LaSt wOrK dAy oF tHe wEeK

Woohoo!! I am so happy because yesterday was the last work day of this week for me and my dear prince. Both of us have taken leave for this Friday, which also means its a super long weekend for us =D I can sleep and wake up late with my dear prince by my side. So great isn't it?!

Anyway, my sister and I went Chinatown for some shopping and dinner yesterday after work. Because of the Great Singapore Sale cum Vesak Day eve, everywhere was packed with people. Nevertheless, both of us still enjoyed ourselves. As yesterday was the soft opening of the majestic Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, we even had a good view of the fireworks from where we were seated while we enjoyed our bowl of Ah-Balling and not-so-tasty Rojak.

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At 1:51 PM on Thursday, May 31, 2007


I just realized there are many people who really doesn't deserve my attention, my time, my concerns, my sympathies, my encouragements, my listening ears, my advices, my friendships, my love etc... All in all, they don't deserve anything from me. Simply because they are not worth it. They lead their own lives, I lead my own life. I have better things to do than to bother about their lives. In the very first place I wasn't even interested to bother at all. For that, I have added a new philosophy in my life which can be easily described in just one word: Whatever.


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At 11:31 PM on Monday, May 28, 2007

A WeLL-DeSeRvEd TrEaT fOr DeAr dEaR

Since Friday, I was haunted by a very bad neck pain which led to a series of headaches. Couldn't sleep well and panadols doesn't help either. Was supposed to meet Esther, Marilyn and Noelle on Saturday for breakfast but couldn't make it due to the painful headaches which caused slight giddiness. Slept like a baby until 4pm before the pain went away.

To celebrate my dear dear's success in his driving test, to satisfy his cravings for Japanese cuisine and as I have promised, I brought him to Ichiban Sushi for dinner on Saturday night. Both of us ordered a set each and had some sushi. We really love Japanese cuisine. It was a filling and satisfying meal for both of us. My dear prince even thanked me for the little treat I gave him. Haha... Really sweet of him. I am glad he enjoyed the food and it cured his cravings for Japanese cuisine. At least for the time being =P

Tomorrow is a very important day for me. There's gonna be a test which I need to take and I truly hope I am up to it. Deal or no deal will have to depend on the result of the test already. Be it good or bad, it's gonna be a learning experience in my life. May luck be with me tomorrow.

These are what we ordered. Oishi!!!

Ordered green tea ice-cream for dessert. I love it!

Japanese cuisine lovers, we are =)

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At 8:40 PM on Sunday, May 27, 2007

StEaMbOaT DiNnEr WiTh FaMiLy

Well, I was supposed to bring my mum out for steamboat last week for her birthday but it was postponed because she was down with a very bad flu. So after she has recovered, we decided to have the steamboat dinner on Friday. It was the first time my family tried the Mala Steamboat. Having been brought up in a family where we were exposed to spicy food since young, we have no problem with the spiciness of the Mala Steamboat. All of us really enjoyed the dinner. After dinner, we even went for some shopping at Bugis Junction. It was really great to be out with my family. I hope I can spend more time with them and bring them out more often in future. I realised as I grow older, I tend to want to stay at home to keep my family accompany compared to the old me who love to go out and chiong. Maybe I really has grown up and start to think sensibly. Or it might be the man whom I love and loves me who teaches me the correct values in life.

My fav beef, hotdogs and luncheon meat are what I always eat whenever I have steamboat

My parents and my sister enjoying the steamboat dinner

All feeling happy after a hearty dinner

Happy belated birthday, Mummy! Muacks!

