BaNgKoK, hErE i CoMe!!!

Yeah~~ After so much planning and waiting, the day has come for my Bangkok trip! I am so excited about it because it's my first time to Bangkok and erm... my first time taking a plane. *blushed* Please don't laugh at poor Miko for being a suaku hor. The few places I have gone to for short trip holidays are usually Kuala Lumpur or Genting which can be reached by coaches. Miko very poor de leh. For this Bangkok trip, I scrimped and saved de. So now its the time for me to enjoy and indulge in all the wonderful shopping and food in Bangkok. *wink* Another good news which make me even more excited about this trip is our beloved Juliana aka Table Table Club President will be joining us. And she will also be staying in the same hotel as us. We gonna have lots of fun shopping, eating and not forgetting clubbing. *super excited mood* So wish me a pleasant journey there. Hope I don't get any motion sickness or in simpler form - airsickness.

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At 12:36 PM on Wednesday, February 23, 2005

LaZy WeEkEnD

Well, my task as a Wonder Woman is finally accomplished. It was quite fun because those people attending the dinner were also dressed up. There were people dressed up like cowboys, Victorian princesses and princes. There's one even came dressed up like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Damn cool lor~~ Below is the one and only picture taken because cannot take picture during work. Managed to grab the chance to take photo when this lady requested to take a photo with us. Too bad can't show you all more photos.

Super Girl, Cat Woman, the lady who request for photo-taking with us, Marilyn Monroe and Wonder Woman.

After my work, I went to meet my dear dear. He brought me to Bedok for dinner. We ate until sibeh full sial. Just see below what my dear dear ordered for both of us. In total, he ordered bbq chicken wings, meatball soup, bbq stingray, prawn mee and ba chor mee. Oh ya, guess who I saw? I saw one of the Singapore idols, Maia Lee. She was with her sister, sitting a few tables away from us. She very petite leh. Initially I tot it wasn't her until I saw that familiar tattoo on her arm. She indeed look different in real person.

After eating, we went down to Tampines for movies. We watched Constantine, the highly-raved movie. Well, the movie's not bad. Talked about demons and God.

On Saturday, after lazing for almost half a day in bed watching Naruto, we went Ang Mo Kio for our dinner. After dinner, we headed back home and continued watching Naruto. Sunday's routine same as Saturday. Basically, thats how I spent my weekends. Don't feel like going anywhere because not feeling well. Hopefully I will feel much better before my bangkok trip this Wed. Bangkok~~wait for me!!!!

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At 1:25 AM on Monday, February 21, 2005

WoNdEr wOmAn

It's finally Friday and though I got to work tonight, I am still.. erm.. happy because it's weekends again.

Why I hesitate in saying I am happy its because of the character I will be dressed up as tonight for the event. I went to collect the costume yesterday at the costume house located somewhere near Bugis. They have practically every type of costumes and masks. You can dressed up as an Egyptian princess, Snow White or even the Darth Vader in Star Wars. Stylo hor?

The theme for the event tonight is called Superstars. Needless to say, I will have to follow the theme too. Guess what character I will be in tonight for the event? It's not Spice Girls. It's not Madonna. It's *drumroll*


Want to how sian. The costume looks ok la but the character a bit out leh. There's another three more girls working with me in this event. One of them will be Marilyn Monroe and another will be Super Girl. Didn't manage to meet up with the third one so not sure what character she will be. I was thinking why they don't select Fairy Tales as the theme. Then I can dress up like a princess. *daydreaming* Anyway, I will take lots of photos to show you people tonight. Before I end my post, enjoy the following story shared with me by one of my friends through email. Some of you might have come across this story le but no harm reading it again. (Especially the guys =X) Enjoy~~~

What Women Really Want

Have you heard the story of "King Arthur's Dilemma - A Wise Lesson for All
Men to Learn"?

Well, it goes like this:

As a test, young Arthur was asked to answer the question, "What do women
really want?" Brilliant though he was, he simply could not discover the
answer. Finally, he decided to seek counsel from a very wise and very
powerful old witch.

She told him that she would reveal the secret only if he promised to marry
her. Arthur agreed and she gave the answer: "To be in charge of their own

As the wedding approached, Arthur was beginning to regret his promise. He'd
been so eager to find out the answer that he had failed to seriously ponder
the consequences of having an ugly old witch as his wife.

When the day of the wedding came though, the witch appeared to Arthur as a
beautiful woman. She said that since he'd been kind enough to marry her,
she would be a witch half the time, and a beautiful maiden half the time.
But he would have to choose when!

This time, Arthur gave it more serious thought - a beautiful woman to show
off to his friends, but at night, in the privacy of his home, a gnarled old
witch? Or by day, a hideous hag, but by night, a beautiful woman with whom
to enjoy many intimate moments?

