wE LoVe RaMeN

Both my dear dear and I had cravings for Ramen so we met up at Bugis after work just now and went to Ajisan to satisfy our cravings. As usual, we ordered the Volcano Ramen since both of us love hot and spicy food. It's shiokness ne!

After the dinner, we went to window-shop for a while before we came back home to rest because we will be watching the long-awaited movie Transformers tomorrow. All I can say is we are so looking forward to the movie =)

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At 11:30 PM on Friday, June 29, 2007

MeEt mY fLoWeRpOd fOrUm fRiEnD

Just now went online to check my exam results for the two modules I took 2 months ago and I can say I am so pleased with my grades. I got Grade B for my Business English and Grade A for my Quantitative Maths. The late nights and burning of midnight oil are all worth it! Now I am so gonna study even harder for the next 2 modules, Financial Accounting and Economics. Exams are coming again in about 1 month's time.

As my dear dear will be having his exams around the same time as me, he said we should go for a short holiday to relax ourselves first. So last Friday he went to book a Genting trip for us and some of his colleagues. He said its a little treat from him to thank me for bringing him to watch wrestling next month. Heez... So very sweet of him =) After our exams, he will be bringing me along to his company's trip which is gonna be a cruise. I have never been to a cruise before and I am so looking forward to it.

Last Friday, I went to meet this friend of mine whom I got to know from this beauty forum, Flowerpod, which I used to visit often. 3 years ago, she left for Australia to further her studies but we still keep in touch via MSN. Last week, she emailed me saying she will be coming to S'pore for holiday. So after a few email exchanges, we decided to meet up for dinner and some catching up. Although it was a small group and also a pity as the rest like Elaine and Noelle couldn't make it to join us, but we still enjoyed ourselves that night. So very sweet of her to buy some chocolates for us.


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At 9:04 PM on Monday, June 25, 2007

mY CeLebRiTy LoOkaLiKeS CoLLaGe

Poor me is recuperating at home now to nurse my flu. As it's the season for dumplings now, my lovely mummy will buy the necessary ingredients to make dumplings. Blame it on my mummy's superb cooking which made the tastiest and yummiest home-made dumplings, I have turned into Greedy-Me. I had bazhang for breakfast and dinner for like two consecutive days. In total I think I took about 7-8 bazhang in just 2 days which resulted in me getting unwell now lor =P But I don't care even if bazhang is gonna make me fat or unwell because I only get to eat the home-made dumplings my mummy made once a year. She just bought some more ingredients to make more bazhang. Heez... More bazhangs for me!

Came across this when I was surfing the net and decided to give it a try. It's pretty fun and interesting. Try using different photos to see which celebrities appear more than once ;) Have fun!


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At 12:08 PM on Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ChUrCh wEdDiNg & RiTz cArLtOn

Attended my dear dear's colleague cum buddy's wedding on Saturday. They had a church wedding in the morning and the wedding dinner was in the night at Ritz Carlton. My dear dear being one of the brothers got to wake up as early as 5am to go over to the bridegroom's house. It's his first time being a brother and he was as excited as the bridegroom lor. Hahaha... He was really smart looking that day. Well, I shall not elaborate further and let the photos speak for itself ba.

My first time attending a church wedding

Wedding dinner @ Ritz Carlton. Took lots of photos with my dear dear's colleagues

3 Toasts to the newly-wed couple! Yum Seng!!!

Gangster of the Night - Mr Max Fei

Me and my Prince Charming =)

Photos with the bride and bridegroom

My Prince Charming's Little Princess, I am


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At 10:15 PM on Monday, June 18, 2007

pLaY! A ViDeO GaMe SyMpHoNy

Last Friday, my sweet dear dear brought me to watch a Video Game Symphony at the Esplanade Concert Hall presented by Singapore Arts Festival. The two planned concerts as well as the additional concert of the Asian premiere of PLAY! were sold out. It is unique as it reaches out to both music players and gamers by combining classical music played by a full symphony orchestra with the pop culture of video games.

Some of the titles played that night might be familiar to most of you. They were Super Mario Bros, Daytona (It goes,"Daytona~.... Daytona~...." when you play the beginner stage that music lolz)and Sonic the Hedgehog. For gamers, you might be more familiar with titles like the Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts and Blue Dragon.

My dear dear and I was really very impressed and totally immersed throughout the whole concert. Having seated on the 4th row from the stage, we could feel the full impact of the orchestra. I even saw this musical instrument, the Harp, for the first time in my life. It was huge and so fairy-tale. We simply couldn't get enough of the concert. I clapped so hard until my hands turned red lor. Even after the final title "Final Fantasy VII, One-Winged Angel", the one which we were so much looking forward to hearing it ended, the encore from the audience were deafening. We all want more! So the last title played was Shinobi which won the highest votes online.

