CaN bE mOrE uNdErStAnDiNg oR nOt?

People always say whatever happen, your family will be there for you and be understanding enough towards you. Is that always true? I really doubt so. When things goes wrong, have they ever spend some time and think about it than to start pushing the blame to others? Have they ever give people a chance to explain before they jump to any conclusions? Have they ever put themselves in my shoes and try understanding the situation I am facing? It's always about money. Haven't I contribute enough ever since I started work after my O levels? Even now I am still contributing to the family. I am not complaining. I am just asking them to be more understanding. Is that too much to ask for? When they need help, they will know how to ask me. When I need help, I can ask who? I didn't blame them when I got to give up my tertiary education after studying for 1 year. I understand the situation and accepted it. And now having been in the workforce for several years, knowing the need to upgrade myself, I told them I wanted to study. There were no words of motivations from them. Instead, they told me there's no need to study so much, considering the number of jobless graduates in Singapore now. I thought as parents, they should motivate their children in every way they can? I am not asking them to pay for my school fees. I am just asking for some motivation and approval from them. Is that too much to ask for too? Why people always seek their friends when they are troubled and unhappy? Why don't they talk to their parents instead? Now I know why. Because they freaking don't understand. They only know how to say the youngsters nowadays are ignorant and spoilt. I might be a problematic child when I was younger. But people do change. I am no longer that rebellious daughter of theirs but have they ever notice that change in me? I really doubt so. They are forever thinking of me as a good-for-nothing, undecisive, stubborn, narrow-minded, calculative and rebellious daughter. Go ahead and think what they wanna think of me. I will prove myself to them one day that they will be proud to have me as their daughter.

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At 2:41 PM on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

bLeAcH pErSoNaLiTy qUiZ

I tried the Bleach Personality Quiz and my result character is Rukia!

Take The Quiz Yourself!

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At 2:05 PM on Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WeEkEnD sO FaSt oVeR LiAo

Why weekends always pass so fast de? Boring... Anyway, I am in a lazy mode today so I would just roughly update what I have done during the weekends. Friday went to Tampines Mall for dinner with my dear dear after work. Not knowing what to have and after thinking for some time, we decided to have dinner at Pastamania.

Saw Esther darling at Tampines =) So happy to see her wor

Me and my dear dear

Went to Sitex 2005 at Expo on Saturday with my dear dear, Max, Dennis and Alicia. We met quite early at about 10 plus for breakfast at Bedok before we headed to Expo. We went there early to avoid human and traffic jams. After looking around for a few hours, we decided to head to Jalan Kayu (as suggested by Dennis & Alicia) for early dinner.

Our orders - Pratas!

My teh tarik

Max and his tissue prata

Happy Alicia and Dennis after eating the pratas =)

Happy me and my dear dear

Super satisfied Max after eating his fav tissue prata

With the 1 year anniversary for me and my dear dear nearing, I have bought a little gift for him. I hope he like the gift and wearing it will remind him of me. Though it's still early for the gift, but it's better to be early than late *smiles*

It's a pair of couple watches. One for him and one for myself.

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At 9:07 AM on Monday, November 28, 2005

DiNnEr cUm MoViE WiTh CoLLeAgUeS

Here comes the photos taken last Thursday when I went for a dinner cum movie with my colleagues.

Rosti with sour cream


Asparagus soup & stir-fried veggies

Waffle with mango and ice-cream

Me and my colleagues

Saw this at Heeren. Newly opened - The Balcony. I so love the chairs wor~

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At 6:43 PM on Sunday, November 27, 2005

zAtHuRa RaWkS!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Went for a movie date with my colleagues last night. Initially, we had wanted to watch Harry Potter but afraid that it will be a very long show. In the end, we decided on the Jumanji-alike movie, Zathura. I am not gonna tell you guys any spoilers here. All I can say is this movie totally rocks big time. It keeps u in suspense practically throughout the show. It's even more exciting than Jumanji leh. Don't miss this exciting movie or u will regret it de. Am bringing my dear prince for this movie this weekend. I don't mind watching it again and I want my dear prince to enjoy this awesome movie too. Took some photos with my colleagues last night and will upload them tonight. As for the closure of Noelle's blog, it's due to her busy schedule of work which didn't allow her much time to blog. And also because she doesn't want her blogging to jeopardize her job. It's not easy to get a job you so love and treasure. Therefore, closing down their blogs was the best solution lor. We are all gonna miss their blog updates but let's all think in a more positive way. We also want them to be happy right? So let's just give them our best wishes in their life and career ba. Gambatte! Lastly, may all of you have a great weekend ahead =)

One of the funny conversations between the 2 brothers in Zathura

Danny: I'm hungry. Can you fix me some macaroni and cheese?
Walter: Don't know how to make it.
Danny: What do you know how to make?
Walter: Water.