Care to guess his decision?

Well, noble Arthur replied he would let her choose for herself. Upon
hearing this, she announced she would be beautiful all the time, because he
had respected her enough to let her be in charge of her own life.

The witch's answer to the question "What do women really want?" was
deceptively simple, wasn't it? Yet, Arthur was wise enough to understand
its meaning. And that earned him a beautiful bride. As well as a wonderful
marriage and relationship, presuming he continued to understand and apply
the philosophy.

So what do women really want?

What we all want, really - to be in charge our own lives. To be appreciated
and respected. To be made to feel that our opinions and feelings matter. A
simple philosophy that is crucial to making any relationship work.

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At 8:54 AM on Friday, February 18, 2005


Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday!!! I am always looking forward to Fridays every week because its the start of weekends. *wink*

Anyway, I have been assigned another job to work tomorrow. Eh, not as a Cupid again la. Valentine's Day over liao. This job only requires me to work for one hour, ushering people at a company's Dinner & Dance party. I will have to wear a Marilyn Monroe type of costume for this job. Wooo~~~Stylo hor. Actually, I am quite nervous and excited about this job when I heard the name of the company who is holding this Dinner and Dance party. Nervous and excited because there are a number of people I knew who worked in this company de. Anyway, I know its gonna be fun tomorrow night.

I will be going down to Bugis to collect my costume later. Hmmm, I will take photos of it tomorrow and show you all, ok? In the meantime, let's all start counting down to our long-waited weekends. Yeah!

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At 2:19 PM on Thursday, February 17, 2005

sPeCiaLLy foR yOu

My newly-created blogskin nice boh? I can't really say its solely done by me. I was merely doing some editing here and there. Buay pai hor. *proud*

Hmmm... the reason for creating this new blogskin is because my Dear Dear like Ayumi Hamasaki very much. I personally like her too. Her dressing style, her nicely manicured nails, her big round eyes and nice complexion. Very stylo wor. The background music is one of the song in her newly released album My Story. Nice right?

Well, at least for now, my dearest readers need not click so many buttons to leave me a tag le.

PS : Dear dear, this blogskin is specially dedicated to you. Love ya!

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At 1:40 PM on Tuesday, February 15, 2005

InDiAn CuPid

Well, my mission as a Cupid is finally over. It's tough job can. Wear the doesn't-look-like-Cupid-uniform, carry the big bulky polaroid camera and a ugly brown paper bag with the special gifts.

Our mission is to approach the customers (especially couples) with a sibeh friendly eh smile, ask them wanna order two glasses of Tiger beer or not. We will take a photo of them using the polaroid camera to mark this special night. Next, we will play a little game with them by asking the guy to select one envelope out of six. Inside the 6 envelopes are 6 different gestures in expressing their love. One of the few I can remember is "Give your partner a very special massage", "Declare your love to your partner openly", "State 3 things that you love about your partner" and "Sing a love song". Some couples are really sweet lor. Anyway, a little gift will be given to them after they have played the game. Just in case you all are curious about what are the gifts, its either they get condom or chocolates. The brand of the condom dunno is what cheena brand. Never see before de lor. As for the chocolates, its Hersheys wor. Dun puay puay.

Valentine's Day is finally over. I think most guys feel that way too right? Kekeke... I still remember asking one of my chat friend, Mr Atom what programs he have for Valentine's Day. He said he will not be meeting his char boh because he got to attend classes after work. He said Valentine's Day should not even be in the calendar at all. When couples are out celebrating this special love day, the girls are silently comparing the size of the bouquets. Wahaha... Quite true lor. Anyway, I hope all couples out there have an enjoyable celebration last night. Enjoy the following photos below.

Miss Cupid from India. Don't you find that the Cupid costume look very Indian-ish except for the wings?

Me and my dearest dear dear who left his lessons halfway and came down all the way to Holland Village to find me. Thanks dear dear =)

My sister and her soon-to-be husband who popped by to look for me. They got fu qi siang (couple looks) hor.

Me and one of my Devils kaki, Clarence. So nice of him to drop by to find me and Apple though we already knocked off from our Cupid assignment.

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At 9:49 AM on

HaPpY VaLeNtInE's dAY

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 14th Feb is a day for lovers to express their everlasting love through expensive dinners and presents. Which also results in a big big hole in their pockets. ( Eh, just kidding =X )

Well, I will be celebrating Valentine's Day with Apple darling tonight instead of my dear dear. Eh, please don't be mistaken hor. Apple darling and myself have been assigned a special task tonight - To be Miss Cupid. Both of us will be working tonight and will be dressed up as Cupid. My poor dear dear got to go for his lessons tonight and in order to keep myself occupied, I accepted the task to be a PAID Cupid. Kekeke... After accomplishing my task, I will meet my dear dear for a little celebration. *wink*

Special wishes to all singles out there : May you find your loved one soon.

