't help lor. Fever have subsided but he still have a bad cold. His running nose is like the running water from the tap. With constant sneezing and rubbing of his nose, he couldn't sleep well. The only time he could sleep like a baby was usually after his dose of the drowsy flu medicine. So kelian hor~

Seeing him like tat I also can't do much. All I can do are pour him some warm water, cover blanket for him and try patting him to sleep. I just hope he will recover very soon.

As for that job of mine which I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to leave le. Really no point in staying lor. When you get a job, not only the working environment is important. Colleagues are important too. You spend most of the time in office and it's important to have good relationship with them. Anyway, I will be moving on to a new company on Monday onwards. It's at Tanjong Pagar and the working hours are 9am to 6pm. Good working hours & location. Easy to get lunch and it's cheap. Lastly, office attire is not so strict. Smart casual =)

Ok lah... I better end here. Gonna check on my dear prince le. May all of you have a great weekend!

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At 10:32 PM on Friday, March 17, 2006

MeSsY & BuSy LiFe

Really very the long no update blog liao. Have been so busy with my new job and attending useless training not related to my work. Still feeling very stress over reaching the office on time because of the feeder bus I got to take every morning. It's really maddening but bobian. Because of this working location, I have came to realise something about myself. I simply hate taking buses. Working in central or town area is more convenient, I think. It's my 3rd week with the new company but just imagine I have only spoken to 4 people, including my boss. Pathetic right? It's not because I am not friendly or anti-social leh. The people there only talk to people working in their team which consists of 4 people at most. The 3 I talk to are the ones who took me out for lunch on my first day of work and they are the same team as me de. I really cannot tolerate such working environment lor. Sibeh sian. I hate to job-hop but working in this kind of environment for long will make Miko a dull person lor. Don't forget Miko is a happy-go-lucky and sunshine girl wor (Don't puke hor~) I think I just got to bear with it first and wait for better job opportunities to come by ba. Cannot afford to go without a job now because I need money for my driving lessons and saving up for my diploma course. Cham hor~ Ok lah, so long didn't update I don't wanna bore you all with my complains and grumblings. I hope all of you are leading a peaceful and happy life now. Very long didn't meet up with the darlings liao. Tomorrow is Thursday and hope to meet up with them for bitching sessions. I shall end my post here le. Take care everybody! Muacks!

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At 8:43 PM on Wednesday, March 15, 2006

pOoL pLaYiNg oN SaT

Well, it's an outdated post I know. But at least I tried my best to update when I find time hor. Anyway, I went Hougang with my dear dear to meet Dennis, Eric and Max to play pool last Saturday. The guys were playing among themselves while me and Alicia were having fun on our own at the pool table. I don't lor soh liao. Let the photos speak for themselves ba.

Me & my dear dear before we left the house to meet the guys

The guys showing off their skills & stylo poses on the pool table

My dear dear played pool with the guys until so tired wor

Me & Alicia, who came to join us after her lessons

Went Jalan Kayu for our dinner - Pratas time!

My dear dear’s favourite-Tom Yam Soup

Maggi Goreng for my dear dear

Alicia & her beef nasi brani

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At 10:58 PM on Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BuSy LiFe sTaRtEd

I apologised for not updating the blog as much as before. I have just joined a new company recently and there are a lot of things to get started with. Gonna get used to the new working environment, get to know my new colleagues, learn more about my new jobscope, new office hours and also new office dress codes. Although I am still in the administrative line, but I will be doing more on coordination and contracts. That will require alot of concentration which explains why I gonna sleep early at night. As for new office dress codes leh, well that makes me kinda sianz because I will not be able to wear my favourite tees and jeans on Fridays. That means Monday to Friday must be in proper office attire. And no open toe shoes or sports shoes. Argh! If anyone of you out there are having such strict office dress codes like me hor, do let me know what I can wear on Fridays. Casual but still acceptable. The working hours are from 8.30am to 5pm, but I have to sleep earlier at night because the journey to my office abit mahuan lor. Got to take MRT and a feeder bus in. Quite stress leh. Maybe my previous offices all quite convenient to get there ba, thats why now not used to the office so out of the place. Anyway, I will try to update when I am free. Gonna prepare to go orr orr liao. Goodnight everybody! Muacks!

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At 10:21 PM on Tuesday, March 07, 2006

HaPpY BiRtHdAy nOeLLe dArLiNg

Yesterday met up with the darlings to celebrate Noelle's birthday. Although it's a very simple celebration (Bcos we sang her the birthday song at MacDonalds loudly..keke), I hope she enjoyed herself last night. Imagine we ate the birthday cake without cutting into slices. We just took a fork each and ate the whole cake together. It's so heart-warming lor. I am sure she will also have a wonderful birthday celebration with her hubby tonight. Anyway, I hereby wanna wish Noelle darling happy birthday. May her wishes come true. May she stay happy and pretty always. May our friendship never ends. Muacks!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy DaRLiNg!

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At 7:17 PM on Thursday, March 02, 2006