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At 9:57 AM on Friday, November 25, 2005

DeJaVu FiBerWiG

Saw this product in a magazine recently. It was said to be the No.1 best seller in Japan since it's launch. I seldom use mascara de so coming by new products advertised on magazines purely increase my knowledge on latest beauty products. Last night went for dinner with my dear dear at Hougang and do some window shopping after that. Chanced upon this familiar red packaging at Hougang Mall SaSa. I took a copy of the leaflet and this is what I saw.

"Liquefied FAKE lashes! No Clumps! No flakes! No panda eyes! Lashes so unbelievably long you'd think it's fake! It's REAL!"

I stood there thinking "Wu yiah boh? An ni li hai meh?" So I walked to the display panel and took a look at the testers provided. Like normal mascara leh. But it's made in Japan wor. It's No.1 best seller in Japan wor. In the end, I bought one to try. Haha... Say so much, think so long, in the end I still buy lor. Aiya, try try first mah. If don't try, how I know what they advertised is real or not. Dio boh? Anyway, I will update the review of this "shen qi" mascara after I tried it. *wink*

Next, I would like to comment on the blog closure of my 2 darlings, Elaine and Apple. It's really sad to know that they have to close their blog, especially Elaine's blog. Reason being I seldom get to meet up with her and only through her blog, I get to know where she have been, whether she's getting on fine and the wonderful pictures she shared on the places she went. It's really a pity but for the sake of her beloved job, she gonna give up her blog. I would have done the same too if having a blog will jeopardise my career.

Special note to Elaine : Ahneh darling, with the closure of your blog, you just gonna make up to us by trying to meet up more often hor. Will definitely miss your Chivas sessions updates and the nice photos of the beautiful places you went. Keke... Take care =)

Special note to Apple : Blur Queen darling, with the closure of your blog, we(the DB darlings)will give you all the time you need on our weekly gatherings for you to update us your happenings. Don't say we buay steady hor. LOL!

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At 9:52 AM on Wednesday, November 23, 2005

LiFe cAn Be bEtTeR

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Don't laugh at the picture above because that's exactly how I look right now. Freaking boring lor. With the cooling weather these few days, I began to feel my body and mind starting to go into hibernation mode. I wish I could lie down on my bed, cover myself with my M&M's comforter, close my eyes and drift off to my little lala land now. But of course cannot lah. Unless my boss grant me off lor. Haha... Lagi more impossible. Too bored until I start talking rubbish liao. Sang nao jing~ Been pondering over lots of things lately and I realised I have alot of things to accomplish but it seems like time is not enough. Either that, money is not enough. Whatever it is, I got to start planning now. Am now saving hard for my diploma. Yes, I have decided to further my studies and will be registering for the course in March next year. Supposed to register for it next month for their first intake but couldn't save enough money in time. That's why gonna register for their second intake lor. I couldn't imagine myself starting to study again because I am a slow learner in studies. Since I will be paying the fees myself, I got to study hard. Going through tough times will make me a stronger person, dio boh? Wish me all the best ba! *wink*

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At 2:03 PM on Tuesday, November 22, 2005

LaM sEk eH MoNdAy

Anybody out there having "lam sek eh"(blue in Hokkien lah~) Monday like me? Well, I am not having severe blues but kinda feeling restless. It's not because I dislike my job but it's pretty normal to suffer Monday blues de mah. Anyway, just wanna briefly update what I have done during the weekend. Went to watch Exorcism of Emily Rose with my dear dear on Friday after work at Cineleisure. Quite a nice show. The part where I find the most eerie is the timing 3am. Why is that so because I tend to wake up in the middle of the night at times. And whenever I wake up, I will take a look at the time on my handphone. Aiya, see still got how many hours left to sleep before the alarm start to ring mah. So after I watched that show, I got kinda scared when I woke up in the middle of the night. Silently praying that it's not 3am when I checked the time on my handphone. Sial la, you all can't blame me for being scared wor. Because this movie is based on true story leh. Didn't do much on Saturday and Sunday. I helped my dear dear to dye his hair, watched him play his PS2, watched several DVDs and taking naps when tired. Just laze around for the 2 days. Quite shiok wor. I gonna continue my online shopping at yahoo auctions liao. Since I can't go for some retail therapy now(working hours mah~), I just browse through the yahoo auctions to satisfy my shopping craves first. Ziam si dong seng~ Wish me happy E-shopping =)