Special wishes to all couples out there : May you have a loving and happy relationship.

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At 10:19 AM on Monday, February 14, 2005

gD mOrNiNg & Gd NiTe

Ten more minutes to 6.00am in the morning. I just came back from Devilsbar. Damn tired sial. Thank you all my dearest kakis for turning up tonight. Hope you all had a great time partying just now. Ok lah, me gonna pi now. Only left three hours to sleep nia. Got to wake up to do visiting for the CNY later. Good morning to those who just woke up and good night to those who gonna sleep now.

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At 5:51 AM on Saturday, February 12, 2005

GoNg Xi Fa cAi

Xin nian kuai le~~~ Gong xi fa cai~~~ Hong bao yi ge lai~~~ kekeke... Today is the third day of the Lunar New Year and how's everybody's ang bao collection? May all of you collect lots of ang baos and win big big in gambling these few days. Huat ah!!!Now done with the wishes, I shall update you guys what I have been doing since Tuesday. I pia home after work, had a quick dinner and pia to Tampines Mall to meet my friend to collect my new specs. Chat with her for a while then head to my dear dear's house. Below are the photos we took on Tuesday.

My dear dear was packing his bedroom when I reached his house which explains the mess on the floor. I was sitting there waiting for him when he suddenly took out his digicam wanting to take a pic of me. The reason for taking the photo was I look like a whizkid (bcos of my specs)busy inventing something. -_-'''

WhizKid Miko!

We went to Bedok Market for supper after his spring-cleaning and below are the food we ordered. Oiishi~~

On CNY eve after my reunion dinner with my parents, my dear dear came to fetch me from my house. We went to the Chun Dao He Pan to see fireworks. The fireworks damn nice lor. You can practically see everybody's expressions like this O_O (a WOW facial expression). After seeing the fireworks, we went down to Chinatown. As expected, it was very packed. We reached there about 1 plus. There were a lot of people grabbing the 50 cents per bottle chinese new year goodies. Its freaking cheap sial. After squeezing and jostling for about 1 hr plus, we decided to head back home and rest. When we were on our way to get the car, we past by the stage set up on the road. The performance by the TCS stars already over le but they got some dancers on the stage dancing to some hot music. And you all guess what? The last song they played was "The book is on the table." Me and my dear dear looked at each other with a -_- look. We didn't go Devilsbar to countdown for the CNY but we still get to hear this most requested song in Chinatown lor. Really is sweat until no sweat to sweat sial. Below are the photos we took at Chun Dao He Pan.

Me born in the year of Dog.

Dear dear in the year of Snake

As for the first and second day of CNY, I went visiting with my dear dear to his bosses and relatives house. It was fun seeing his colleagues play during the gambling session. All damn gan jiong and excited lor.

As for today, I am back in office lor. Damn sian sial. My dear dear is sleeping like a baby at home before I left for work this morning. So xing fu wor~ Though there isn't much people in the office but I still got work to clear lor. Bei ai plus more bei ai.

Oh ya, before I forget, I will be going to Devilsbar tonight. I even send out mass sms to jio all my devils kakis le. Kekeke... Tonight is the night to party! I have not party for about two weeks le wor. Even my dear dear also can sense my No-Devilsbar sympthoms lor. I asked him what plans he have for tonight, he zitao replied me:" Ya, I know what you are thinking. I can see the horns growing out from your head le." Sial lar -_-'''

It's party time tonight =)

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At 10:26 AM on Friday, February 11, 2005

TiMe tO ReLaX...

"Table Table Table!!!" Sial lar, I have not danced at the bartop at Devilsbar for two whole weeks le. I damn miss the music and all my dearest devils kakis wor. So to make up for the loss of fun, I have decided to go chiong this Friday. Anybody wanna join me?

Finally, my roving is over le. Now it's time to relax and await for the celebration of Lunar New Year. I love Lunar New Year not because can collect ang baos hor. Eh, I feel pai sey when I am still getting ang baos at my age. Erm, a bit old lor. The reason for loving Lunar New Year is because of the yummy goodies like Bak Gua and pineapple tarts. *drool* And I also have the excuse of buying new clothes and shoes. *wink*

Anyway, I spent my weekends shopping around for CNY stuff with my dear dear. I only managed to get a new top. Everywhere we go, its packed with people. Most people are doing their last minute shopping like us lor. Luckily I still have today to get the things I need. Well, below are some of the photos I took at Thai Express when me and my dear dear went there for dinner on Saturday. And both of us are looking forward to having more Thai food when we go Bangkok in two weeks time. Yeah~~~

Seafood Tom Yam Soup. Oiishi neh~~~

My dear dear ordered Thai Spicy Noodle for himself. This dish got a three chilli padi rating on the menu. And its indeed spicy.

