PwEeTi nAiLs fRoM LyNeTtE

Went to Lynette's place to do my nails yesterday after work. She did a great job man! I so love the pretty nailart she did on my nails. She drew the beautiful flowers and pasted shiny diamantes on my nails after painting a nice shade of pink with a touch of glitters. After doing such a beautiful set of nailart, she didn't collect a single cent from me. She said she's not charging me for the nailart done. It's a birthday present for me. It's really so sweet of her. Concidentally, her birthday falls on the same day as me! Happy Birthday to you in advance & thanks for the pretty nails, Lynette!

My super nice sister had dinner with me and kept me accompany when I went for my manicure. Thanks Jace!

Our yummylicious dinner - Curry rice with egg and chicken chop =)

My lovely and pweeti nails done by Lynette

Pretty Lynette who celebrates her birthday the same day as me. 2nd May babes rawks!!!


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At 4:01 PM on Saturday, April 28, 2007

MoRe FrEe TiMe fOr MySeLf

Ever since my dear prince started his night classes, his beloved baby suddenly has alot of free time to do her own stuff. Next week when his beloved baby starts her classes, the only available time for them to meet is during weekends liao.

My dear prince's night classes are on every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. His beloved baby's night classes are on every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Want to how zun you tell me.

Since my dear prince will be having night classes on Fridays, I have scheduled all my beauty appointments on that day. At least when I am done, I can meet him after his class and go back home with him. Heez... Clever hor?

As for tomorrow, I have made an appointment with Lynette of Belle Vie Nails at Far East Plaza to do my manicure and pedicure. It's pampering time for my nails. I is a happy happy girl when it comes to pampering myself. I am sure all the ladies out there feel the same too.

By the way, I have added the nail salon's website to the list of links in my blog. Do check it out as there's a very good promotion going on for the manicure and pedicure packages. I myself have taken up a package - 6 classic manicures + 6 classic pedicures for $228. It's a very good deal lor. Moreover, the manicurist Lynette is a sweet, patient, attentive and customer-oriented lady. Heez...

This is supposed to be a short post but ended up so long. Hahaha... Ok lah. I shall stop here now. It's weekend soon. For those who are taking leave on Monday, enjoy your long weekends. For those who are not taking leave on Monday, enjoy the long weekends too because since most people are on leave on Monday, what's there left to do in the office dio boh? Cheers to long weekends and Happy Labour Day!!!

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At 11:13 PM on Thursday, April 26, 2007

wEt dE cHaR kUaY TiAo

Brought my dear prince to Parkway Parade on Saturday to make a new pair of glasses at Paris Miki where my primary school classmate work. At the same time, I collected my coloured contact lenses which I asked my friend Adeline to order for me. After my dear prince had his eyesight checked, frames and lenses selected, he brought me to try out this famous char kuay tiao where he used to frequent in the past. This char kuay tiao quite special de. It's wet, not oily and the kuay tiao used are bigger than the norm. It's really nice lor. He also ordered 2 big cups of lychee and longan as desserts. Heehee... It's nice de lor~ Thanks my dear!

The famous char kuay tiao

The big big cup of lychees

The big big cup of longans

A gal who felt so loved


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At 11:00 PM on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

nAiL sEaLs

Besides the nailart stickers for DIY manicures and pedicures, the next beauty invention I think should be these nail seals I bought at a small cart stall. All you need to do is paste the seals on ur nails, trim according to your nail length, apply top coat over it and viola! It's easy, cheap and pweeti! =)

PS: Whoever knows where to get more of these lovely nail seals do email me ya? Thanks in advance =D

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At 11:14 PM on Saturday, April 21, 2007

2 MoDuLeS cLeArEd

Woohoo!!! I is a happy girl because exams are over and the next 2 modules will only start after my birthday which is on the 3rd May! How to not happy right? Heez... I was literally mugging for my Quantitative Skills exam on Friday night till the next morning at about 6am. I slept for an hour before I prepared myself to go for my exam which started at 9.30am. It's been like years since I left school. And it's also been years since I burn midnight oil to study for exams. It just reminded me of the time when I was studying for my O levels. Having left school for so many years, it really took my rusty brain some time to warm up and start absorbing the theories and formulas. Anyway, I know I am so gonna score well for my 2 exams. *Confident* So to reward ourselves for the hard work we have put in for the past few weeks, my sister and I decided to have some nice food for dinner today. It's the super nice and cheap western food at Ang Mo Kio Central. Greedy us even ordered a plate of rojak lor. Want to how sinful you tell me. But both of us ate until sibeh happy lor. Let me show you the delicious chicken chop and black pepper steak we ordered just now. Start drooling!!!

Sinful but nice rojak for greedy us

Sinful but tasty black pepper steak for my sister

Sinful but tasty chicken chop for me

Happy gal with a new put-fake-lashies record of 10 mins


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At 11:00 PM on Monday, April 16, 2007

mY dEaR pRiNcE's BiRtHdAy CeLeBrAtiOnS

Am having a little break now before I continue my revision for my exam. So since I have some time, I decide to update on my dear prince's birthday celebrations on Wednesday.