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At 7:14 PM on Saturday, May 26, 2007

GiVe mE AnYtHiNg oR wHaTeVeR

I am sure most of you have seen the hilarious advertisements lately about this Anything and Whatever drinks. I can say that their marketing strategies really not bad. Because not only the name is easy to remember but the idea somehow came from our daily lifestyle. For example when you are out with your friends for lunch and it comes to ordering drinks. More often than not, people tend to say anything. Or whatever. Don't you agree? Whatever it is, I am sure people are also curious how the drinks taste like. For the Anything drink, it's carbonated. Whereas for the Whatever drink, it's non-carbonated. This afternoon, when I went to the NTUC with my colleagues after lunch, I decided to buy one and try. Had wanted to get both but there isn't any Whatever drinks left on the shelf. Only left 3 cans of Anything drink. So I bought 1 can of Anything drink to try. Guess what? It was ice-cream soda. Hahahaha... You won't know what kind of drink or flavour you will get until you drink it. The can did not state what it is de lor. For those who have not tried, you might wanna get one of each and try. It not only quench your thirst, but in a more interesting and fun way =)

Give me Anything!

Cheers with Anything =)


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At 11:30 PM on Thursday, May 24, 2007

sO pRoUd oF mY dEaR pRiNcE

I was so happy when I heard the news from my dear prince that I immediately blog about it to share this piece of great news with all of you.

My dear prince got his driving license liao!!! I am really so proud of him. For those who are very supportive and even send their wishes to him, I hereby would like to thank you for the sweet and sincere wishes. For those who have no nice wishes and unsupportive, I still thank you for your unkind comments and remarks.

Anyway, it really calls for a celebration man! Heez... My dear prince has been telling me he's been craving for sushi. His beloved baby will bring him for some sushi this weekend. He should be treated to a nice meal for the efforts he have put in and get his driving license. You are the greatest, my dear! Muacks! =D

PS: Happy Birthday to Marilyn darling. May you be pretty always and hope to hear the wedding bells ringing soon from you and Ed. Muacks!


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At 11:39 AM on Tuesday, May 22, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MuMmY!

Last Friday was my beloved mummy's birthday. I had planned to bring her and the whole family to have mala steamboat but my poor mummy was down with a very bad flu. So my sister and I went to Angie The Choice to get a durian cake to celebrate for her at home. My mum went out to see a doctor when we reached home. While waiting for her to come home, an idea strucked me. I asked my brother and sister to switch off all the lights and close the door. We decided to give her a surprise. Keke.... The three of us waited in the kitchen for like 20 - 30 mins before my mum finally came home. I quickly lighted the candle, held the birthday cake in my hands and three of us sang the birthday song when we walked to the living room. My mum was smiling when she saw us. Heez....

Yummylicious Durian Cake from Angie The Choice

As we have not had breakfast together for a long time, I woke up early and asked the whole family out for breakfast except my brother who got to go for a basketball competition. We took a bus to Causeway Point and had breakfast at MacDonalds. Even bought a pair of Shrek The Green Monster ears to support a fundraising for Ronald Macdonald Children's Charity.

We love Macdonalds!

My sister ordered Fish Platter for herself. Nice~

She was enjoying her breakfast =)

My beloved parents were enjoying the breakfast too =)

After a hearty breakfast and some shopping at Causeway Point, we took a bus back home happily. That's me and my beloved sister.

Geraldine the little Shrek monster =P

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At 3:31 PM on Sunday, May 20, 2007

A dAtE WiTh mUmMy nOeLLe

Met up with Noelle on Wednesday for dinner at Vivo City. Those we have read her blog will know how much fun we had that night. Am so glad she managed to finish the set meal she ordered for herself. After the dinner, we window-shopped for a while before taking a stroll outside. See the number of photos we took that night. Keke... I made it into a photo collage.


This was created and sent to me by Noelle. So bling bling and pretty!
Miko & Noelle


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At 11:53 PM on Friday, May 18, 2007

i LoVe mY MuMmY LoTs

Sunday was Mothers' Day and of course I won't forget to get something to reward my dearest mother who always cooks good food for me, tidies my room for me when I am not home, cooks tonics for me to drink, mends my torn clothes and lots more. She is the greatest mother in the world in my heart. I admitted that I had caused her alot of troubles and worries when I was a teenager. But I have since learnt to be independent and sensible. I might not have told her before but I really love my mother lots lots.

