dAy 1 iN pHuKeT

My colleague, Linda and I had seafood for dinner on the first night after we checked into our hotel

The two of us were not very hungry but also dunno why we ordered so much food lor.

Me enjoying my bowl of tom yum soup

See Linda's satisfied face and the table filled with food

Halfway through our dinner, these two lovely japanese ladies sat down at the table beside us. Since both Linda and myself took japanese lessons in the office, we decided to put the new language we learnt into practise. Keke... Imagine the four of us were speaking in a mixture of English and Japanese. Quite funny lor. It’s also their first night in Phuket and they stayed in the same hotel as us.

4 kawaii ladies were happy after a hearty dinner and it's time for shopping!

Saw a Muay Thai Boxing Stadium while we explored the place. Cool man~

Took pic with the pretty cabaret "ladies"

There's a lot of clubs along the Bangla Street in Phuket and very happening one lor. Like this one hor, the girls wore short school uniforms and danced up at the bar-top.

We passed by alot of restaurants too. Saw the lobster boh? Damn big sial... Cheap also lor...

It's a lovely tile that we saw on the floor when we realized we have walked to Patong Beach liao.

When the four of us were on our way back to the hotel, something happened. We were about to cross the road when suddenly a lot of police cars came. There's a lot of commotion going on about a few metres away from us. We saw a policeman pinning a man down on the car wanting to arrest him. Then don't know why the man managed to escape and tried to run but was caught again by another policeman. The four of us were so scared that the bad guy will run towards our way lor. When the coast was cleared, we quickly crossed the road to the other side. Really dangerous man...

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At 8:01 PM on Sunday, October 29, 2006

ToTaLLy sHaGgEd oUt

I am back liao! Damn tired sial. Today took leave to stay at home to rest and unpack my luggage. I have already uploaded all the photos I took during my Phuket trip but too tired to update them to my blog. So give me some time to sort the photos ok? Ok la, me gonna rest le because tomorrow got to work liao. I totally enjoyed myself in Phuket, especially the sun, sand and sea!!!

I so love the clear blue sky with the big fluffy clouds in Phuket

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At 9:30 PM on Wednesday, October 25, 2006

cAbLe sKiiNg

My Company's Teambuilding event at Batam was a big success. My colleagues enjoyed themselves very much. The bosses sang praises of the great job the recreation committee members have done for the whole event. It's really not easy to coordinate and making sure the event runs smoothly till the end. But after seeing everybody so happy and enjoying themselves, the hard work is worth it. Myself and the other 3 recreation committee members even treat ourselves to a lunch at a Japanese restaurant with the remaining budget. Buay pai hor~

Anyway, after we made sure everybody have gotten their boarding pass to go back to S'pore on Saturday, my 2 colleagues and I went on for Cable Skiing. It's really fun! It's my first time trying and it's really not easy lor. You can go to Cable Ski to find out more about this watersports. The rates are pretty affordable too. Maybe I should arrange to go again with my darlings =) Ok la. I got to go start packing my luggage for my Phuket trip liao. Hurray!!! Phuket... here I come!!!

Before I end my post, I would like to wish my dearest Apple darling Happy Birthday. Although I can't celebrate your birthday for you on the exact day, but I'm gonna make sure you enjoy yourself when we go KL together next Monday, ok? Wait for me to come back from Phuket hor. Let's look forward to our KL shopping cum clubbing trip together! Ai ni orh! Muacks!

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At 9:29 PM on Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mOrE tRaVeLLiNg fOr mE

I think I have never been so busy before in my life. With the heavy workload plus having meetings almost every single day, really drain me of all my energy. But I am happy being busy. Busy is always better than having nothing to do. Not only work that's keeping me busy, I have quite abit of travelling for the next few weeks.

13 Oct - 14 Oct Company's Teambuilding in Batam
19 Oct - 22 Oct Having my holiday in Phuket
23 Oct - 24 Oct KL shopping cum clubbing trip with Apple darling
07 Nov - 10 Nov My department's IT Conference in New Delhi, India

See the list above? Shiok boh? Haha... Imagine I touched down in S'pore after my Phuket trip on 24 Oct at 10.55pm. Then next morning taking the 8am coach to KL. I told Apple I zitao don't even need to unpack my luggage lor. Lolz. But as long as she is happy can le. This KL trip was decided by me on Monday only. When I smsed Apple about my idea, she was so happy and excited about it. She even said she love me so much lor. Wahaha... Anyway, both of us are going to enjoy ourselves though it's only a short trip. I so love holidays!!!

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At 9:14 PM on Wednesday, October 11, 2006

HaZy MoOnCaKe fEsTiVaL

Happy belated mooncake festival to everybody! This year's mooncake festival is slightly different. We are celebrating with a hazy atmosphere like the Genting Highlands plus the bad burning smell. Oh ya, remember not to eat too much mooncakes wor. Because 1 mooncake = 1000 calories. That's alot can~

Firstly, thanks to those who are concerned about me after reading my previous post. To those people who thought they really know me well just by reading my blog, I just wanna let you know you don't. Don't assume how I lead my life. Even to my friends, they don't really know me very well too. So please for goodness's sake, don't assume my unhappiness comes from my love life. Life is like a bed of roses. Nice to look at but once you pushed things too hard, you will pricked yourself by the thorns.

Bad PMS caused me to be moody. Heavy workload caused me to feel stressed up. High frequency of falling sick caused me to feel weak. Building up of stress caused me to have insomnia. All these added up to a big D = Depression. By writing it out how I felt in my blog it's just a form of relief to the stress levels. Not meant for people to judge me or tell me how my life have changed.

To those who are truly concerned about me, I really appreciate it. I am fine now because the time of the month is over. Stress levels have decreased slightly abit because I have finally registered for my diploma course and have already received the acceptance letter from the school. And the preparation for my company's Batam Teambuilding Outing are mostly done. 6 more days to the Batam's Teambuilding Outing and 12 more days to my Phuket holiday trip! I am so looking forward to my Phuket holiday trip man! The sun, sea and sand!!! Woohoo =)

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At 12:20 AM on Sunday, October 08, 2006

sTaY aLiVe

Went to watch the movie "Stay Alive" with my dear dear yesterday at Cineleisure. The movie is about a group of teenagers who possessed a horror survival videogame. They are not supposed to have it but they are unable to resist the temptation to play the game. As they played, they realised they are each murdered in the same method as the character they played in the game. This movie really give you the chills throughout the whole show. Make you damn ganjiong at the same time also lor. Really buay pai. Even if you are not a gamer, you can watch this movie too. It's like you are damn scared to see but still curious to know what happen next. Very nb but horror movies always like that one mah. Haha...

Tomorrow is Monday again. Beginning of a brand new week. How time flies! It's October liao. It's time to review the resolutions I have made for this year and see what have not been accomplished yet. Sang nao jing~ Also don't know why, I have been feeling pretty depressed lately. I don't wish to do anything. I don't wish to see anybody. I don't wish to go anywhere. Everything just doesn't seem to go right for me. It's definitely not PMS. Something is wrong somewhere but I do not know what it is. Life becomes boring suddenly. I am not happy at all. It's time for me to do some soul-searching and reflections. I need to find back my happiness. I need to find back the sunshine girl in me. I need to find back the confident Miko. Wish me all the best.

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At 9:07 PM on Sunday, October 01, 2006