I ordered Thai Laksa with Chicken and Potato. Eh, taste like chicken curry lor.

A picture of me in my new kuku hairstyle.

My dear dear playing with his handphone while waiting for our dinner to be served.

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At 10:02 AM on Monday, February 07, 2005

BaD hAiRcUt iN fAsHiOn?

My roving last night was cancelled and I took the opportunity to go for my haircut. Being a cost-savings conscious person, I asked my hairstylist to cut shorter. I don't wanna waste money to go for a trim again when Chinese New Year is nearing. The end result is "I HAVE TURNED TO A BOY BOY OVERNIGHT LOR!!" If you guys read Kelly's blog, she had a bad haircut too. In actual fact, there are three people with bad haircuts. And that person with the bad haircut who have just joined me and Kelly is our dearest table table chairman, Ms Juliana. She even gave herself a new name called Kukunathan. -_-''' A new haircut plus a new name lor. Hopefully my hair will zi dong a bit and speed up the growing process so that I can be pretty for the Chinese New Year. I don't want my relatives to comment to my parents when I go for visiting during Chinese New Year :"Wah, li eh da por kia an ni dua liao ah!" I think I can just stay at home for the Chinese New Year le if my hair still so sucky.

Anyway, you all still remember I went for my manicure last Wednesday? While I was packing the stationery yesterday in the office, I chipped one of my nails!!! My french manicure not mei mei le. Imagine I got to trim all my fingernails and start growing again. Damn bei ai sial. So before I went for my haircut, I went to repair my chipped nail and did an express manicure. Now got mei mei de nails again. Yeah~~~ Since Chinese New Year is nearing, I got the manicurist to paint dark red for me. Nice nice wor. Was happily going for my haircut after my manicure but didn't expect to walk out of the hair salon looking like a boy boy. Haiz... Well, got to tahan a while and wait for my hair to grow longer. Bobian... Oh ya, I did took pictures of my newly painted nails last night using my dear dear's digicam. He uploaded to his computer but forgot to send to me. So now no pictures to show you people. I will try to upload tomorrow,ok? Ok lah, time to go for lunch le. Ciao~~~

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At 1:39 PM on Thursday, February 03, 2005

LoVe iS GoOd...

It feels so nice to be loved~~~ You all must be wondering what makes me to be so emotional today. Well, most of my friends around me are happily attached recently. (You people know who you are hor *wink*) Even my younger sister is happily preparing for her wedding. Love is everywhere even before Valentine's Day is here. I am really glad for my friends who have found their love and getting on well in their new-found relationship. You people just don't know how blissfully happy they are when they mentioned their new love in front of me. You can see the glow in their eyes de wor.

Now is honeymoon period so every little thing he does for you, every moment you all spent together is just so pure and sweet. Honeymoon period is not like probation period(usually three to six months) hor. Its the period of time a couple spent together enjoying every moment together, nourish each other with the love they have and still feel your heart thumping nervously like the first time when both of you fall in love. So even if a couple has been together for years, it doesn't mean their honeymoon period is over. In the end, it all depends on how the couples maintain the relationship and keep the love flame burning.

As for me, I am really thankful and fortunate to have my dearest Des Des with me now. He has been very caring and nice to me all these while and he is always there for me when I am down. Both of us will be going Bangkok for holiday this coming 23rd Feb and we are looking forward to it. Our relationship will be two months old this coming 14th Feb which is also Valentine's Day. We are not sure where we will be celebrating but it doesn't really matter because as long as he is by my side, I will be very happy le.

PS to Des Des : Baby will also be there for you de. Muacks~~~

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At 1:10 PM on Wednesday, February 02, 2005

CaN i DuN wOrK???

Freaking sick and tired of my work, my office, my colleagues and my boss. Everything is pissing me off. Yes, every single minor things that goes on in the office. Including the cleaners. The work is piling up so high until I got to stand up and do my work. It's not kua zhang lor. Imagine you are given about 15 tasks to accomplish and the deadline (I will be dead if I don't finish by then) is before the Chinese New Year. Do you think I will still be alive to celebrate the Chinese New Year? *touchwood* I have been dragging myself to work since last December. The sympthoms are starting to show and I think the only solution now is to submit the I-Quit letter (also known as Resignation letter) and I will be cured of the I-Hate-My-Job illness. I really can't be bothered right now. I know the correct treatment to handle the I-Hate-My-Job illness should be start looking for a new job first. But the I-Hate-My-Job illness should be treated immediately, if not it will be diagnosed as terminal illness very soon. It's that serious lor. I really cannot tahan le. Anyway, wish me all the best in submitting the I-Quit letter.

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At 2:14 PM on Tuesday, February 01, 2005