Tickets were bought sometime in March to secure the best seats

Me and my excited dear dear

We had Ramen for dinner @ Marina Square before we went for the concert

Pang kor kor, my dear dear's colleague joined us for the concert too. Supposed to have another colleague joining but he couldn't make it at the last min. 1 ticket wasted wor =(

After the concert, I got a sms from lovely Elaine asking me whether I wanna join her and her friends for coffee. Without hesitation, I agreed to join her. We had a great time though it was only for a short while. Let's arrange to meet up again, ya? =)

An Influenced Game-Lover by her dear prince =P

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At 9:21 PM on Sunday, June 17, 2007

tEtRiS JaPo

My dear dear shared this with me just now because he know I love to see interesting and funny video clips. When I clicked on the link and watched the clip, my sister and I were laughing like two mad women in the bedroom until my mum came in and asked what happened. LOLZ. Anyway, click on the link and enjoy a good laugh too. It's Friday again and may everybody have a great weekend ahead!

Enjoy a great laugh here =D


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At 12:27 AM on Friday, June 15, 2007

RiVeRbOaT ReStAuRaNt

Met up with pweeti mama Noelle last Friday for dinner. Many thanks to her because she brought me to this riverboat restaurant at Marina South Pier. It was a lovely place indeed, be it with friends or loved ones. Moreover, the prices are pretty affordable. Both Noelle and I had a great time enjoying the food, the gentle sea breeze and occasional rocking of the boat. We even explored the other decks and took lots of photos shown below. Heez... Enjoy!

Welcome to Santa Fe Riverboat Restaurant

Took photos first before ordering our dinner

Our super big portion dinner

Exploring time with more photos-taking =)

Pweeti mama, where u gonna bring me next? =P

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At 10:42 PM on Wednesday, June 13, 2007

gReAt TiMe WiTh LoVeLy PeOpLe

Did everybody enjoy the super long holidays? I am feeling so refreshed and recharged after the 4 long days of relaxing and resting. Anyway, I met up with two lovely ladies, Noelle and Elaine last Friday for dinner at Harbourfront Sakae Sushi. We even adjourned to Harry's bar after a hearty dinner. It was a great night's out with the ladies and I really enjoyed their accompany.

After the dinner and drinks with the ladies, I was supposed to go Powerhouse to meet my dear dear and his colleagues. Super sweet Elaine asked her super sweet boyfriend to fetch me to the entrance of St James although I insisted I can walk there from Harbourfront Centre. She told me it's too dark to walk there. -_-''' Haha... Really so nice of her.

I enjoyed myself very much at Powerhouse with my dear dear that night too. Its been quite some time since I partied with him le. Below are the photos taken that night with the lovely people.

Pretty mummy glowing in happiness

Pretty babe glowing in love

I cherish sincere friends like them because they are worth it.

Great fun at Powerhouse =D

I enjoyed the most with my dear prince by my side =)

WWE is coming to Singapore this 28th July. When my dear dear got to know about it, he was so excited because he usually watch the wrestling matches from the DVDs. I was pretty excited because like Lyana, I watched wrestling when I was young too. Nowadays, I watched them with my dear dear. Its gonna be a great experience to watch it LIVE man!

So today, I went to book the tickets online for myself and my dear dear. I bought the second highest category for the tickets because I got no money to buy the first category tickets which costs $300 each =(. But nevertheless, my dear dear was thrilled when he heard that I have bought the tickets to watch WWE - SmackDown SummerSlam Tour for both of us =) I think he loves me more now. Haha...

Me, the Little White Riding Hood =P

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At 10:46 PM on Monday, June 04, 2007

MoRe MoOLaHs fOr GSS

Happy Vesak Day to everybody! Hope all of you had a great day because I had a wonderful day myself. Woke up late in the afternoon, had lunch with my dear dear, watched TV, been an audience to my dear dear while he played his PS3, did some laundry, dyed hair for my dear dear, took a short nap and went for a jog. Just a few hours ago, my dear dear brought me to Ang Mo Kio Central for our favourite western food for dinner. A beautiful day well-spent indeed =D

Our sinful but yummylicious dinner

Me and my dear dear

Well, I have been shopping alot and spent quite a fair bit lately. Great Singapore Sale wor. How not to get tempted right? But I am still very happy because I am so satisfied with my buyings. I worked so hard for my money leh. So spend a bit bit more on shopping to reward myself for the hard work is quite ok de hor.

Total damage so far : $275.81 (and still counting... =P)

A Part-time Shopping Queen =)

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At 12:24 AM on Friday, June 01, 2007