I brought him to Haru Dining at One Fullerton for dinner. I knew he had always wanted to try Kobe beef so after much research from different sources, I decided on Haru Dining. The food and service was fantastic. My dear prince was very happy that he finally get to try Kobe beef. It was really tender compared to other types of beef.

When it comes to the dessert, the set we ordered comes with just a normal ice-cream. But as I have informed the restaurant that we were there to celebrate my dear prince's birthday, they replaced it with another dessert item called Haru Tropical Delight. I was abit taken aback by the size of the dessert when they put it on our table. After placing the dessert on the table, the staff started to sing the birthday song for my dear prince. Haha, you guys should have seen his facial expression. He was literally shocked but I can see he was happy. Heez... The dessert tasted very very nice too. Yummy!

The birthday pressie I gave to my dear prince

It's a LV damier wallet and he love it to bits

Me =)

My dear prince enjoying the food


Super fresh and nice sashimi with high grade wasabi

Crispy and fresh tempura


The hot stone to cook our kobe beef

Rice, pickles, miso soup, sauces and the lightly marinated kobe beef

My dear prince carefully cooking his kobe beef

This is the Haru Tropical Delight.

See carefully. The bowl is made of ice with flower petals. Nice and creative ne!

A very nice dessert with ice-cream and fruits

Happy happy customers we are =)

Not the end of the night's program yet hor. I had arranged his colleagues to gather at Marina Square Kbox for my dear prince's birthday too. Initially, he planned to celebrate his birthday at Kbox. But by the time he confirmed, it's already too late to inform his friends and colleagues. I told him I will try to arrange for him. To cut the story short, I managed to gather his colleagues BUT I told my dear prince no one can make it as they have other appointments liao.

Having eaten so full, I suggested to go Marina Square to shop. By that time his colleagues were all waiting at Kbox le. So as we passed by Kbox, I asked him since his collagues couldn't make it why don't we go and sing on our own. He said he doesn't want as he's tired. As I was notified of the room number, I held his hands and led him to the room. He kept asking where I was bringing him but I just kept quiet.

I pushed open the door, got him to go in and his colleagues who were waiting in anticipation said "Happy Birthday" to him. He was so surprised and happy to see them. He thought how come his colleagues were there when I told him they were not free. We sang birthday song and cut his second birthday cake on that day. First birthday cake was cut in the morning when his boss got someone to get him one. The party ended at about 12 plus. Very tired but happy at the same time. My dear prince enjoyed himself very much. He thanked me for all the arrangements I had made and making his birthday a very memorable one.

Me and my dear prince at Kbox

He took a pic of me when I was singing with his colleague

He was so immersed in singing wor

Me and his colleague Stephanie, a big Jolin fan.

Here are all his lovely colleagues who came to celebrate my dear prince's birthday. Thanks!

Happy Birthday to my dear prince once again. Muacks!

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At 1:23 PM on Friday, April 13, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO mY dEaR pRiNcE

In about an hour's time, it's my dear prince's birthday le. I would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday and may great things start to happen in his life. His beloved baby has already planned a little birthday celebration for him tomorrow. Although it's just the two of us, but I hope my dear prince will enjoy himself tomorrow night as I have planned all these for several weeks le. Anyway, don't forget the time and place to meet tomorrow *wink* Muacks!

Cheer up dude! Baby didn't forget this important day of yours =) Heez...


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At 11:03 PM on Tuesday, April 10, 2007

iMaGiNi iMaGe pRoFiLe

My dear dear sent me this personality test and asked me to give it a try. It was really interesting and it's in the form of pictures. And pretty zhun wor. Enjoy and have fun!

*Start your very own personality test here-

*Click to see my profile =)

*7 more days to my dear prince's birthday =D*


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At 5:02 PM on Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ToP oF tHe M

Went for lunch with my colleague Linda, yesterday at Top of the M. It was one of the restaurants at Meritus Mandarin. The food was pretty nice and the view was lovely. I am sure the view will be better at night. More romantic =) Moreover, it's a revolving restaurant.

My colleague, Linda.


Mushroom soup. Very tasty wor.

I ordered fish for myself.

Eh I forgot what dish is this liao.

Saw this when I was on my way home in the train with my sister just now. Total fashion disaster. For goodness sake, if you wanna wear just the leggings, pls make sure your top is long enough to cover the you-know-where. Arboh it's really damn awful looking lor. This lady was wearing grey leggings. Erm, don't you think the legs resembles ...? Oops... me bad but I am not the only one in the train looking at her just now. So ladies, pls take note if you intend to wear leggings. It's supposed to make you look pretty and trendy. Not the other way round.

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At 11:18 PM on Tuesday, April 03, 2007