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At 4:03 PM on Monday, November 21, 2005

FaMoUs oR iNfAmOuS bLoGGer

Is it wrong to blog about your life? Is it necessary for people to judge you from the way you blog and the things you blog? Do those so-called flamers feel great after leaving sarcastic and nasty remarks in the tagboard? Do you think people blog to get famous? Or infamous? Some people blog to remind them of the things they have done everyday like writing their diary. Some people blog to share their life experiences. Some really blog to get famous but that's the minority lah~ As for me, I treat blogging as writing my online diary. I just wanna take down what I have done everyday so that I could read it when I am free to relish the memories. People who visit my blog either like or dislike the way I blog or the things I blog. But that doesn't really bother me much because it's their choice to choose whether they wanna visit my blog or not. I didn't force them to visit my blog. It's at their own will de. So if you don't like what you see here, then why bother visiting my blog? Contradicting isn't it? Sad to say there are just such people around. I always believe retribution. Karma you know~ What goes around comes around. By all means, do whatever bad things you wanna do to others. But what you did to others will befall on you some day de. Ok lah... Enough of my preaching again. Today is Friday I know. Weekends again. I so love weekends. Can meet my dear prince =) May all of you have a great weekends!

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At 10:45 AM on Friday, November 18, 2005

BuSy BiTcHeS

Am I the only one who is more free? I really hope not wor. Maybe I should say I am busy too but not as busy as my beloved darlings ba. They are all so busy that they didn't even update their blog. That is so not like them lor. No matter how busy they are, they will still try their best to update their blog de. Haiz, I can understand why they are so busy le. They are busy earning money because they got to pay and support their cars. Buy car easy but support not easy wor. As for me, I no need to worry because I don't even have a driving license. So don't even mention buying a car. Haha... What's more important to me now is to further my studies. Currently saving up hard so that I could start my course begining next year. It's gonna be hard juggling work and studies but the constant motivation from my dear dear will keep me going de. Gonna work hard now when I am still young and my brain haven't turn rusty yet. Before I end, I just wanna tell the busy bitches that I miss them lots and while they are busy working, do remember to take good care of themselves and must think of me too. Keke... Share with you guys a joke below. Have a great day ahead!

The Centers for Disease Control have released a list of symptoms of bird

If you experience any of the following, please seek medical treatment

1. High fever

2. Congestion

3. Nausea

4. Fatigue

5. Aching in the joints

6. An irresistible urge to shit on someone's windshield

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At 12:52 PM on Tuesday, November 15, 2005

fRiDaY iN oFFiCe

Here are the photos I took on Friday when I went for coffee with my manager during lunchtime and putting up the X'mas tree in the office. With a X'mas tree in the office, you will be able to feel the festive mood. Enjoy the photos ba. I gonna prepare to go out with my dear dear to his uncle's house to celebrate his son's full month le. Have a great Sunday. Ciao!

Went Coffee Club for coffee after lunch with my manager on Friday

I ordered Oreo Frappe for myself... So sinful but very nice~

X'mas is coming and it's time to put up the X'mas tree

Start putting up the decorations slowly

Me helping my manager with the X'mas tree too

Clumsy me dropped the bulb on the floor... Oops!

My manager putting up the coloured stars on the X'mas tree

Final dressing up for the X'mas tree =)

Finished le~ So nice hor... I so love X'mas!

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At 1:27 PM on Sunday, November 13, 2005

mY fRiDaY NiGhT

The time now is 12.20am and I am typing this post at the comfort of my home after having a jog with my brother around the neighbourhood. Yes, you heard it right. Me. Jogging at night. On a Friday night. I didn't know jogging at night can be so enjoyable. The roads were clear and the air was so cooling. As I jogged, the cool breeze blew on my face. One word to describe -> Shiok! Well, you guys must be wondering how come I am not with my dear dear tonight. He got to attend his company Dinner & Dance after work. After the dinner, he went Devilsbar for drinks with his colleagues. So here I am, sitting in front of my home PC, typing this post for all of you. For your info, I don't feel lonely at all. I love to have my own personal space too. Like tonight. I suddenly feel like jogging and off I go after changing into my sports attire. At the same time, my younger brother also very steady. He kept me accompany and jogged with me throughout. Thanks Bro! Sweating it out after a great jog will definitely allow me to sleep better and lead a healthy lifestyle. Ok lah, I better stop my preaching on healthy lifestyle here. Gonna take a nice warm bath now and pack my bikini for swimming tomorrow morning. With my brother again. Haha... Hope my favourite buddy, Mister Sun will be out shining brightly so that I could get myself a nice tan. Lastly, may all of you have a great weekend ahead! *smile*

PS : Bought myself a Minnie Mouse tee at Giordano today. It's pink! I so love it!