Anyway, my sister and I shared a little surprise for her by ordering a gift online and had it delivered on Mothers' Day. My mother was very happy when she received it. She called and thanked me. She said she liked it very much. I was really glad that she liked it. Although abit belated, but I still wanna wish all mothers out there a Happy Mothers' Day. Mothers are always the greatest!

My happy de mummy holding the flowers

My sister and mummy

My brother and mummy

The gift - lovely sweet smelling flowers with a little bag and card

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At 11:29 PM on Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ChAnGiNg ApPeTiTeS @ MaRiNa sQ AgAiN

Met up with my secondary school friend Adeline for dinner on Friday together with my sister. All three of us had fun sharing the food we ordered and talking about our secondary school days. We planned to meet up again real soon with another 2 of my friends whom we have not met for a long time. I will be so looking forward to it. Having fallen in love with the Parmesan Fish and Chips I took last week, I suggested the dinner venue to be at Changing Appetites again. Haha...

Adeline and her Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken

My dear sister and her Cheesy Tacos Ribeye Steak

Me and my favorite Parmesan Fish and Chips

Three happy people after a nice and hearty dinner =D

On Saturday, my dear prince brought me to watch 28 Weeks after his haircut. While waiting for my dear prince to finish his haircut, I went to get an express manicure done at Lynette's shop. Although it's express manicure, but Lynette still did my nails professionally.

Lovely french manicure done by lovely Lynette

After the movie, my dear prince brought me to the Bugis Food Market for the nice fishball noodles. $2 only wor. Look at the amount of chilli in my bowl of noodles. I love it!

My dear prince and his bowl of la-jiu-lots-lots fishball noodles

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At 7:59 PM on Sunday, May 13, 2007

wEdDiNg eSsEnTiaLs

Dear all, I am helping my friend to do a little advertisement for his girlfriend's website. Well, I know there are alot of my friends out there who are preparing for their wedding. So this comes in good use. Heez...

Click to view Wedding Essentials


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At 11:26 PM on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BeLaTeD DiNnEr WiTh LoVe

Met up with my dear babes last Friday for dinner at Marina Square. We even went for some KTV-ing after dinner. It was great fun. I enjoyed myself very much and I hoped they enjoyed themselves too. I would like to sincerely thank all of them for the lovely and sweet pressies they have showered me. I really feel bad that they have to go to such expense for my birthday although it's belated.I totally appreciate all that they have done for me. I am truly blessed to have all of you as friends. Thanks once again.

Took a pic while waiting for our dinner

Darling Marilyn highly recommended this Parmesan Fish & Chips and I tried. It was really nice!

Darling Noelle ordered this Curry Beef for herself. Looks yummy too.

Lovely couple Ken Ken and Darling Esther

This Ken Ken saw 1 "cute" lady ordered this super size iced chocolate and he also want. Lolz!

Happy liao you see -_-''' Like a big boy leh

We were freezing in the ktv room and all four of us squeezed into the super size shawl of Darling Esther =D

I really love them so very much!

Me and happily-in-love pretty Elaine darling. Am so happy that you could join us that night =)

Sweetie Marilyn and Esther

I really appreciate them lots.

This was dedicated for Ken Ken because it's the one and only song he sang the first time we went ktv together last time. Hahaha... That's Esther and Ken's first date too. Keke.... Sweet isn't it?

This sleek black beauty was a birthday present given to me by Darling Noelle. I really love it to bits. Thanks so much my dear, Muacks!

These $100 Charles & Keith vouchers were from Darlings Ju, Esther, Marilyn and Kelly. It's really very thoughtful of them. Muacks!!

Darling Elaine bought this pair of cute and comfy bedroom slippers for me. Heez... It came in handy too because I can keep my feet warm at my dear prince's house =) Thanks babe!

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At 10:25 PM on Sunday, May 06, 2007