FATastic MiKo

Didn't blog for one whole week. I have nothing to blog about anyway. Nothing interesting to share. My japanese spelling results for the last two lessons were good. Full marks. Japanese language classes were not boring because sensei incorporate games like Bingo into the lessons. Well, it actually makes us remember what we learnt. There's also review of previous lessons every week. Good right? Other than my Japanese Language classes, I think there isn't much to share liao. I shall stop my update here for now. When I feel like it, then I will update again.

Mood of the day : Why people always like to make my life so miserable? Why can't I be treated as a proper human? I am who I am. If there's any part of me that you don't like, then stay away and keep your bloody mouth shut. I don't freaking need your commands to stay alive. Nobody can stop me from becoming myself and doing what I like. Because it's my LIFE.

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At 8:57 AM on Monday, July 24, 2006

fAiLeD oN 1St aTtEmPt

Went for my TP test this morning. Result : Failed. Although I didn't expect myself to pass on the first attempt, but I still felt very disappointed. Because I have let those people who have faith in me down. But I won't give up de. Have already booked my next test date just now. Got to practise more.

Luckily, my dear dear took leave to keep me accompany today. Because if I pass, I can share the good news with him. But if I fail, he is there to console me. For this instance, it's the latter. So thankful and glad that he is there beside me to console me and comfort me. Thanks lots my dear! Muacks!

PS:It's really not easy lor. Haiz~

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At 3:19 PM on Monday, July 17, 2006

DB6 ReUniOn

Yesterday after work went to find Wendy for a hair trim. As my hair gets longer, it gets messier also lor. Every day wake up with a bad hair day. Didn't went back Gorgeous Salon this time around because I just need a trim. I am afraid if go back to Gorgeous Salon for my hair cut, my hairstylist will cut short for me again. Back to square one. Had a nice chat with Wendy while she cut my hair. Very nice and jovial girl with a sweet smile. But I think her friends like Elaine will puke if she were to see my description of Wendy. Haha.. So if you people need a hair-cut or colour, look for Wendy ba. The hair salon is Twister by Monsoon located at Hougang Mall level 4.

DB6 members gathered and all of us managed to meet up on Tuesday for dinner and chit-chats. It's been a long time every one is present for a gathering because everybody is busy. That's why it's kinda like a reunion instead of gathering lor. Haha.. Anyway, everyone is very happy to meet everyone. We have so much to talk and share that night. As usual, we were the noisiest group again but we don't care as long as we are happy. Anyway, tomorrow is gonna be a celebration for DB6 because it's the 1 year anniversary of DB6. How time flies man! I think it's gonna be fun tomorrow night. DB6 rawks!

Photos we took during our little reunion on Tuesday

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At 4:34 PM on Thursday, July 13, 2006

CoSfEsT 2006

The World Cup is finally over with Italy as the emerged winner. All I can say is let's all look forward to the next World Cup ba. Anyway, I got to leave you people with a post of photos today. Got to rush out a meeting minutes for my boss liao. After that, I got to do my Japanese Language homework. Ciao!

My new bangs. Nice? I trimmed myself one wor.

Went for pedicure yesterday to pamper my feet

My dear dear's new toy, XBOX 360. He bought it from the World Cup winnings. He also got give me some of his winnings to get something for myself. So sweet of him =) Thanks my dear!

The three guys preparing for their bowling competition on Sunday. Their company won the first prize.

These photos were taken when my dear dear and I went to the Cosfest at Downtown East.

Initial D car. Real de leh.

Female ninja

Me with two female warriors

Cool guy from Final Fantasy

Pirates of the Caribbean

Another pirate with Star war robot

My happy and excited dear dear with his fav Kamen Rider

This is so cute though I do not know what character it is

Naruto characters

Mai from King of Fighters. Sexy sial~

Her overflowing boobs really resembled those of Mai in KOF

The BLEACH family

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At 9:02 AM on Tuesday, July 11, 2006

wAtAsHi wA MiKo dEsU

My first basic japanese language class went on pretty ok. Apparantly, I have a few colleagues thinking of skipping the next lesson liao. Haha... It's really not easy picking up a new language at this age sial. Not only got to learn how to speak but have to learn how to write. Sey lor~ Only 1st lesson, the sensei said next lesson got dictation liao wor. Got homework to do also. When I saw the homework, it reminded me of chinese lessons in primary school. The chinese teacher will teach you new words and you will have to write them repeatedly in those little square-grid brown exercise books. We usually called them "Xi Zhi". To allow you all to understand what I am talking about, see the photos below.