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At 12:20 AM on Saturday, November 12, 2005

i aM pMs-iNg

It's that time of the month again lor. Been feeling freaking moody since yesterday. Simply couldn't keep my cool and feel so pek chek over absolutely nothing. With my toopid mood swings, my dearest prince dear dear try his best to cheer his little baby princess up. Although he was happily playing his PS2, although his eyes were fixed on the TV, although he was sitting on the bed and me on the chair, although most of his attention were on his game, but he's pretty concern that his little baby princess is ok. He kept talking to me while he's playing his game. He will ask me whether my menstrual cramps makes me uncomfortable. He will ask me to lie down on the bed and have a early sleep. After checking my emails and surfing the net, I headed to bed and fell asleep very fast. Without giving a goodnight hug and kiss for my beloved prince dear dear.

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At 3:31 PM on Thursday, November 10, 2005

GoOdByE tAiWaN

Yo people! Here comes the last post of photos for my Taiwan holiday trip. Though didn't do much shopping but I tried their different types of food and learnt their cultures. Taiwanese are very nice people and their customer service is really good. There are always people greeting you when you enter the shops. I can feel the almost 100% of good customer service from them whether I am shopping in the shopping centres or night markets. I think Singapore got to learn and practice good customer service in order for tourists to have a good impression of the country. Well, thats purely my personal opinion. Ok lah, enjoy the photos ba. I got to go and think(daydream) where I wanna go for my next holiday liao.

Toopid tour guide brought us to Taipei 101 to take photo nia lor~ As it's not in our itinenary, thats why we didn't go there for shopping. Wasted sial~

Me and my dear dear

Me and 2 very nice ladies I knew from the tour group

Me and Hailing. She is very friendly and have a nice smile.

Me and Jessie, Hailing's friend.

Sad face because going back to S'pore liao =( Goodbye Taiwan~

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At 9:38 AM on Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dAy fOuR iN tAiWaN

Went to Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf early in the morning on Day four.

Nice bridge

Nice scenery

The cold wind was blowing so strongly until the umbrella the tour guide lent us was inverted

My dear dear tried to fix it back.

Still trying his best to fix it...

The wind was really too strong liao.

My dear dear gave up

He just dragged the spoilt umbrella on the floor

Both of us were freezing with the strong cold wind blowing at us and slight rain pouring down on us

My messy hair caused by the big strong wind

Bear with the extreme coolness and took several photos

So cold but still very happy

Took this photo outside a funland

Tried this at Tamshui Old Street, recommended to try by our tour guide.

A shop selling bull's horn milk bread. Could smell the fresh baking aroma a few stalls away

Bought one and tried. Very nice leh~

Time to have a dip at the hot spring!

Got 2 types of hot spring available. It's either you go to the main pool(1 pool for males & 1 pool for females) or the private room for 2. If you opt for the main pool, no swimswear is allowed. All are supposed to be naked. Well, I opt for the private room for 2 together with my dear dear.

Rows of private rooms

See the hot steam coming out from the water... Wooo~

Me taking off my bikini, ready to take a dip in the hot spring with my dear dear le =)

Hairdryers are provided for your usage after bathing

Me at Ximenting with lots of youngsters surrounding me everywhere I go. They are all so trendy lor. Makes me feel so ugly and old-fashion when I stand beside them =(

Crazycut Hair Salon? Eh, who would dare to go and cut their hair there sial...

Tried this tall tall ice-cream and I totally agree with Lyana that Singapore's soft serve taste much nicer.

The famous Ah Zong Mian Xian

See so many people stand outside and eat their bowl of Ah Zong Mian Xian

After Ximenting, we went to Miramar Ferries Wheel Shopping Mall

Of course come here must take the big big ferries wheel. Can see the nice scenery from the top leh. The ticket per person is NT 200 (SGD 10)

Me and my dear dear up on the ferris wheel admiring the nice scenery and enjoying the cool breeze

Our dinner for the night - Ma La Huo Guo

Special sauce

Tuck in liao lo~~~ Yummy!

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At 10:11 AM on Tuesday, November 08, 2005