rAiN DaMpEnS HoLiDaY MoOdS

It's been raining and raining for hours which turned into days. Alot of places were flooded due to the constant downpour, which also dampens the holiday moods of many people. Really damn boring lor. Wanna go out must carry umbrella. Traffic jams plus heavy human traffic. Sang nao jing ah...

Anyway, in order not to further dampen my mood, I made an appointment for my waxing and IPL after work. Did a little bit of shopping after that. Robinsons at Centrepoint is having sale and as usual there's alot of people shopping for good bargains. Since I still have the vouchers from my dear dear, I decided to check out the Robinsons sale with my sister. I only managed to buy a bottle of JaDore perfume for myself lor. It's too crowded and the queues at the cashiers were very long.

After making payment, my sister and I went to Far East Plaza to continue our shopping instead. When we reached there, we were surprised it's pretty quiet. Not much shoppers. We window-shopped for a while, then we headed to Wisma Atria for dinner before going back home. Although it's raining, but there's still alot of people shopping at Orchard. It's Wednesday tomorrow liao. 2 more days and it's weekends again. Hurray!

My new 100ml JaDore perfume

Ayumi-alike fake nails I bought from Far East Plaza. Gonna stick them on before I go party this weekend. Pretty pretty =)

My sister bought one for herself too.

While I was trimming my toe nails just now, my right big toe nail came off. Haiz. Pretty much expected because I damn suay always kerna stepped or kicked at the feet at crowded places. And also because got nail fungus infection before. Came off also good la. Let new nails grow lor.

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At 12:12 AM on Wednesday, December 27, 2006

pAsSiOn SyMpHoNy & XmAs GiFtS

My dear dear brought me to Victoria Concert Hall to attend a musical symphony on Saturday. We went there to listen to the music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. He is one of the most loved video game music composers out there. Some of the music we heard that night composed by Yasunori Mitsuda are the video game music of Chrono Cross and Xenosaga. There's also music from Final Fantasy, Digimon and Super Mario Brothers. It's really cool! The music was really beautiful. They were all played by violin, guitar, piano and percussion. My dear dear and his colleague bought the CDs and had them autographed too. I really enjoyed the night and the beautiful music. See the following photos taken that night ba.

Went to watch Death Note 2 with my dear dear last night. All I can say about the movie was fantastic. The story line and the characters were great! Especially the two actors, Light and Ryuzaki. Their acting skills are really good. For those who haven't catch it, don't miss it. Ok la. Tomorrow got to work liao. Holidays always end so fast de. But it's alright because another long holiday is coming! Hurray!!!

Me and my dear dear at Suntec City Marche, waiting for his 2 colleagues who will be attending the musical symphony too.

Some of the food we had for dinner at Marche. So sinful wor...

Coming to the end of the musical symphony.

So many people queuing up to get autograph wor.

This young guy is Yasunori Mitsuda. The rest are the musicians.

Gerald and Ayako Ishikawa, the violinist.

My dear dear and Ayako.

Christmas pressies I received from my colleagues.

These vouchers were from my dear dear for the anniversary present and Christmas present. It's $700 worth of Robinson vouchers. Shopping time!!!

Bought this Samsonite laptop bag for my dear dear with the vouchers.

This is the Christmas gift I gave my dear dear. Polo Black perfume for men =)

This is the Christmas pressie my dear dear bought for himself. A Samsung 32" LCD TV. So nice can~

This is the anniversary present I bought for my dear dear. A display cupboard for his toys and collections. He so loved it!

His beautiful toys and collections.

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At 10:12 PM on Monday, December 25, 2006

PrE-XmAs CeLeBrAtiOn oN fRiDaY

My Christmas celebration started on Friday with my Japanese colleagues in a Japanese restaurant at Millenia Walk. The place was nice and the food was great. All of us had fun chatting, drinking Japanese sake, taking photos, enjoying the food and exchanging Christmas gifts.

After the dinner, I went to St James Power House to meet my dear dear and his colleagues for another round of drinking and partying. Was supposed to go Dragonfly de but in the end we didn't. We went to the one next to Dragonfly but I didn't know what's the name liao. Anyway, it's my first time there. After checking out the place, I know why so many people are heading there to party liao. I did enjoyed myself very much that night. Hehe... I think I should check out Dragonfly real soon. Well, below are the photos taken on Friday. Enjoy! Lastly, Merry Christmas to everybody!!!

Me and Linda reached the restaurant first and started taking photos while waiting for the rest.

The food we had that night. Oiishi!

This little cute jug was used to chill the japanese sake.

Then the japanese sake was poured into this little shot cups.

My japanese colleagues enjoying themselves.

Gift exchange time!

The club we went at St James Power House have special performances de wor. Nice~

Me high on japanese sake and acting kawaii =D

Me and Max

Me and my beloved dear dear

Me and Pang

Me and the very unusual visitor of the night, Dennis

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At 3:47 PM on Sunday, December 24, 2006

HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO mY XiAo mEi

Today is my beloved sister's 23rd birthday. To celebrate her birthday, my mum cooked all her favourite food for dinner just now. It's purely a simple celebration with my family at home. And of course not forgetting the birthday pressie for my sister. Knowing that she's been wanting to have a mp3 player, I bought her the new 1GB IPOD SHUFFLE. The IPOD SHUFFLE is personalised with "JACE 20.12.06" on it. When you order online, there is free laser engraving available. Nice right? When my sister opened the present just now, she was so happy. And now she's busy loading songs to her IPOD SHUFFLE.

This week is a really busy one for me. Monday I took half day leave to go Tuas with my sister to collect her notebook. Yesterday I went to meet my very-long-time-no-meet Flowerpod forum friend, Celia, at Jurong East for dinner. Today got to celebrate my sister's birthday and appointment to do my 3D eyelash extension. (Will try to upload pictures of my 3D eyelash extension soon) Tomorrow I will be meeting my ex-boss for dinner. Friday I will be having dinner cum drinking session cum mini xmas celebration with my Japanese colleagues at a Japanese restaurant. Saturday, my dear dear will be bringing me to Victoria Concert Hall to listen to Passion Music Synphony. Sunday(Christmas Eve), I will have driving lessons in the afternoon. Then at night, my dear dear will be coming over to my house for dinner. That's all for now I think. Gonna sleep liao. Beri tired. Goodnight!

These are what my dear mummy cooked.

This is the birthday card I gave my sister. So pretty hor...

My happy sister when she just received the present from me.

Unwrapping the present.

See the big smile on her face?

The IPOD SHUFFLE very small leh.

Sisters forever!

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At 11:45 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2006