pLaY! A ViDeO GaMe SyMpHoNy

Last Friday, my sweet dear dear brought me to watch a Video Game Symphony at the Esplanade Concert Hall presented by Singapore Arts Festival. The two planned concerts as well as the additional concert of the Asian premiere of PLAY! were sold out. It is unique as it reaches out to both music players and gamers by combining classical music played by a full symphony orchestra with the pop culture of video games.

Some of the titles played that night might be familiar to most of you. They were Super Mario Bros, Daytona (It goes,"Daytona~.... Daytona~...." when you play the beginner stage that music lolz)and Sonic the Hedgehog. For gamers, you might be more familiar with titles like the Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts and Blue Dragon.

My dear dear and I was really very impressed and totally immersed throughout the whole concert. Having seated on the 4th row from the stage, we could feel the full impact of the orchestra. I even saw this musical instrument, the Harp, for the first time in my life. It was huge and so fairy-tale. We simply couldn't get enough of the concert. I clapped so hard until my hands turned red lor. Even after the final title "Final Fantasy VII, One-Winged Angel", the one which we were so much looking forward to hearing it ended, the encore from the audience were deafening. We all want more! So the last title played was Shinobi which won the highest votes online.

Tickets were bought sometime in March to secure the best seats

Me and my excited dear dear

We had Ramen for dinner @ Marina Square before we went for the concert

Pang kor kor, my dear dear's colleague joined us for the concert too. Supposed to have another colleague joining but he couldn't make it at the last min. 1 ticket wasted wor =(

After the concert, I got a sms from lovely Elaine asking me whether I wanna join her and her friends for coffee. Without hesitation, I agreed to join her. We had a great time though it was only for a short while. Let's arrange to meet up again, ya? =)

An Influenced Game-Lover by her dear prince =P

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