These are the course materials provided.

These were done during the lesson.

My homework. Reminds you of your primary school times?

Met up with my sister and mum at Causeway Point after my driving lesson today. Initially, my mum had wanted to get shoes for herself but ended I was the one buying. Well, with some winnings from the World Cup, I bought a pair of heels to pamper myself. Another reason is to reward myself because I have been confirmed by my GM after 3 months of probation in the company. He commented I am a good assistant to him and keep up the good job =) Gonna head to bed now because tomorrow I got to go support my dear dear in a bowling competition. After that, we will be going to the annual Cosplay competition at Pasir Ris Downtown East. Yeah!

New lovely addition to my shoes cupboard *wink*

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At 11:52 PM on Saturday, July 08, 2006

mY 1sT BaSiC JaPaNeSe LaNguAgE cLaSs

Still remember the basic japanese language course I talked about that time? My company managed to get a handful of learners for the course and got a Japanese teacher from Ikoma Language School to teach us basic japanese language. I am one of the interested learners and am looking forward to the 1st lesson today after work in the office at 6pm. It's a 2-hr class and it consists of 60 lessons (15 lessons each term).

I am sure the sensei gonna get us to intro ourselves in Japanese for the first lesson. Keke.. It's gonna be interesting! Hmmm.. I wonder how the sensei will look like. Imagine the sensei is Takashi Sorimachi in the japanese drama Great Teacher Onizuka~ ALright... I am day-dreaming again but isn't it great to have such a yandao-looking and cool sensei to teach you japanese.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted on my 1st basic japanese language class. Ciao!

Note: I nearly spell sensei (teacher in Japanese) as sinseh (chinese physician) -_-'''

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At 11:07 AM on Thursday, July 06, 2006

WoRkshOp oVeR, wOrLd CuP tAkE oVeR

Phew! My workshop is finally over. Though Monday got to go back office and prepare the workshop minutes and lots of unpacking to do, but I am not gonna let that spoil my mood for this weekend. Let me show you guys some photos I took during the workshop.

What I had for lunch for Day 1 workshop at M-Hotel. The food and place were fantastic.

My overseas colleagues helping themselves to the food

We arranged to bring them out for dinner on the first day of workshop at a small restaurant. We actually had the whole place to ourselves.

Everybody waiting for my boss to finish his short speech so that they could start the dinner

Even though I was very tired due to insufficient sleep plus the running around for the workshop, I didn't wanna waste my Friday. Therefore, I met up with Ju darling who could meet up for dinner. Since we have no plans in mind, we decided to join Tommy at Devilsbar. So while we wait for Apple darling to knock off at 10pm, I brought Ju darling to Heeren to do her tragus piercing. Keke... Initially she was quite scared wor. We window-shopped at Heeren for a while, then we walked past the shop where I did my tragus piercing. So we stood outside and I asked her whether she wanna do it. She agreed but on one condition. She wanted me to stand beside her and lend her my hand to squeeze the fear out of her. Haha... So off we went in and finally she did it!

Ju darling's tragus piercing. Nice right?

Welcome to our tragus piercing family =)

So after that, she fetched me to join Apple darling at Devilsbar. It was Germany VS Argentina match last night. How can miss the match right? So while Ju was driving, I zilian in her car.

Cool or not?

When I reached Devilsbar, I met up with Apple darling and off we went to enjoy ourselves throughout the whole night dancing, drinking and watching the World Cup. Shiok! We still love Devilsbar!

Me and Apple darling

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At 1:26 PM on Saturday, July 01, 2006